Zoom A2
Zoom A2

A2, Multi-Effect for Acoustic Guitar from Zoom in the A series.

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 14 reviews )
 7 reviews50 %
 4 reviews29 %
 3 reviews21 %
Value For Money : Excellent

MGR/Dave's review"Zoom A2"

Zoom A2
The product is a multi-fx stomp box--replacing the old 504 unit in the product line-up. it has a footprint of about 9" x 9". It has four rotary knobs, 5 solenoid (soft-touch) buttons and two heavy contact foot switches for scrolling between patches.
The construction appears to be some type of anodized aluminum with a green finish.
I have been playing guitar for almost forty years. While I gigged some in my high school and college days 30-35 years ago, since then my playing has been more limited to special music at church and musical programs in nursing homes.

I purchased this from Sweetwater Sound to replace a Digitech multi-FX unit I was less than pleased with. I paid $100 for it. In shopping, I compared it with previous units I had owned from DigiTech, Alesis, and DOD. I also field compared it to similar units from Line 6, Behringer, and Boss.

First off, this unit is very easy to use in terms of editing and storing user patches. As with any Multi-FX unit, you will have to have some idea of what sounds you want to have stored. All in all, I had created 20 user-edited patches in about an hour.
A second major plus is that this unit has the capability of 6-band EQ. The best the other manufacturers can offer in this price range is 4-band EQ.
The sound is virtually noise-free. While it comes with a Noise reduction component, I have not noticed as much noise compared to Alesis and DigiTech units, which produce a lot of hiss.
The unit can be powered by either battery (4-AA cells) or AC. By using rechargeable L-Ion batteries, there is no need to be tied to a wall wart with the wimpy spaghetti cord again.
Finally, Zoom builds their units with an on/off switch--something only Boss does.

The negatives on this are relatively minor:
The first negative is that it has a single 1/4" TRS (stereo) output -- dual (L/R) 1/4" TS outputs would be better.
A second negative is that Zoom arranged the FX so that the reverse delay and tape echo FX are located in the Modulation FX cluster with phaser, flanger, chorus and tremolo instead of being located with the delay/reverb cluster. It would be better to move reverse delay and echo functions to the delay/reverb cluster so that they can be used in conjunction with the phase/flange/chorus FX (for some of those Beatlesque mid-60s psychedelic FX)

The construction appears to be very sturdy.
Except for the battery compartment cover, the top, back and bottom appear to be made of some type of anodized metal (probably aluminum. The sides appear to have some sort of rubberized coating on them.
The knobs for adjusting the settings/parameters are very sturdy as well.
The 1/4" inputs and outputs are anchored to the casing with reinforcing collars instead of being anchored internally to the circuit board.
The footswitches are heavy contact switches (like on MXR stomp boxes).

This has many other features I didn't examine because I don't use them--such as acoustic guitar modeling (11 different models). For what it offers that I do use, it was worth cost.

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El_Becko's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Cheap cheap cheap make Pitis zozios"

Zoom A2
Purchased repair following a breakdown of gear for a dozen dates pending the repair of my preamp.
Used 1 (one) night.


A 2-digit LED display for 250 parameters ....

Finally, after consulting the manual it is not complicated and even I have to say that logic is pretty well done compared to other much more expensive gadgets.


Where the bottom really hurt with this stuff is really quality. Manufacturing and especially sound ....

Start with what interests us at the highest point simulations microphones.
Well it's just a joke. I can not describe the record: it means to understand. That sucks, unworkable. Besides, I think this is a scam pure and simple: no emulation algorithm in there but just pre-designed EQ associated with a pre-delay for distance "micro" and a slight compression is meant too.

Reverbs, chorus and other modulation effects and space are cold and metal artifacts and especially to hear it all the time. Looks like 8 bits miscoded colder!
The delay is the only effect to pull out of the game
When the compression I not speak ....

All effects - falsely - by-passed one might expect a good sound DI: Well not the same without using the gear you still rots the signal. it returns low flat, cold mediums and especially hyper-aggressive and full of false harmonics acute, short, horror.
Without exaggerating, really: I know that it's not expensive but why sell unusable??

