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Rodec 4+ Channel Mixers user reviews

  • Rodec CX-1100

    Rodec CX-1100 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by warazor/translated from Audiofanzine FR) 100% analog mixer with a huge headroom. You can fully turn up the gain, EQ and master controls and still no distortion, you have endless headroom... XLR master output (the famous 3.3-…

Translated user reviews
  • Rodec MX-3000

    Rodec MX-3000 - " 3000 RODEC ... TOP TOP !!!"


    Hello, After 38 years in the business I could not find the FREEVOX and mine was to change. I had everything, DYNACORD, FRANK, POWER, etc. And above 4 FREEVOX. Ah !!! SOUND !!! I found nothing that matches my wishes ... I even tried reloop and PIONN…

  • Rodec MX180 MK3

    Rodec MX180 MK3 - " A bomb!"


    19 "rack XLK output or RCA 4 entry chacunes of 4 tracks + track micro UTILIZATION Simple configuration No need to understand the manual operation Regret at the "buttons" PFL. I'd rather push buttons on the series as "Original" ... Is neg…

  • Rodec MX1800

    Rodec MX1800 - araknophonik's review


    Is rack? yes What is the type of connectors (RCA, Jack, XLR ...)? it is very complete just watch the backside to understand How many lanes, bus attendant, departures, returns ...)? 4ch phono line microphone 1 microphone channel 2masters…

  • Rodec CX-1100

    Rodec CX-1100 - " Excellent"


    ditto previous opinions. Just to say (as written below) the table is much prettier in real life than on the pictures internets ... matte painting gives it a bit of a side "warehouse" very underground ... UTILIZATION config: easy ... Manual:…

  • Rodec MX180 Limited Red

    Rodec MX180 Limited Red - " Pearl sound and aesthetic"


    comparable to all Rodec MX180 Penny & Giles faders with origin and connection of XLR UTILIZATION The general configuration is simple? yes SOUNDS The equalizer is effective? yes OVERALL OPINION With experience, you do again this choice? …

  • Rodec MX1800

    Rodec MX1800 - vincentanimation's review


    Simple, efficient, robust, easy to maintain ... in short of the high-end DJ mixer. The price is justified in my opinion. This kind of table team many discothques northern France and Belgium (yes, the Belgian achte Belgian:)) UTILIZATION SPE…

  • Rodec BX-9 original

    Rodec BX-9 original - " we talk about the real mixing desk"


    yes rack (19 inch) UTILIZATION not easier to use that table:) SOUNDS ugh equalisuer supert efficece and precise tracking of his own net and a heat health equals (anologique) and all his senses a breath is nothing to achter ing hesitation for …

  • Rodec MX180 Original

    Rodec MX180 Original - " The best of the best"


    Is Rack? Yes and it has a 19 " What is the type of connection (RCA, Jack, XLR ...)? Sources and rec outputs: RCA / RCA or XLR master outputs / Effects: Jack / XLR Microphone How many ways? 4-way switchable (1 phono, 2 lines, 1 through …

  • Rodec BX-9

    Rodec BX-9 - " SOLID has the Old! :)"


    3 way treble, bass, classic medium, 2-way line or phono + 2 line channels, XLR connectors RCA completes, but no cut here a sound full of warmth .. dj for Old School Techno, Rave, House;) UTILIZATION The config is very very simple no-brainer, no n…