Event Electronics TR8

TR8, Active Monitor from Event Electronics in the TR series.

All user reviews for the Event Electronics TR8

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 14 reviews )
 9 reviews64 %
 3 reviews21 %
 1 user review7 %
 1 user review7 %
Value For Money : Excellent
FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

Event Electronics TR8
The features: -on/off switch on back -Low Frequency Driver: TR8: 8" Mineral-Filled Polypropylene Cone -High Frequency Driver: TR8: 1" Ferrofluid-Cooled Natural Silk Dome -SPL Output (Per Side): TR8: >108dB -Frequency Response: TR8: 35Hz - 20kHz, ±3dB -Balanced XLR and 1/4" Inputs -Unbalanced RCA Input -Magnetically Shielded -Full Protection Circuitry -Adjustable Volume Control in the back I wish the on/off switch was on the front, so that I could turn them on more easily when I sit in front of the PC.

Price paid: $250 each


I did my research before I bought a pair of the speakers and it paid off. The sound quality is very good. Also the speakers are true reference so there's no bass boost; thus what you hear is what you get.


Very easy to use. Plug in and listen. It took me a while to setup the volume control on the speakers properly so that if the volume on my computer was turned up full blast the speakers would not kill my ears.

They are studio monitors, so handle with care. No problems or repairs ever.

They are speakers not women after all.

Originally posted on FutureProducers.com
Posted by: PROTator ( 4-, 2006)
FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

Event Electronics TR8
The features are nice, these are my first monitors and so far I have no complaints.

Price paid



Very nice for the price, only problem is when you blast them super loud they start to give in. And to do this you you must really play it extremely loud, which most of us wont do while we are producing.


Plug and play for the monitor speaker genre.

no gigs , straight home studio production.

Im very happy with the performance and the price. The watts could have been a little better though.

Originally posted on FutureProducers.com
Posted by: Unknown (January 1-, 2003)
hades le dik-sa10/29/2014

hades le dik-sa's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" good start"

Event Electronics TR8
the frequency response for a home studio at home.
good bass, although a little runny when you go down too low.
otherwise no complaints.


the curve is fairly neutral except in the very low end, drooling a little too low and forward.
good stereo image provided you do not place the speaker as a lame.
dynamics, and also (but not in the chamber to 5000 € per pair)


I use them for a year soon.
I had a pair of Rokit 6 before buying it.
I admit that the frequency response of these suits me better now.
what I like most is the frequency response and the event on the front of the enclosure (very convenient), the black point of the enclosure are the adjustment of the volume that is not super accurate, j sometimes' have a hard balanced, more the on / off button is just a dimension of adjustment of volume, so half the time I disrupts the enclosure.

the next purchase will be a controller monitoring to avoid this small for this inconvenience.
if so general I recommend these speakers are of good quality.

FlOo134's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Event Electronics TR8
These low enough, the front vent, 8 inches, XLR, Jack and Synch.

So I use mainly for the monitoring, although being my only pregnant, I also do all my listening on cd and listen to my movie, and background noise when I play computer or another ... That's why low enough present.

Integrated amp! And they are on a sound card Roland Quad capture on asus N55S.


The frequency curve is sufficiently neutral, except for the bass! Dynamics is well respected, the stereo image is not great, but I'm objective because my room is not soundproof either internally protected.

The sound is very clear on the whole spectrum. It's very nice!


I used it for 5 months now, I have tried many models in the store, it is not very objective and I also Focal Solo 6 that are simply twice as expensive.

I would say that value for money is pretty good although not necessarily great!
Maybe I would do this choice because I do not have too much experience and I am very satisfied! But within a few years, when I'm listening to a lot else I could possibly repost review!

Spooks's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Event Electronics TR8
Minitoring active studio. 35 Hz to 20 kHz
I came almost by accident when I went to see a friend in a studio (in England) who had a pair of high-end Event (ASP8) Superb!
I found mine on eBay.co.uk 225 pounds (gift)!
I record mostly rock bands / pop.
They are my clips Delta 1010s/Protools 7.4 M-Powered/Cubase4


Trs good curve for the image frequencies and Stereo for the price there is no better.
For 8 "trs are not big and yet there are really good bass (35Hz!)
I have not tried the XL version which I think we give more bass (?)

