Ecler nuo2
Ecler nuo2

nuo2, 2-Channel Mixer from Ecler.

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All user reviews for the Ecler nuo2

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 22 reviews )
 15 reviews68 %
 5 reviews23 %
 1 user review5 %
Value For Money : Excellent

shval's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" very good restaurant"

Ecler nuo2
having RCA connectors (1/2/3 channels, master 2) and XLR (master 1) (and a jack for microphone (lane 3)), has no effect, but can connect a box to send in effect


simple general config and intuitive thanks to those big knobs! All functions are accessible without watching ble after two days of use!


a little breath on an output (good but after 5 years it is normal!) equalizer very effective (this is easier if you cut all freq. means nothing)


I have since now + 1 year, this is a third hand, and a very good table:

the +: resistant _très on fader / crossfader
_the knobs are large, which guarantees a good grip,
_the Equalizers cut vraiments frequencies

the -: _Table not rackable, it is also a shame for the creation of a fly box (many more jobs due cables)

otherwise it remains a killer, for electronic music mostly (electro to hardcore)
for those who is rap, hip hop and scratch, it is better to turn to his little sister, nuo 2.0, which has more power in the gain and cross eternal!

Mistone's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I love it"

Ecler nuo2
See the previous notices. (I can say Racker, RCA, 2.5 channels, no built-in effects)


The general configuration could not be clearer. Large knobs, but not too big not to disturb the user, the touch is nice, and everything looks very good, very strong. The handling is done automatically, the buttons are well placed, everything is intuitive.
The faders are very good, the original crossfader is excellent.
There is no need for manual configuration is as clear, but just in case, the manual is also very clear.
All functions are accessible, whether the cuts, equalizers, the knobs in front to enter the crab, the PFL, everything.


I would say that the console is transparent. The equalizer is very effective (including cuts) and very accurate but I would say that between the cut and the first step, when using the knob, everything does not happen uniform on a decrescendo. At least that's the impression I could have.
It introduces no breath.


I use it for 9-10 months. Before I had a Behringer, I returned after two weeks (crossfader already dead) and a Vestax PCV 275.
The Behringer is to throw (I forgot the model) and the Vestax is a monolith, including quality.

I am very satisfied with the crossfader, flexible, high quality, this is the feature that I love most, because I took it for scratching. The settings in the front are very precise, the knobs are generally very accurate. Everything is sturdy. The ecler is also very beautiful, lightweight, it takes up little space and yet everything is there.

Also, I find nothing wrong with him, for now at least.

The price / quality ratio is excellent, I will not let go anytime soon and she will not let go anytime soon.

With experience, I certainly redirigerais on a vestax, however, objectively, I can say that with experience I would do this choice.

frifrih's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Simple and effective"

Ecler nuo2
It is not rack it seems.

Two stereo Master level independent (symmetry in the other XLR RCA)

This is an analogue desk!

Effects loop

two lanes over a channel Micro (or Aux)


It's a mixer ... so it's simple
I use it without having the manual! (I do not use some functions so I have not tested everything, as the effects loop)


It does not seem that there have breath, but I have a little breath of my sound system anyway so I can not really test a priori, but the sound comes out clean the table!

The equalizer is effective with kill of each frequency band


I use it for 9 months or between CDJ MK2, and I'm very happy!
I do not use the effects loop which, it seems, is oddly conceived would be the weak point

What I like least is the curve (adjustable of course) faders and their length (standard I think) just mixes suitable for long but is very useful for general mixes (I think).
However the big knobs are very pleasant to use!

I tried quite a few models before this one, my old Numark any rotten, all types of Pioneer (400, 500, 600, 800) in clubs and also Denon.

The value for money is pretty good I think (I do not know if it is used in new but it seems to me that the price is more honest).

Now if I was looking for a 2-way table I think so, but I orient myself to a set more than 3 or 4 channels so maybe one of her older sisters (Nuo 3, 4) draw me more

leserbe23's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" good food good sound"

Ecler nuo2
Yes Optional
connecctic rca gold plated for platinum
XLR x2


nikel simple efficaace


unn console out good sound whatsoever on the headphone and enceites
parcontre by contribution to the gain I can not cut completely but I think the c which is ca plf because I mix in my headphones at home c can be ca


I used the for a while and I am very happy that I like this I Kill tables c m is occasionally very useful, and c damage than other more expensive tables in which n is not n
J had a vmx Beringher a korg km202 numark also and my friend who is djm
qalite frankly op prices
I will remake choice but I love to spend Maitena has a good effect with tales integrated it's been 7 years since I mix of techno and hard techno and it's time for me to do but they are very expensive for me but in any case ECLER c ouf of the stuff I return this brand eyes closed

kohort's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ecler nuo2
Everything said on this point t


Yes the setup is simple, no need to read the manual ...