Preamp and converto at the lowest posssible limit: my guitar live console without DI and despite the impedance problems, sounded better!


Sleeping in a closet since the only concert I've used. I finally opted for simple DI waiting to get my Aura.

The value for money is just Cheap, not good.

A multi-purpose introduction to the limit ...

Understand that if I spend time to write this negative opinion it is not for the sake of breaking the low end but to avoid beginners penniless an unnecessary expense.
Few weeks of savings will be much more productive to afford real stuff.

- Nothing .... ah if the price can be

- This is a multi "minus" on its own

jofal62's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" useless"

Zoom A2
full effect, but like almost all are very or somewhat resembling


fairly simple to use, but too many unnecessary features, finally, only two or three sounds are good.


realistic effects for some, but many other poor or too similar.


sold, no need for my taste.
Peter Alexandre07/21/2010

Peter Alexandre's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Zoom A2"

Zoom A2
see previous review.

For Connections: Instrument IN (Jack unbalanced)
Line out jack can connect a headset.
To go directly to the table you will need either a DI or buy A2.1U that has XLR output. either line in the mixer but not the top because the lengths of cable in jack (at least asymmetric) are trends to recover parasites.

You can add a volume pedal to manage volume, dosage effects etc. ..


The general config is not very simple, it's a bit of a gas plant, so demand for research on reading manual etc. ..
The manual is quite clear, I just regret not having more "technical" information on the accuracy of the tuner for example.
Editing your own patch requires patience but finally you get used to the usual functions.


I acquired this multi-effects to add a little depth, reverb delay etc. .. my acoustic guitar sound basic, knowing that I already have a good basic sound because I use a LR Baggs M1 Active Micro which starts in a preamp BBE Acoustimax and zoom comes in the chain of effects BBE.Il missed me just a little momentum.

The effects are pre-recorded, overall, bad and unrealistic but two or three presets that are not evils.

It is imperative to engage in creating their own patches to have a sound which is good because the effects present in the machine are good. After one must know the correct dose for a sound believable and natural.

Zoom A2 accentuates acute thoroughly, and not in the good sense, we must work well in a first equalizing time. Then I play on the parameters used to sculpt the sound by adding compression settings, possibly catch micro simulation and finally add guitar FX (reverb, delay, chorus ..) and it is really set with good taste and a good mix.

Finally after a few hours I have settings that I like and sounds that sound more realistic. Attention should not compare the multi-effects to others, kind, TC-electronic G-natural to compare what is comparable.

And as they say if your basic sound is well rotted and your sound output will be rotten (Cheat Cheat IN = OUT)


Acquired recently I have not explored everything but with a bit of research I am already very satisfied.
Of course we are not in the effects ULRA-pro, which sounds to cry but to enrich my basic sound is perfect. Especially since this multi-effects I used mainly in bars and small venues ... the day we find ourselves in a good room to the sound manager already good effects in his rack so the A2 will not need me, I think.

The value for money is on top.

With a tight budget I would do this choice with an unlimited budget I would type in the TC-Electronic G-Natural effects or in the Rack ..
If it gets stolen: I would complain to the Police! ;)

Jeffouille's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom A2
It's all digital, with a production run, a guitar simulator, a simulator microphone (dynamic or condenser) a compressor, two equalizers (severe acute) each with a choice between a three-band parametric or a noise reduc, the flanger, chorus and all the fuss, then the delay and reverb. In short, nothing is missing. In connection: input jack, a stereo output jack, an input for expression pedal and AC power. Point XLR output to connect it directly to a table (not to mix eating !)... injury to a pre amp sound.


It's a little difficult at first but we made it fast. Indeed, with a poor panel of two characters, one has no effect full name or the name of the selected setting ... must therefore remember that means LE (Low Eq), HE (HIGH EQ) for easier and take guronsan to remember that BP means "Bright Piezzo" in the general settings of the type of sensor connected.

But do not worry it's coming soon as long as you use it (I left the cupboard a few months and I still had the manual out ...). Nothing in all cases unacceptable for one who "plays around" a multi effect from time to time.


