Focal CMS 40
Focal CMS 40

CMS 40, Active Monitor from Focal in the CMS series.

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All user reviews for the Focal CMS 40

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Average Score:4.9( 4.9/5 based on 13 reviews )
 12 reviews92 %
 1 user review8 %
Editorial review
  • 12/12/10Focal CMS 40 Review

    Focal CMS 40 Review - Focal Point

    These monitor speakers ought to be of interest to mobile home studio owners or people who have a very small room to play or mix music. Following the Focal CMS 65 and CMS 50, the CMS 40 is even smaller but not less appealing...

Users reviews

Massimino's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Focal CMS 40
The Focal foremost is one of the best brand in this field.
size monitors: In home studio is perfect
The cabinet design

Home studio. Monitoring for mixing: main use.

Connected to a UCX RME interface but I put out a D / A converter gender Mytek or Lavry to get the best (although RME enough for now).


The curve is fairly neutral but yes to get the best there must be a break-in period of minimum 20 hours

the sound is clear, very precise with a stereo pretty well respected for speakers this size picture. Pan left / right feels quite clearly and dynamics nothing wrong it is good.


I've had one month and a half. I already had behringer and Mackie speakers but they do not play in the same league ... Before upgrade my converters I wanted to be on my monitor so done.

Yes I do it again this choice depending on the size of my studio if it there's room I will take the focal cms 65 ...
Elias :)06/22/2013

Elias :)'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The ultimate in this category monitor"

Focal CMS 40
I use them in a home studio in a secondary area smaller than my main and go with a mac book pro studio.


I tried many before choosing the model. Do not look in the category of "small" monitor is a must.
However, they are a little expensive but worth the effort. The sound is clear, flawless dynamic and broadly neutral frequencies.


I use them for 6 months for the mix. I remake that choice without prob to use as I do.
A fault: The volume knob is notched and can therefore adjust the volume of a perfect speaker to speaker. (Difference in volume at the same screen on both speakers)

NinoSchkaio's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Focal fucks it"

Focal CMS 40
- They are quite mobile even if they are a bit heavy for its size (which is reassuring).
- The On / Off and volume before, this is quite handy. Damage than other brands do not do this forever.
- I put output converters RME excellent.
- There is a focal bag (sold separately) very reliable for carry around. They also have their gates to protect woofer and tweeter.


- The frequency curve is very neutral, since I've realized that I have a lot of competing brands sounded very hifi, with treble and bass very flattering, hollow midrange.
- The midrange frequencies are quite impressive.
- Curve stereo is excellent!
- Obviously there is practically no bass, mids and lows are not 100% reliable, but it is not his job.


I needed to listen in small studio that I could also lug across mobile studio. They do their job perfectly, not tiring at all I can work over a very long time!

I control my bass mix with headphones custom one pro Beyer and sometimes a pair of genelec 1038.

€ 599 purchased new I do not regret, moreover they are at 670 the pair now!

keyswitch's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very satisfied"

Focal CMS 40
I wanted monitorings reasonable size (portable and to work in a small space) but still maintain a good definition of a very wide spectrum. I used Genelec 8020 for 4 or 5 years at home and at work and I could not stand their inaccuracies in the bottom.

I use it for composition and mix, connected to a Digidesign Mbox 2 Pro. DAW: Logic / ProTools


Partfait. They "inflate" the least lower than Genelec the while having better defined (also quite impressive for speakers of this size). The mids and highs are well crafted. on the other hand, no makeup, they do not forgive and are not there to please the ear. In short, perfect for semi-pro or pro.


I use them for 3 months. Before that I had Genelec 8020 for 4 or 5 years and have worked on most models of this brand. I could compare them with Adam A5X the Yamaha MSP3 and therefore the 8020 and to my ears, at this price and in this format of monitoring, it is the best I've had the opportunity to try. Far.

What I love most: their definition and neutrality.
What I like least: the volume knob rubber.

I Refer choice without hesitation.
Le Joss11/12/2012

Le Joss's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent, highly directional"

Focal CMS 40
By need to renew my Yamaha MSP5 with which I progressed more.
Private, mixing in a home studio, DAW Samplitude ProX card E-Mu 1820.


Very satisfied, that's good. The stereo image is accurate to point me to shift one's center slightly to the left: I actually 6dB down on the right ear and I have to correct a bit to put the center ... in the middle.
Its very clear, limited to 60Hz low cut does not bother me personally, most of my tracks are already cleaned and I do not products rich in music below.


since only a weekend, they have already helped me to correct my projects.
I did my Yam. before, plus a string + KEF speakers to check the result.
Very satisfied with their neutrality.
Impressed by the accuracy of directionality.
A bit expensive to buy new (say you should get out of the € 650) Used if ever found, and it's perfect again.

ludande's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" EXACTLY what I needed ...."