I worked with a pair of B2031A gave me a sore head each recording power!

I can say that the Event TR8 clear sound across the spectrum.


I use them for a month (6 week growth, recording, or mixes)
I tried Prodipe Pro8, TRUTH B2031A and Tannoy Reveal.
Qualitprix level, the Event TR8 are really the best.
I would do the same choice without hsitation.

Nico53's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Event Electronics TR8
Bha ... of Active Monitors ... What normal ...
4 balanced input on XLR or jack 6.35 mm.
-10 unbalanced input on RCA connector.
Power button on the back (which annoys me ... but hey, that's a detail ... especially the power LED is it before ... no coment ...)
Level knob on the back ... again ... brief ... other more famous manufacturers make the same blunders and no one says anything ...
I used to mix some demos at home, I acquired a pair recently and they rotate often enough right now ... in fact I have heard those of a friend often enough before, and I could compare them with the Fostex PM1, the tannoy, I never dared to put the ears in boxes in a Mackie or Alesis knows not their equipment in consoles or treatment, I was never convinced by these brands ... m'enfin ...
Otherwise, I often mix with a pair of NS10 ... and it is downright exhausting ... very interesting because it magnified all the defects of a mix, but otherwise it is difficult to exploit in the mix ...


I personally find very clear treble, midrange and also not using, we can work with long without a head full. for listening to a lot of music in different styles, it's very correct.
A serious very well proportioned. unlike the Fostex PM1 home that I found downright typed hi-fi with blocked on the loudness function ON ... pitiful these boxes ...
beautiful rendition of transitional ... little or no breath ... is just to connect to the real catch and do not worry ...

For it must be against ear ... must be very demanding to mix it to what we do a good job ... everything sounds right in, both good and less ... you just reach a good result to be sure it will really sound, otherwise it will sound not that great or not at all on other forums ... but after all it's about more than ear-quality speakers that ...


I drooled to listen to a pair of Genelec 8040 home ... but my wallet was right to me ... I must say I'm not disappointed, the price / quality ratio is unbeatable ... a comfortable working that hard to find on other products in this range for the price ... a very good addition to the NS10 at least for me ...
predateur 4507/20/2007

predateur 45's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Event Electronics TR8
Price and brand


What can I say except that the sound is good and clear ca zizir do I just get the sound that comes out make me a headache if I have after I pass through the focal on my dream but this one for now are more than enough in any case I would put a 9 / 10


Killing for me of course

Grebz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Event Electronics TR8
I'm new in the field of monitoring speakers and have a long hsit before buying. I took the advice of ingnieurs sound of my acquaintance who told me the benefit of these speakers. I even took the chance to buy them by mail without having the same costs. C'tait certainly risky, but given the good that had told me, even when silent risk limit.
What attracted me, apart from their sound quality intrinsque silent on their descent down the trs serious, they are a reasonable size and are capable of a dlivrer good sound power, too much so for me, but I will have the opportunity to use the fair value of another time.
These are active monitors, so no need to amp. I use in my home studio (in my room, what).
Word of warning: they are powerful enough to make your neighbors crazy if your apartment :-) This can be frustrating not being able to apprcier fair value if you have to use your tr s low volume. And believe me, no need to turn the volume off trs for a sound that dcoiffe ... In résumé they are not suitable for small pices. Below 20m, they are under-used. on the other hand, in a well insulated pice or big enough, that is happiness!


Regarding the curve frequency drives ... I know. I am an amateur with amateur ears and the only thing technical I can say is they sound great.
I use JBL stereo speakers paralllement branches on a Cambridge Audio amp of good quality, well there's no photo ... j'coute when the same thing on the couple and TR8 Cambridge / JBL, the sound is much better on the TR8.
The grave is better restitus, treble is dtachent best, mdiums are beautiful and a Manir gnrale the stro is prcise, instruments ( or other sounds) differ much more from each other, the dtails stand out, while "pte" better batteries banging, swinging guitars and synths twinkle. I use a soundcard Edirol FA-101. On it are my branches TR8.
This is not a conventional description trs, but that's what I hear with my ears myself. In short, I love.