The sound is good, not breathing, and the knobs are prcis "killent" really sound when they are 0.
I put 9 because there are sound quality levels still above (eg Allen & Heath)


I use it for a few days
I resell the CD if I need to spend a nuo5 or A & H, but I do not think ...

I tried a lot of every mark: I do not like Pioneer, Ecler SMAC PRO are my (former) REFERENCE: potato and trs robust. By "better" there Rane or Allen & Heath or Rodec but it's more expensive ...

Previous to the comment I am not the kind of mix nag but I know guys who make the faders for picks ... Forcment have to be a little careful with its hardware.

The report qualitprix is ​​good for a table of this quality.

J'diterai my post in time for the exprience. For now everything is nickel.

EDIT on 14/08/2009: Voil 2 and a half years that I use the table almost every day and I'm still happy <img class="smiley" src="" alt="mrgreen" />

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ecler nuo2
- Is it rackable?


- How many lanes, bus attendant, departures, returns ...)?

2 channel (1 phono, 2 lines per channel, send 1 per channel)

- What is the type of connectors (RCA, Jack, XLR ...)?

RCA and XLR outputs entrRCA

- Is the qualiseur paramtrique?

- The effects section is it integrates ...?

Not a box must be connected effects


Is Gnrale setup simple?

Yes, it is even very easy

- The usual functions are they easily accessible?

Everything comes to hand

- Is the manual is clear and sufficient? ...?

I do not have the manual (bought Cygnus)


It is transparent, there are no knobs souffle.Les cut out all the frequencies and ragissent bien.Elles fate of VERY good bass.


I bought Cygnus 180, I use it for 4 months, and for that price, yes I do it again this choice (even new), this table is excellent!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ecler nuo2
Table not rack. plugs into any RCA if I remember correctly, plus another 2 channel for effects etc ... 3 dc in final.equaliser way that cuts frequencies, asser efficaced are departures of two effects on path, that n in the middle has not.


Configuration is very simple but all riders must be internal or opens the machine and add poury have access to the master qq decibels.
asser ADJUSTMENT not cross and not the possibility to cross an eternal ...


The console is clear, but it amplifies the low c clear. No it emits no blows above c cool. equalizer and cut out the sound and is well balanced.


I got the 1 year it was very well c lair except that there was not asser settings for the cross which would have t cool because I scratch a lot. The cross is very well ELSEWHERE d qd was my level . I did not keep the day as I bought a Tascam XS8 and after Nuo 3. j have much love ecler (c light) and I've found most flexible way to have 3 more real the possibility to put an eternal crossfader. otherwise J will keep nuo 2 if there were the same setup options and cross faders and the possibility to upgrade the cross with an eternal.

DJ_Peck's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ecler nuo2

Master output XLR + RCA Master output with two in separate pots: it's super convenient for connecting a power return and simply change the sound of this one!

I love the principle of knob Monitor that can swing either PFL or the MASTER output or mix the two ... it's great practice for my taste!

Power cable directly from a computer: no transformer or the like Numark Rane!!


The buttons on the front that are highly exposed to shocks during transport (when using in the evenings)


Simple, no unnecessary functions is simple, clear and practical!


No breath, pots Bass, Mid, Treble cut well, buttons kill Bass, Mid, Treble are unnecessary because the cut is too sharp.


For almost two years I mix with and I'm delighted! I also routinely mix Ecler MAC 40V on a Pioneer DJM 600 and NUO2 and although more limited is more pleasant to use for the headphones (+ knob PFL MASTER super convenient).

If I change it will be for a table with more tracks ...

Gaolik's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ecler nuo2
j have the NUO 2 for over a year, I am not a savage but seriously the knobs are poor long-term ... for a semi pro mixer dj ben c Excuse me but is not the top, if it is from the jaws c and large knobs on its handy ... level faders flush but I feel that his will soon crunch has also ...
so if you want my opinion, for the same price is better ...







Subfloor's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ecler nuo2
- Is the rack?


- The manual is clear and sufficient?
No need for manual is simple and effective


- The console is transparent?
I'm no expert but I think the color is zero. Use technology.
No blowing of the small Systm qualitpulse)
equalizer = 0 Cut


1 week

The easy handling, the knobs in a position of good size. It has a design trsrussi.
A least ... ben ... Uh? anything in fact!
I was smac pro 30.
Ecler fair price for quality offers.
I am going to ecler of Pro30, the NUO2.
APRS small BMOL 1 year of heavy use: the knobs grsillent a bit ... we'll see what gives a little "contact bomb!"