Yamaha NTX1200R
Yamaha NTX1200R
Tina Arkos 04/02/2011

Yamaha NTX1200R : Tina Arkos's user review

«  A real pleasure to play »

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Made in China, but a priori according to quality rules set by Yamaha.
The woods are massive certe (spruce top, rosewood back and rib and mahogany neck) but the quality of the wood of the table is average. I compared with my HD28 Martin where the wood fibers are tighter and the table is smoother but hey ... it's double the price level and Martin is not electro-acoustic! For rosewood and is fine for the ebony is the best!
The body is thin and the neck is thinner than a classical guitar, this model is to be avoided for the purists.
Side mic is Byzantium! Two microphones, one on the top three strings on a three-stringed bass.
Separate volumes for both pickups and three band graphic equalizer and more. Frankly level settings is impressive palette of velvety Brazilian slamming funky this guitar is very suitable for the fusion style that I like (in the spirit Godin uses Sylvain Luc, fingers c'qui least for me) !


From skyscrapers to rise qu'tu pogne is the same! No more quibbling about the quality of wood, there is serious! The handle is outright the tracer! A treat for all styles. The neck and finer string action are quite small in absolute weapon of jazz fusion. The slow and lyrical lines are a real treat with one touchdown super nice and perfect frets when the ratatouille is so chipper "Fingers in the nose" as they say across the Channel!
Access to acute nickel and pearl markers on the edge of the handle to navigate without too s'fracasser.


Acoustic sound level (not branches), in view of the tapered body does not seek the power of a Jumbo but the grain is beautiful with a good level of harmonics. The balance low, mid, acute, however, does not seem perfect (hallucinating on HD28).
As soon as it is plugged cons (and yet I have no amp sound) is a real killer! The microphone system is really great!


To conclude, I bought this guitar to play jazz and fusion jazz and I did not miss the target!
A real pleasure to play with a real professional sound. Level finish is nothing to say is a must, with the guitar is beautiful, cherry on the cake, a super deluxe holster and cap antilarsen adapted to the rose that I remember is oval!
One little problem, when the guitar arrived, the re was wrong to say that the tuner needle, re-load being granted I had two graduations in less 12th fret! : (
Fortunately, my favorite luthier in the person of Jean-Yves Alquier just advised me to change the string before returning it and BINGO! That was it! Jean-Yves're the best! (MOF soon huh?)
So the original string, without being vulgar, that of dung in a tube!
So, OK it's made in China but hey! In these days if it had come from Japan, the strings were bright green and I had to play with anti-radiation Combard! Impractical for the gloves hit! :)