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Focal user reviews

  • Focal C800

    Focal C800 - "Focal c 800 kit fantastic value for pro sound" has images


    Still own my Focals 20 years later. Took a year for them to settle in imho, an after that they are so perfect for me. the bass driver likes 1450 w minimum and seemed to respond a bit better to 400W until i changed preamps. all is well. Made them to …

  • Focal Trio6 Be

    Focal Trio6 Be - "Really excellent!"


    I was extremely happy with my CMS50 + CMS sub kit after my room underwent an acoustic treatment, then I had an opportunity to invest into these Trio 6. No regret! They're unbelievable, very precise even at minimal volume, with an incredible dynamic r…

  • Focal Alpha 80

    Focal Alpha 80 - "Look no further" has images


    Since April 2015 they're in my homestudio set, I've been discovering them progressively since then and I guess they certainly need an extra breaking time, still they're already really good. Great for mixing, I finally can distinctly hear my reverbs'…

  • Focal Alpha 65

    Focal Alpha 65 - "Excellent studio Monitors"


    First, these seem well made, and sounded the best to my ears during auditions when doing a/b with other monitors. I recommend testing speakers with recorded music you know WELL; preferably something that you've heard maybe over and over again on th…

  • Focal Alpha 65

    Focal Alpha 65 - "Completely satisfying near-field monitors"


    Features 9/10 This pair of monitoring speakers found their place seamlessly in my home studio's very simple setup: My Imac equipped with an Apogee Duet soundcard and Logic X and Garageband. I use them as near fields in a small room to listen to d…

  • Focal CMS 65

    Focal CMS 65 - "They do the job :)"


    I really like these CMS-65. I wanted some monitoring to creat hip hop beats and instrumentals, and they really do the job. I compose all in the box, in Logic X. SOUNDS The stereo image is very impressive, and not to much directive. You really ear …

  • Focal CMS 65

    Focal CMS 65 - "Focal CMS65"


    The focal cms65 looks plain but are far from plain monitors. I bought mine from sweetwater brand new for $1,000 each. If your going to be mixing you need serious monitors. These are the best I've found in the $2k range Before I purchased these I wa…

Translated user reviews
  • Focal Chorus 706 V

    Focal Chorus 706 V - " the true substitution of NS 10"


    Finally, the monitoring near a high-quality listening !!! they come to integrate the studio next to my Genelec 1040 and 8040 ..... unbeatable value price .. …

  • Focal XS 2.1

    Focal XS 2.1 - "A versatile multimedia PC set"


    Multimedia material with FOCAL quality (sound and finish), and with a price if not FOCAL than that, what else? Certainly, it's not a long time since I took the opportunity, but I've had the opportunity to put all the sauces, and he is doing…

  • Focal Spirit Professional

    Focal Spirit Professional - " AWESOME"


    Not long enough, a short week. Yes I own 7 headphones from SONY at SEINH, BEYER ETC .... The sound of the focal pleases me terribly, price, to my taste, is perfectly justified as to the possibilities and refunds it provides. This is the Personal head…