M-Audio Oxygen 49 (Silver)
M-Audio Oxygen 49 (Silver)

Oxygen 49 (Silver), 49-Key MIDI Keyboard from M-Audio in the Oxygen (Silver) series.

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All user reviews for the M-Audio Oxygen 49 (Silver)

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 6 reviews )
 2 reviews33 %
 4 reviews67 %
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Azuma's review"Cheap yet useful! "

M-Audio Oxygen 49 (Silver)
What features motivated my choice was the 49 keys velocity sensitive , the mod wheels , the mixer build-in , the direct link provided with the product itself.

It has both type of connections , midi and pedal.


The general configuration and setup is fast , if your daw is compatible with the Direct Link mode provided by the M-audio series , you just connect your midi controller and you'll have it connected due to this great connection type.

The manual is consistent of good information and different types of tips and tricks useful.

The patch selection is very easy and fast.

The general configuration and setup as I mentioned is very easy , this type of product may be even used by children , it's very straight forwarded.


What I like most about it how cheap this product is , yet however the material which is made of is consistent , looks quite good , I like how the keys feel , I like the full daw support and the Direct Link mode which is such a great feature.

I like the way this midi controller is designed and that it requires a lot of space , so it's quite portable.

My opinion about the value for the price is great , I really think this is probably one of the best deals you could get for such an amount of money , this product combines great features with a cheap pocket , this product can be bought on amazon for just 120 $.

Precision and quality of the sound is very good , everything works as it should be on a pro level.
This product is used world wide even in top studios , the only bad thing about this product is that it doesn't have a drum pad , but no worries you can use the keys as a main drum pad.

Knowing what I know, I would buy this product again.

moosers's review

M-Audio Oxygen 49 (Silver)
The M-Audio Oxygen 49 is a basic MIDI controller that is USB based. It's a plug-in and play device, only requiring you to install a driver where necessary on a PC computer. There is a newer version of the Oxygen 49, but this review is for the original version. Obviously, it's got 49 keys to go along with a nice array of assignable MIDI parameters in the form of both knobs and faders. This is more or less than same controller as the Oxygen 61, as I believe just the number of keys is different. The controller has both pitch and modulation wheels as well. It's also bus powered so you can power it up just by plugging it into a USB port on your computer, although I believe you can also power it via a nine volt supply if you're not plugging it into a computer. Lastly, in the back it has a MIDI jack and a 1/4" connection for a sustain pedal.


It's difficult at all to get used to using the M-Audio Oxygen 49. The feel of the keyboard itself isn't great but it's suitable for laying down parts as long as you're not looking for the feel of a true piano. The nine sliders and eight knobs are all assignable to just about whatever you want, and it also has transport buttons which is always nice to have. It's got everything you need but at the same time it's not convoluted and it's very easy to use. I don't know that a manual is necessary at all here...


The M-Audio Oxygen 49 is pretty much the perfect MIDI controller for those on a budget. It's not too fancy and isn't at all the best of what's available out there, but it will certainly get the job done most of the time and actually has a lot to offer, especially for the price. I don't own this at home since I have the M-Audio Keystation Pro 88, but I've used a few of these before in different studios and they are definitely adequate. The price is the best part about the M-Audio Oxygen 49 as it's affordable for everyone and it's definitely a solid controller.

webstersays's review

M-Audio Oxygen 49 (Silver)
I got this because I wanted a little MIDI controller and keyboard for my home studio. I wanted one that played fairly well as far as keys go, and that had some of the neat features like MIDI knobs and switches to control your software programs. This one even has faders on it which give it extra usability and a neat look. Also there's a mod wheel and pitch bend, which are great for giving performances some extra life. There are MIDI connections and also a pedal connection if you want that.


The action on the keyboard suits my needs. It is obviously not like a real piano, though, so if that's what you're looking for, look elsewhere. It has the light springy action that is common to a lot of keyboards like this. This makes it versatile for a bunch of different playing styles including using it for MIDI drums. You wouldn't want action that feels like a real piano if you're programming drums with it. It is very easy to set up and get going with this keyboard. All the controls are very easy to use and understand. In case you have any problems, the manual explains all the features well.


I've been using this for over a year now. I like all of the extra features you get with this in addition to it being just a 49-key piano. You can control all kinds of parameters in your programs with this thing too. It's faults are that it's hard to play piano parts that need a lot of expression well with this, it just ends up sounding fake a lot of the time. However for something like a synthesizer or other instrument, it well serve you very well. Also the faders on this are not automated, which makes them a little less useful. These are pretty cheap, so they are a good value if you want a MIDI controller to get you started at a home studio. I would make the same choice - it has served me well and all the keys still work!
Linn Sondek08/02/2012

Linn Sondek's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Well!"

M-Audio Oxygen 49 (Silver)
After using for a few months, the model KeyRing of the same brand, I started looking for a keyboard also offers control options for my recording software. To the extent that I was totally satisfied with the M-Audio keyboard, I stayed in the same brand as the Oxygen 49 offered exactly what I wanted.
The connection is effected by a simple USB / Midi and a socket for pedal is available.


