M-Audio Keystation Mini 32
M-Audio Keystation Mini 32

Keystation Mini 32 , 32/37-Key MIDI Keyboard from M-Audio in the Keystation series.

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All user reviews for the M-Audio Keystation Mini 32

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 5 reviews )
 3 reviews60 %
 2 reviews40 %
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yoTrakkz's review"Midi is a must.."

M-Audio Keystation Mini 32
M Audio KeyStation Mini, is a great midi keyboard. M Audio always brings some of the best midi keyboards on the Market. After using the Axiom 61, I didn’t think that the mini would have much for me. But I gave it a chance and its great, this midi keyboard is very small and portable. I packed it right in my laptop bag with my laptop and had my production studio go anywhere that I went. On the Keystation Mini, there aren’t knobs and sliders that you can use to sync with your software to automate certain things. That is really the only thing that is missing from the mini that is on most other models that M Audio Creates.


Even though this is a small midi controller its still very sturdy and holds up great. Its all plastic but still holds its own weight. I didn’t even have to load the drivers. I just plugged it in via usb and it automaticly was recognized by my windows computer and was ready to use in Cubase and Fl Studio. But if you need to load the disk up to get your drivers in you can and will have no problem doing so. Even if you need to update your drivers M Audio makes it extremely easy to do so on their website you can go on there and update the drivers for free anytime you wish for any of the products that they create.


Overall this is worth it, the price is affordable and all producers need a midi keyboard that can be hooked up with usb or with midi cables. You can take this with you anywhere and have your studio on hand no matter where you are so when inspiration hits you are prepared to start creating on the spot.

Nico76210's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Perfect"

M-Audio Keystation Mini 32
Keyboard high quality material, USB pitchpin up / down mod, sensitivity very realistic! You can vary the octave is assigned keys. I just test it on my Mao today hui and the sound that comes out is excellent and very exhilarating! The touch is very nice and it is very compact! In addition you can play with so i pad integrated pad li Mao in the config ... Really nice I saw the recommended budget!


Pleasant (if cf above)


See above
Nukta v3.010/29/2012

Nukta v3.0's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good nomad"

M-Audio Keystation Mini 32
The small size of the keyboard keys greater than 25 me towards this model self-powered USB.


Do not expect a proper touch is super plastoc and no resistance has support ... I use it to jot down ideas (that troubleshoots) or to trigger a stutter edit vst like to make changes live.


I have not tried other models of this type (mobile) so I can not compare but I can say that for the size, the number of keys that can be interesting, in my opinion, some decide

trazom's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Perfect in its kind"

M-Audio Keystation Mini 32
32 keys is a little more than 25 and that's just fine.
The very compact, lightweight, and looks pretty robust.
Connected via USB, it manages the velocity and has an assignable button.


Obviously, it is small, that's why we bought it. Unable to play Chopin on it ... But clearly, this is really the road. Touch is nice, the management of the velocity works well, and everything is customizable. I regret the lack of manual paper which is essential to set the beast. Otherwise, PC and Cubase is really "PLUG & PLAY".
The pitch bend (with two buttons) is rather against gadget. The management of octaves with a color code is nice.


That's exactly what I wanted. I use it on the move, on the train, etc.. This is perfect for that.

rascar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Super small keyboard"

M-Audio Keystation Mini 32
I wanted a portable keyboard and not too expensive.


Too bad they do not provide a manual with .. I search the internet to understand how to set the pitch bend, velocity ... Finally it is very simple and everything works fine.


The keys are small indeed, but one would expect by choosing a keyboard like this.
I think it's still playable.
There is a beautiful finish, buttons with LEDs are nice, everything works ..

In conclusion I am very happy, the keyboard is super light and compact .. exactly what I wanted.