Focal CMS 40
Focal I did not know, and believe me I work away from home (I'm in Switzerland .....)
I was looking for a monitor with the following specs:
1 Portable (so small)
2 if possible with the switch and volume in the front and not behind a
3 with protection grid of speakers - because I carry them
4 vent in the front - because often stuck against a wall!
5 with still the possibility to control the HF (small switch on back)
6 shielded and - please - to put beside a screen.
good listener and to work on the move anywhere.
Ben, the guy who designed the focal cms40 had the same needs as me.
so. so. -


the rest is technical - and I understand it!
bcp is really better than the E * I * 520 that are too large and not portable ....( no protection for speakers) and exceeds the reference in the field widely. (Mini F * S * E *)


the only 'negative' is the weight - but hey I doubt that you can do with this lighter quality.

mrpessoa's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good speakers"

Focal CMS 40
Basically, I wanted small speakers, but quality, to mix the correct voice. Generally, I mix mostly with headphones.

I asked several boards here on the AF, and after hesitating between Mackie and Adam, I finally bought the Focal.

After the break-in period, I realize the excellence of these speakers, and suddenly I see my practice I focus on mixerai pregnant, and I work out the details of headphones (especially for infrabass that restores not too bad my headphone, and hardly any of these speakers).

Config: card MOTU ultralite mk3 / PC with Cubase or windows7 Factory


First, I do not work in a studio, but in an office that is not dedicated to music so the audio is far from perfect. Fortunately, these speakers have various settings to address problems of amateur: speakers too close to a corner or wall for example.

Given that, the sound seems very accurate. For such small speakers, it still falls a lot in the grave, there is the infrabass not made, but these are not provided focal why: a bass should be added to all .

No complaints about the dynamics or the stereo image is quite impressive.


I use them for 2 months. These are my first monitor speakers.

Special I like least: besides the price, I do not see. You still out € 600 for the pair!

I like the most special feature: everything, I have exactly what I wanted, the speakers very well made (solid metal shell, excellent finishes), practical (settings, switch and volume in front), the sound powerful and accurate for such small speakers.

Value, will I put 9 / 10 because even if they are the best for this size is out nearly twice as much money as Adam for the same size, it hurts the piggy bank ...

With experience, yes, I make this choice. If one day I am lucky to have a real studio, I equip myself Focal greater.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Of reference speakers."

Focal CMS 40
I wanted small speakers for my new mixes, a lot of TV content / movies and some music (folk, orchestral, industrial). I first was attracted by the prestige of the brand, Focal has always been a solid player and the innovative acoustic world. Moreover, they are solid (lourdes!), well designed in terms of connectivity, easily transportable, very little prone to problems of room acoustics, and there are even accessories like adjustable pads, a carry bag (that the seller can offer you hehe), a rubber for solid insulation, brush guards and the opportunity to screw them on microphone stands. At the outset, this imposes serious. And when you look on paper, all commands respect: THD, frequency filtering, etc. ... nothing unusual to report.

I use it mainly com / mix at home on a ProTools config / Motu accompanied by a central station, a pair of Fostex PM1 and a peak-meter RTW. But now I lug around everywhere! Pros studios, auditoriums, filming, editing sound, etc ...


The frequency curve! The is the key to success! FINALLY an enclosure which does not lie, that does not hide its flaws as vile tricks maze acoustic bass reflex inflated or any kind of flattery. They are perfectly straight, it jumps to the ears, and it is confirmed with a microphone / measurement software.

-Up to 300Hz, there is no magic, the size of the woofer does not eccentricities, it has a very low cut sloping from 65 to 60Hz. But the low-medium remains of an exemplary, if not the impact and definition that are reserved for lines 50 and 65, at the frequency, it does not move and that's good. Everything is solidly defined, even though I will not have been against a broader HP 1 or 2cm.
The beach-300Hz/3kHz refers competition light years is simply amazing precision and fidelity. Bring a large pair of guitars and you'll see ... micro-details shovel ... A truth completely intolerant of his compared to mixes, and even CDs, although trade between aggressive music in there, it will sound REALLY aggressive. Anyway, it's just perfect.
-From 3kHz, there is also the premium. Where other builders are shelving the uninhibited, the Focals are not moving, it stays straight and it is packed with details. No fatigue to listen, no deceit, the treble you hear it, if you measure out keeping in mind that neutrality, it will do wonders on any other listens.

In terms of dynamics and stereo imaging, there is also the top level, a reference work like Mahler's 5th Symphony is freely expressed, ranging from a whisper to be braked without excess. Pinch ropes, hammers, flutes, squeaky chairs ... Nothing wrong, you listen to what was actually recorded, including defects. J'vous not tell the number of CDs that I rediscovered!!