We'll take them one by one, keeping in mind that the result will not be the same as what is there before and what branch to branch after ...

I use a Cort mounted Fishman Classic 4 and a Tanglewood that I equip the Takamine Tri-Ax (magnetic pick none other than the LR BAGGS M1, black and marked with Takamine above).

1 - simulations guitar: Yeah, it's not bad because it can change a bit the sound of the guitar home to give it more roundness (Jumbo) if it is missing or otherwise. But I think we can do the same with the equalizer. That's my opinion.

2 - Simulator mike: interesting in some cases, it can give "a little" air sound and corrects some problems sometimes unpleasant frequency. Therefore worthwhile.

3 - Compressor: I can not adjust it properly and I find it really not very usable.

4 - eq: it gives me the best part of this pedal. We already have the choice, for each low and high ranges between three-band EQ (three bands for the bass and treble three for) or a parametric equalizer (same for bass and treble) to select the bandwidth, the frequency and rate. It comes with this module to effectively remove unwanted frequencies to try to approach the holy grail of acoustic sound (but only come close). I find particularly compelling equalization using my Takamine Tri-Ax

5 - Noise: Ben is a noise reducer which

6 - modulations: not too bad but not fabulous. They grow.

7 - reverb and delay: all reverb does not sound good. There are even some who do not sound at all. But in the proposed election we get to find happiness. Ditto for the delay.

8 - Extras: pedal allows for other useful settings such as the choice of the sensor (depending on whether it is a piezo or magnetic more or less brilliant), the amp used (combo, stack ... for those who use their amp electrical plug their acoustic what ...) and especially a feedback filter (manual or automatic) which I found really effective.


Overall, the Zoom A2 is a good surprise for me. I emerged from the closet after several months. I emerged at the same time as the purchase of my Tri-Ax. It is not perfect and does not represent the quintessence of processing an acoustic but still, for the price, a very good choice to set his guitar "live".

Again, it depends on the material that is there and what branch you use it. There may be differences (and opinions) are very different. For my part, I compared it to one of the "must" for acoustic preamp namely LR BAGGS Para Acoustic DI that I found quite cheap on the net. Although the LR BAGGS remains a very good product (dynamic signal to noise ratio), my little zoom A2 behaved much better than the widely LR BAGGS I was very disappointed with my Tri-Ax.

For the price, it remains a good tool, versatile, effective and with effects that I find relatively good quality.

Supercroc's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom A2
If you AIM plastoc Green has done!

+ 4 for the green (ahh hope!)

-1 For the plastic


This frog is numrique ditable aisment because some parameter.


The sound is l!! Dynamic food magically! Although cheap! Note, in terms of price, do not even when RVer.
What rating would you ask such a product, blustering nicks modlisations of this or that, this zoom is plutt agaant than anything else.
I normment to misunderstand notes some bright qu'octroient owners that kind of gear, cheap yes, but even when well rotted. No doubt there are selling in the air ...


Sold half price after two weeks.

M.I.E.L's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom A2
I think it's all said and WO in a word, this is excellent and GNIALE pedals (actually two)
Trs good choice whether you are beginners or uninhabited fund!


- The configuration gnrale Is it easy? Yes
- The edition of sounds and effects is it easy? Yes
- The manual is clear and sufficient? Yes


- Effects are they effective, suitable and adequate ralistes? Yes I t t surprised for the price!
- Which instruments do you use? : Ibanez acoustic guitar


- How long have you use it? : 1year
- What is the particular feature you like best and least?
best: all
the least: nothing
- Have you tried many other models before acqurir? : No
- How do you report qualitprix? : More than excellent
- With the exprience, you do again this choice? : Obviously

mao4free's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom A2
- Simulation clbres guitars (Gibson, Ovation, dobro, etc.).
- Micro simulation (dynamic or condenser)
- Comp / Limiter
- Eq 2 filmstrips or parmtrique
- Chorus, phaser, flanger, tremolo, auto wah, detune
- Delay, Reverb
- Rducteur background noise
- Anti larsen
- Intgrbr tuner /> - "rhythm box"