Total neophyte on MIDI keyboard and even keyboards in general, the fact that I am satisfied with the touch will no doubt many of you laugh. Mias good, it is said, I'm happy!
The manual that came and did not say much for a beginner like me in mid keyboard turns downright obscure. I will not deny that the reading of lengthy instructions available on the manufacturer's website eventually to dive into deep perplexity! So I could not say whether the programming keyboard and midi controls themselves are simple since I myself am just not attacked! For control of cons ProTools is perfect through the various sliders and knobs present on the top of the keyboard. So much the better: this is why I changed my old keyboard.


My first keyboard was a M-Audio because I was satisfied with the audio interface of the same brand that I own. My second claver is also an M-Audio, but I do not doubt for a second that other brands offer excellent instruments of this type.
For me, the price / quality ratio is perfect: a keyboard and a controller for 115 €, that's what I found cheaper.
I remake that choice without hesitation.
If a generous soul will give me some explanation of the programs of this keyboard assignments, I will be forever grateful!!

Document02's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio Oxygen 49 (Silver)
- What characteristics have motivated your choice?

This product seemed fairly complete, at an affordable price, for a first controller.
- What connector (MIDI pedals ...)?...
Possible connection to MIDI or USB
A pedal can be connected.
chti hole for a lock with a keypad allows the same style as for laptops.
quick list controls

8 knobs
An eight faders (unusable - always send CC)
9 buttons below the faders
transport controls
transposition of octave keyboard.
+ mod wheel pitch bend.


- The touch keyboard is it fun? Should your use?
very plastic key, the keys back soon (more on a real piano, it's nice) and have little inertia.

velocity sensitivity sufficient for a fan of synth, but far too low for someone who is looking for the piano and a touch of that type.
- The touch other settings
use, the knobs are nice, not super accurate but acceptable.
faders are themselves very imprecise.

buttons have a very dry to touch, but work.

Edit: the following has been fixed in bypass switch on / off
Please note a tendency on the keyboard to send MIDI signals on certain controls so that does not touch (vibration sensitivity). It's very annoying when you rule a synth with the mouse, the controller in question is not about setting software, and all of a sudden there a balance signal.

- The general configuration is it simple?
the knobs are a little too close to one another, care for people with big fingers a little.

- The selection of MIDI channels, patches is easy?
A button press.

- The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
Manuel not super clear, but not useful either.

Software configuration
This is just a gas plant, but it does what you request.


- How long have you use it?
Bought almost a year ago, I had an urgent need for a keyboard and a few controllers. this product seemed fairly complete, at an affordable price.

- What is so special that you like most and least?
Good touch knob, bad touch faders.
The only big problem is that the MIDI signal from its own from time to time.

- How would you rate the quality / price?

Average quality for a price gun, an attractive purchase for the budget.
Edit: after a year and a half on / off switch behind the unit had a loose connection. After 2 years the keyboard is unusable, the faders send MIDI CC continuously, even when the keyboard is placed on a table without being hit.
The problem was solved by turning the switch on / off and welding the legs in position.
- With experience, you do again this choice? ...
Not necessarily, the fact of a return on Avoi MIDI controls (See Remote) is very useful.

Morphe777's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio Oxygen 49 (Silver)
What technical specifications motivated your choice?
49-key keyboard and dynamic synth action USB MIDI interface with one
8 knobs Fully programmable MIDI Controller
9 Fully programmable MIDI sliders
15 programmable buttons, including 6 transport buttons
Navigation up / down MIDI channel / program change
7 function buttons in faade and programming functions on the keyboard supplmentaires

What I like most are the faders and knobs.
The intgralit keyboard keys are programmable, so you end up with a console that can grate on all kinds of CONTRL cubase (it even cubase, vst, equalizer etc.)

I hate my stroll through the menus and change the window and saw the number of keys on the keyboard Submitted I can aisment to program the functions that I use Cubase rgulirement . This is primarily why I use it.

I also used secondarily Calivis noon)
I put 10 for CHARACTERISTICS because they cover 100% of my amateur home studio needs.


Touch is enjoyable, but it is far, far trs trs a piano. For learning, I'm not sr whether a good idea because the transition from a MIDI keyboard is not a real piano ais (I've noticed I'm beginners the piano).

The keyboard operates with enigma, which I find useful plutt and not too complicated.

Everything is relatively clear.


I use it for 5 months.

- What is the particular feature you like best and least?
I love her and other rotary faders.
I regret not having touched a piano (but that price I think it does not exist, it must pass one or more lines above)

- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
I have not bought on the advice of AudioFanzine, and friends.

Report honnntes quality price. There are probably better at the touch, but I especially need the faders and knobs that are not available on all models.

For that price, yes, but I think j'conomiserai and pay me a keyboard with a real touch (it's just got one question and it does not in any way qulit Product)

I put 8 because it is not perfect, but for that price, the faders, knobs, and quality-General for the MRIT the craft well.