Akai Professional MPK49

MPK49, 49-Key MIDI Keyboard from Akai Professional in the MPK series.

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All user reviews for the Akai Professional MPK49

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Average Score:3.8( 3.8/5 based on 28 reviews )
 10 reviews36 %
 10 reviews36 %
 3 reviews11 %
 1 user review4 %
 4 reviews14 %
Value For Money : Excellent

tom808's review"Reliable Keyboard"

Akai Professional MPK49
Akai is know for quality, so this has 49 keys, on left side comes with pitch bend and modulation wheel which are very smooth and comfortable to use. You have 12 pads and modifiers for the pads which is usually used for sampling drums and sound loops, pads are very solid and if you have used any other Akai pads you know their well made. In the middle of the board you have the LCD screen which is clear to see, below you have buttons and knobs to adjust the Octaves tap tempo and setup the sound. On the right side you have 8 faders and 8 knobs to control different effects/parts of your DAW which can be all set up to your needs. This is a USB controller which makes it very easy to plug and play, it can be used for MAC and PC it includes Avid Pro Tools Express which i don't use


The basic part of it is the plug in and play keyboard with your DAW, it gets more confusing trying to connect the pads with sounds you need especially if you never used a MPC or MPD pad before, filters and knobs are easy and conformable to use, the selection is understandable and quick to process, this board is my secondary board currently because i found the pads to be uncomfortable over the top of keys, i bought a MPD32 to use for pads and i use a basic midi keyboard all my sounds are form the DAW plugins. The manual is Clear and easy to follow, the keys are good amount of soft i enjoyed them. Overall for a newb the setup might be confusing at first which you have to learn all the parts of it but after some hours you will understand all of it.


The price is great considering how much this board has to bring, i think personally its too much on a keyboard i like to have things separate like my pads controllers other keyboards but i did really like the Faders and the feel of the keyboard, i downgraded to a basic M audio 25 key and i bought the MPD 32 separately this feels better for me but i still keep the MPK49 for live use, I can had all my patches and settings set in one keyboard that makes it great, so the quality is very high I'm a big fan of Akai products but at the same time i like to keep it simple.

BeyondR's review

Akai Professional MPK49
Characteristics that motivated my choice were the 49-key, that are semi-weighted ,also the semi-weighted keyboard with aftertouch and full-sized keys.
The connection type is MIDI.


The general configuration of the soft is quite fast and easy.
The manual provided by it is okay, however I would search for some more info on the net for more knowledge regarding the keyboard and its features.


Let me start by saying what I don't really like about it, I don't feel comfortable with the position of the LCD display, and where the pads are positions, however I do like their feeling and I gotta give some credit for its control and quality.
However what I really like are MMC/MIDI Start Stop transport buttons, and I really love the pads, those 12 pads and the way they feel, they also have velocity and pressure sensitivity which are really great for building nice 16th drum patters and weird velocity changes.
Also a fancy feature is MPC note repeat and all-new arpeggiator and 8 full-sized, 360 degree rotation pots, each with 3 banks for 24 pots total, which make a huge difference as well.
I gotta admit that the price is pretty high, it costs around 350$, having said that if you want a more complex type of midi controller and you have the money, you should give it a try.
It's compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Mac OS X.

If you would like a similar midi controller ( maybe better) you should check M-audio Axiom 49 2nd Gen, there is a slight difference in price, however both of them have pretty decent sound quality and control.

Knowing what I know, I don't think I would buy this controller just because I could buy something cheaper and still have the same controls, the arrpegiator is a unique feature provided by Akai, so think about it.

vsavagellc's review"Akai Mpk49 is Worth every Penny"

Akai Professional MPK49
Akai made headway by including pads onto their midi keyboard controllers. This unit comes with 49 keys,basic manual (a little too basic), usb cable for hooking up. This controller can also use standard midi cables as well as a power cord. The unit powers through usb and to me that's a better way to power the unit, less chance of running into a group loop that way.

I purchased this unit because I need a new midi controller with some mapping options. What sold me was the feel of unit as well as the 12 pads that are built right into the board it self.


What I love about this midi controller is everything is plug n play. It's as simple as plugging it up via the usb cable and letting your OS install the needed drivers. The manual was clear i wish they would have dove a little more into advanced customizing but hey it's not to hard to figure out but you'd figure they'd be nice enough to include that after charging you $400 for the keyboard.

The mpk49 comes with a select number of templates for the more popular daws and music production applications. If your application isn't listed you will have to build your own template. I like to start from the "Generic" setting personally.


I honestly thing this controller could have been $100.00 cheaper but it's still a good price at $400.00. My only disenchanting moment with this controller is the pads... they are not sensitive enough and will require you to get a pad upgrade. There are a lot of DIY kits out there ranging from $14-$25.00, well worth the money in my opinion.

Aside from the pads it's a great controller, with a quality build and I love the way the keys feel when I'm producing music.

I didn't try any other units out while I was in guitar center because this was the only controller at the time that had what I needed. I mean I could tell that just from looking and not touching..

I think this is a perfect midi controller for professionals and novice a like. 49 keys give you enough room to play full scales and chords vs a smaller 25 key midi controller where you're always fighting with the octave button.

ericthegreat's review"I love akai"

Akai Professional MPK49
I've had my eye on the Akai MPK 49 keyboard for some time now (years actually) but when it came to buying this, it often felt like I was spending money on a luxury. I'll admit, what people said about it is true, that it had issues from the moment I plugged it in it wasn't detected by windows and had massive issues with getting recognized.