The effects are and can be ditables mmoriss

Between a jack, 1 x Stereo jack (out / headphone), a jack of expression pedals

Pdalier small format

Only small BMOL is that power is not supplied with the pdalier. Nevertheless, food can be done with 4 AA batteries


The configuration is relatively simple but not ergonomic trs
The manual is pretty clear but there are some translation errors


The effects of simulated acoustic guitars are pretty well done
The chorus DIFFERENT have a lot of scale and give a rich, warm
The delay is a bit limited but at the correct paramtres sonoritbr ct /> trs little breath (almost nonexistent)
The tuner is convenient
The reverbs are not convincing except for the trs 'room'
The compressor is anti-musical! I do not use my regret!
Some effects are not useful because few convaiquant trs (eg compressor, detune)
I do not use the anti-feedback or the BAR intgre

I use it with an electro-acoustic Yamaha APX-4A


I use it for one week Plugg on a sound or my sound card (for recording)
I love the ct compact and robust and the price
I have not really tried other models before this one
The ratio quality price is right (99 EUR Buy store Valenciennes)
Yes, I would do this choice because it fits well enough my expectations. It allows me to attack the mixer (scne) or my sound card (record) Fawn plugger warmer than the guitar directly. Too bad any time this pdalier not be sold with food. Also, I regret not being able to use the compressor is not trs musical ...

bouret's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom A2
Effects electro-acoustic guitar
- 12 Modlisations guitar
- 1 Modlisation microphones (type, distance, placement)
- A compressor / limiter
- 2 equalizer
- 1 rducteur noise
- A module modulation (chorus, flanger, rsonateur, air, detune (12 strings), phaser, auto wah, trmolo)
- A delay
- A tape echo
- 10 reverb
- 40 editable presets
- 40 figs patterns

- 1 tuner

battery power (8 hours) or optional AC

Between output and Jack 6.35

nothing is missing


Very easy to use (in the same sense as the rest of the range zoom)
Easy editing, even if the two digits its a bit "light" to display any custom settings.
The record is essential for beginners.
This manual is also clear in French trs.


The module modlisation guitar is fun, but I never jou modlises on guitars so I do not know their ism.
I have a takamine EGS430 trs and the sound is correct with the Zoom A2. This new range zoom has nothing to do with former MODELS (I have a zoom 505) and the reverb dlais trs are good and the breath is gr.
The mini bote rhythms is limited, but it can help.
No effect is my opinion, poor quality.


I never used effects for acoustic guitar before the zoom A2, but since my purchase, I never left.
The finish is exemplary.
For that price (I pay 89) is fabulous.
For me it is an excellent choice.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom A2
Multitude of effects and combinations ...
80 presets including 40 Edital / presets for acoustic guitar
. 7 effect modules with 45 effect types
. Processor 32-bit, 96kHz sample rate
. Converter 24-Bit A / D, D / A
. Bandwidth: 20Hz - 40kHz
. Integrated drum machine with 40 variations
. Chromatic tuner
. Metal box
. Powered by batteries (4xAA) or optional adapter


Configuration very easy .. no need for the effects of single + manual ...
Editing and sound effects facilitated by the presentation of the manual very well detailed.

However, a criticism: the list of effects could be presented in tabular form.


The effects are not all brilliant but it would be difficult to have a real difference between any of 80 available ...
J uses a Takamine tsf48c with the unit ... can connect the headphones.

The effects of imitation of the famous guitars like Martin or Ovation Adamas are nice ...
However, not all hyper-realistic ... we will buy the originals ....
As against some effects are just ... little effect ... but since the proposed amount is a bit normal.


I use this pedal for 1 month.

His presentation is very nice, the finish of excellent workmanship and is very robust.
The handling is simple and the main controls appropiration pretty easy.
Manual clear and precise.
The price / quality ratio is excellent.
Lots of possibility by mixing different effects / can store combinations created.
I have not tried other pedals I find it difficult to compare.

I think I will redeem this pedal.