I use them for 3 months now, they have replaced my ancient pair of Genelec 1029A, which if they will always occupy a place in my cab (I know them by heart), are relegated to junk ...

For comparative So! (And I will not be tender) I made these comparisons in an acoustically treated room, gathering all these models.

Adam A5/A3: speakers quite coherent and well designed, but they are not straight, the ribbon tweeter is effective yes, but too stressed. Between 1 and 3k, the Focal outweigh their spectrum more loyal.
Genelec-8020: a horror of BOOM BOOM and ksss ksss of anything great ...
Dynaudio-BM5A: then it's interesting! These speakers have a low-medium very weird, a little "fuzzy" and catch up later with an acute very well balanced. One has the impression of hearing something irregular between the two lines, as if blocking the manhandling required frequency. Moreover, not even the budget, not the same size, scat out! Comparative curious anyway.
Focal CMS-50: The border is frankly tenuous, these speakers bigger share exactly the same qualities as their little sister from 300Hz, I also applied a filter on my stereo master, the sound was absolutely identical to one speaker to another!! Still, for 300 euros more, you have a woofer that goes down below, and a gain of definition in the lower medium. That's fair! Note that if you want to add a Sub, CMS50 prefer much more homogeneous than the bottom 40 when coupled with the large box (rather nice way!)
The KRK-I can not remember the reference, I think Rokit-foo ... In the same furnace as Genelec is completely unhinged the medium, in any case reliable mixing.
-The Yamaha also ... Rather surprising, but very aggressive (as some Fostex) j'vous challenge to spend eight hours a day on it ... Again, the medium does not compare with the CMS. The power is good, but well-balanced is better.

In short, whatever the model, CMS prevail handily, following my course selection criteria, namely a frequency tolerance and impeccable set a good bass-reflex. The comparison is very harsh indeed, go on the CMS is to forget years of plays on the speakers meant to be "monitoring" but often merely an ersatz loudness filter to make full eye and eardrums. At first, it inevitably hurts, especially on sources aggressive metal / electro, sometimes you jump to saturation mouth, beatings snare peatedly harmonics are unpleasant ... But it does not lie, at any time.

In short, these speakers made me take a leap forward in the treatment of voice is awesome, the refined EQs, compressors are less coarse. For the sound to the image, it's just deadly, my new personal reference, if it sounds on it, no surprise elsewhere, it's as simple as that. For music, all depend on who is in front, many people like to work on modern music with the speakers more flattering, more "musical" in fact, maybe for them range from ADAM would be advisable. .. although CMS40 resolved with the high-shelving to +2 dB are downright nice, very natural, very small internal EQs tear their mom!

For my part, I had a bunch of speakers (Dynaudio, Genelec, Fostex, Yamaha ...) and these new small (less chèresdu lot!) Are the first to give me a satisfaction index of 100 % of pregnant women who are advancing the work, because it is good that finally a real working tool. Coupled with my Fostex (more like "fi"), I stand there a config that gives me the slightest surprise.

10/10, value for money on top. Listen, and you'll see!

Json's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" AMAZING"

Focal CMS 40
I knew the surprise cms 65, and retaining the characteristic is neutrality. This neutrality, rich in micro information, which is often natural, in the long run, the difference with some speakers glitz and ears ....

I chose this model for its size, these protections removable grilles, and diffusers for the Fixed. that homogeneity of sound.

I used to listen to the footage being shot (track, dancing, music) at the output of a Cantar, a Sonosax or computer.


The register are correct, the bass does not blur the midrange and treble fully integrated.
For 25 w, it's really amazing, perfect for small space, filled it without frustration ... 20 m2.
For neutrality, dynamics, excellent stereo image, micro information and intelligibility of the first order.


I use it for a month
I tried several models and I have owned other.
The particularity of sound quality and material.
The moins.Manque a 38cm .... but it's not a vocation.
I had never heard in 27 years of business, small boxes sounded like that! So for my use Price RQ OK + + +
I would do this choice without hesitation.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Focal CMS 40
I needed a second listening, small, portable and reliable. I've used. They fit perfectly in my home studio through the front vent and compact size.

Comes with protective grilles, rugs, adjustable feet, everything is there.


Level sound is surprising. We need to overlook all that goes below 60hz, as it is nothing. For the rest is Focal.
The low mids are clear, transparent, and accurate. No staining of the woofer, which delivers excellent dynamics. Transient dry clatter. The lack of low kicks but they slam well, but dry.
The tweeter is very nice. Never aggressive and very directional. The stereo image is really neat if we do not exclude it too.
Level spectrum is really a vamp. I exported my first mix and they sound when I carry nickel. That's good.


I'm really conquered.
I like the sound coming out of those speakers. It is ultra reliable. Despite the void below 60hz, they issue a major surprise for such small speakers. Enough to work properly.