When I plugged it in (windows 7), the little screen wouldn't light up, and windows gave me an error saying "unknown usb device". Someone mentioned a shortcut to resetting the firmware which was to hold down [<< + stop + rec] while plugging it in, which lit up the device, when it asked me if I wanted to proceed in resetting it I hit [cancel] intead. Bingo, the device was lit now. So it was powered, and once I selected it as a Midi Controller in Live (it comes up in the dropdown list of Midi controllers as "MPK49") it worked perfectly through USB and I don't have to do any tricks to get it to turn on anymore, just plug and play. I blame Microsoft for this problem though, not Akai. Windows will never be predictable when it comes to developing USB devices for it. Especially since Vista. Despite the few hours it took me to get it working, it's a beautiful device, and works wonderfully. All the controls automate easily, the keys feel good for playing (semi-weighted is a good balance for playing synth and piano) I had a fully weighted keyboard (the Triton LE) and it was awkward for playing synths or anything non-piano.


My favorite thing though is the little mixer console, it doubled my mixing time, ability, and productivity. My workflow is totally changed now. It's really nice to have the pads too, however it's not sensitive enough and you really have to hit them hard to get the desired response. Still, nice to have. I really have no complaints and I'm going to be using this controller for a long time. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Brandski's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Solid, complete, perfect for studio."

Akai Professional MPK49
MIDI / USB comprehensive enabling me with these knobs, faders, pads and buttons to control my VST and my expendeur hardware keyboard.


Key Semi-loud with velocity which is perfect for my use.
MIDI is fully paramétrablable: MIDI Channel, Banks, MIDI CC and CP.
You can record multiple user configuration internally.


For 3-4 years in my home studio.
As for the live against it is difficult, it is very heavy and bulky.
At first I used it to control all my DAW, I mainteant other hadware Machine Controller and therefore the knobs part fader MPK serves me.
I would advise a more APC40 duo + single MIDI keyboard. The MPK is a very good choice to start.

mrcslmtt's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Disappointed ... For a reference like that!"

Akai Professional MPK49
Reputation keyboard was essential in my choice, because I wanted a safe bet, I do not know yet much gear on my purchase level.


The affected is poor for my taste, too hard, and the springs of each button too hard. It's not worth a heavy hit (or even a light touch). No On / Off, forced to unplug the USB cable behind each time, and find the hole in each entrenchment ... It's heavy every time.


I for 5 years, and with the experience I would not repeat that choice clearly. I tried other models in the same price range, more expensive and less expensive, and all was better, even the simple keyboard 200 €. Pads (reputedly in with Akai MPC) are really bad ......! Hyper Drive! Forced buggers above for the note / sample sounds ... And almost impossible to play the velocity because of this hardness, really nothing to do with the MPC pads which they are quality. Bugs and more with the keyboard that sends info twelve o'clock alone (that mute me in my tracks sessions on Logic Pro 9).
In short, avoid! Despite being a reference in the middle, this keyboard has disappointed many. Orient you on another brand, really. Especially if you have the budget for this keyboard, there much better elsewhere.
Flo Rimon07/11/2014

Flo Rimon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Akai Professional MPK49
The pad to have some kind of sampler.


Easy to use, but ... on sampler pads are super stiff, I changed mine to make it more sensitive.


I use with reason.
Except that the keys are rather heavy and hard pads.
Money it's still okay!

armo95's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Reliable and well thought"

Akai Professional MPK49
The fact that there are pads and knobs in addition to the keyboard is a complete product.


The feel is right even if it is far from a heavy touch, but it is not a surprise, simple configuration, easy to use, I do not serve me the notice.


I tested several and master keyboards AKAI are part of the best value for money. The pads are excellent (this is the highlight of the brand), on the other hand USB connectivity is fragile, take care of it.
I do it again the same choice even if in competition there is very good models now.

cahutman's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good compromise"

Akai Professional MPK49
I was looking for a keyboard with 8 faders and 49 at least 8 knobs, I hesitated with the competitor mpk in innovation, which has similar characteristics. Akai pads and the apegiateur integrated mpk motivated my choice.
Power over USB is also a plus.


It is a semi-weighted keyboard touch, exceptional or disappointing for computer music (live or studio). As a pianist I use another keyboard 88 touch heavy for more expression.
The config is pretty simple, it is sometimes refers to the manual for things like change the sensitivity of the pads that stuff, but if everything goes through the central screen rather clear for loading patches / management midi channels and other .


It's been about 2 years since he landed in my home studio, a big strong point I would say is its solid construction, it's ca akai and it shows! Faders and encoders are very strong and in two years of use nothing move.
A small defect may be the sensitivity of the pads that even the most sensitive set are hard enough (I no longer use them too Ducou) compared to those of LPD8 yet also in akai but have a lot more responsive.
The value for money for 300 euros is really good, I try to novation impulse 49 and general construction really seemed to me below the MPK.
So yes with two years experience in this I would probably make the same choice.

nobs's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Awesome!"

Akai Professional MPK49
Akai pad shortcuts to control the sequencer and robustness.


Durable and comfortable to play keyboard. It is rather easy to configure and menus are well thought out.


I for 4 years using Ableton Live and I have absolutely no desire to change.
I find the quality / very good money.