Jet City Amplification JCA24S
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Average Score:3.5( 3.5/5 based on 3 reviews )
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racerevlon's review"An outstanding 2 x 12 with great tone for not a lot of cash."

Jet City Amplification JCA24S
When I went looking for a lightweight, portable speaker cabinet that will get me through small-to-medium sized club gigs I needed look no further than Soldano's new Jet City line. They hooked me up with a JCA24S--their basic 2 x 12 closed-back, rear-loaded cabinets with two Jet-City branded Eminence speakers on board. The speakers sound closest to the Eminence Legend 1258 with a nice bite, tight lows, and nice highs without being shrill. Although the cabinet does not come with casters they are an option, but this is the first 2 x 12 where I felt it didn't really need casters because the cabinet is not only well-built but light enough to carry with the attached handle.

Another bonus feature of the JCA24S is the mono/stereo speaker jack. This means you can run stereo power or two different heads into each side of the cabinet. Each speaker is rated at 70 Watts for a total 140 Watt cabinet. The stereo separation in the cabinet is great and works well (8 ohms per side with a slide-select switch). The beauty in this cabinet lies in several factors: first of all the tone--it can go from warm jazzy cleans to good old rock 'n roll to full thrash metal depending on which head you attach to it. Also, rated at 140 watts it will easily handle most contemporary amp heads with relative ease and make them sound great. Second, the tone doesn't come at the expense of brutally heavy magnets as with some other speakers. This cabinet is light enough that you can carry it around without casters and not destroy your back. And one of the features I love about this cabinet is that it works both horizontally or vertically. Horizontally, you can put a JCA100H, JCA100HDM, JCA50H, or any other full-sized head on top and have a great quarter-stack. For smaller gigs with smaller stages, you can turn the JCA24S vertically and put a JCA20H or JCA22H on top and put the amp controls easily within your reach.

Make no mistake, this cabinet can dish it out AND take it. I recently played a club gig with only the JCA22H and the JCA24S and was STILL louder than the club could handle. This isn't a cabinet that requires any magic to sound good. So far I've yet to plug something into this cabinet that didn't sound great.

The prices on these cabinets are coming down somewhat and the price-to-value ratio on this cabinet just can't be beat. Jet City makes a 24S+ model that includes an on-board D.I. that allows you to run directly to the board as well. Jet City is really on to something, delivering high-quality products at prices working musicians can afford. I would not hesitate to purchase another Jet City cabinet, and come to think of it, just might!

otx22's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good"

Jet City Amplification JCA24S
At a very affordable price Jet City offers a well built cabinet that has the distinction of being opened or closed by a removable wood panel (option found on much more expensive models) used.
HP are Eminence Legend based on the model, rather oriented sounds british. Level: firstly very good projection, rather homogeneous, which is significant for use repetition conditions. Good clarity and good definition, the baffle provides a fairly open sound. At the spectrum there is a clear bump in the high mids, the bass is a little behind but clean. It fits very well with the sounds I'm looking for (slight crunch to rock UK), it is obviously necessary to deal with his amp and played the style. For example, I imagine that most metal guitarists oriented seek a more hollow sound, with less forward midrange and bass more present.
Only gripe: the construction is solid but the finish seems more fragile than on higher-end products. Simple plastic handle (it is not too heavy) and Tolex close enough. It may eventually get scratched a bit when muscular transport. It is ultimately the only clue an inexpensive Chinese construction, the sound is there and this is essential!

In short, bought "second knife", this cabinet has pleasantly surprised me. So I recommend it.

PS: I'm surprised a severe enough notice an AF member, while the baffle is
widely acclaimed on U.S. websites and forums (ZZsound, musicians including friends) that I come before my purchase.
Le Taz06/20/2013

Le Taz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Stay away!"

Jet City Amplification JCA24S
I play for 20 years - My cabs are a JCM800 1960 G12T75 a Framus C212 in g12-65. I also had the JCM 900, of 1936, played in various cabs: DV Mark, Mesa (Stiletto) Orange Framus V30), etc..

Brief. This cabinet is to flee: very little bass, lots of treble, mid-range projection. It spreads rather not too bad, the downside since it is very poorly designed, woodwork absolutely does not work. I have rarely seen as bad, even a Marshall 1922 seems upscale side is saying!

You can check my review, I am rarely so hard, but there is really crap, even for the price.