Yamaha NTX
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Yamaha NTX user reviews

  • Yamaha NTX900FM

    Yamaha NTX900FM - "A very good guitar, perfect for bossa or jazz."


    I essentially play bossa and jazz standards, plugged on a SR Technology Jam 100 (a great amp by the way), and this guitar is perfect for this register. Great wood, flawless construction, no problem with the finish either, the frets don't grip or anyt…

  • Yamaha NTX1200R

    Yamaha NTX1200R - " A real pleasure to play"


    Made in China, but a priori according to quality rules set by Yamaha. The woods are massive certe (spruce top, rosewood back and rib and mahogany neck) but the quality of the wood of the table is average. I compared with my HD28 Martin where the woo…

  • Yamaha NTX700

    Yamaha NTX700 - " Incredibly surprising"


    The NTX, like the NCX is the result of collaboration by Rodrigo y Gabriela with Yamaha who have passed a pretty incredible work for the same entry with NTX700. It has a small handle for electro guitar and a fine enough cash. Like many of the electr…