I use these speakers since late September 2006, and the least I can say is that I used fully their prsence.
I use it for various purposes: sr good mix, but also the cost of music, movies and even play on my PC. I find it well suited for any trs.
I thought I should take some time to get used CHARACTERISTICS particulires of monitoring speakers since they are my Premire of the genre, but in fact the opposite occurs. Now I have some time for me to rhabituer sound of stereo speakers that I use, however, has always been. I finally discovering what "sound quality" means, and it's great fun, affordable price (553 euros a pair Thomann).

NoBeat's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Event Electronics TR8
Frequency response 35Hz-20KHz
Usage Mix Hip Hop / Jungle / Break Core
Soundcraft Compact 10 + sound card RME Rpm: use turntables and mix prod computer music


The bass is deep while remaining well defined, the mids / highs are clear without being aggressive. They are not tiring to the ears, may have mix all night (or day) without head like a watermelon!
The stereo image is good if you are careful placement, the vent is located on the front which is handy.
As for the frequency curve, is there a reference in this area? which speakers are telling the truth? I have a good ear? I will not go into Afirma bad, my ears are not measuring microphones and my brain is not an analysis software, all I can say is that my mixes sound good on strings, in my car, headphone, and I have never committed any major errors mix with these speakers


I use them for 5 months and I am very happy with my choice. I tried Alesis M1, M BX8 Audio, Behringer B2031A, KRK RP8, Yamaha MSP10, Mackie HR824.Parmis all these models the Event TR8 have the best value / price on it is not as good as the Yam and the Mackies, the price is not the same either, but they are not ashamed to deal with these models are worth more than double the price .
I have paid 679 euros a pair in a store in Nantes (rue de Strasbourg).
I would do without hesitation that choice, except perhaps with the TR8 XL which are the same and more powerful, but my neighbors yelling with those already there so I would wait to leave my apartment and have a house!
Mister H-Pi02/24/2005

Mister H-Pi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Event Electronics TR8
The series bass speaker identical tr8xl: 8 "Magnetically shielded mineral-filled polypropylene cone with hight temperature voice coil and damped rubber surround

the same tweeter and tr8xl tr6 SERIES: 1 "Magnetically shielded natural silk dome with ferrofluid cooled voice coil

The series rponse frquentielle identical tr8xl: 35Hz -> 20kHz + / - 3dB with ref = 500Hz.

identical to the crossover tr8xl SERIES: 4th order active filter 2.6khz, unbalanced

108 dB SPL suprieur

XLR balanced input jack or
ENTERED asymtriques rca

power button on / off on each speaker

knob of sensibilt:-20dB 0dB

Size: Large!


The curve frequency drives me seems neutral but I'm not in a fine to judge its quality.
Stereo image is good, the sound is clear and prcis across the spectrum.
I would note a slight peak to 2kHz. respects the dynamics is minimum requirement to send a signal!
Compared to its small Genelec 1029a I think we found the same in the high performance with a little less agressivit.
The bass is both deep and prcises.
I would add that these are speakers that are well worth the mixes of default (in my case)
rpartition of bad frquences lebas in the spectrum, or phasing frquence prponderante, stereo image imbalance ..


I have for 1 year and 2 months, and in fact I am aware of how lucky I am when I go to the other .. : Op, you get used to quickly ...
I have had for 750 euros including postage in Germany. At that price I voice the little competition. there must be twice to advance to level suprieur (Mackie and Dynaudio)
But I remember having made mixes rotten on NS-10 because I did not know.
Tr8 the offer restitution frquence allowing work! Just! and that's just what I wanted.
Well I think it said they lack a little low, and suddenly I tend to surmixer ... c but above that the costs of lambda pelo surcharges are low.