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Focal Alpha 65
Focal Alpha 65

Active Monitor from Focal belonging to the Alpha series

rol123 rol123

« Excellent studio Monitors »

Published on 12/12/15 at 14:43
Value For Money : Excellent
Audience: Anyone
First, these seem well made, and sounded the best to my ears during auditions when doing a/b with other monitors. I recommend testing speakers with recorded music you know WELL; preferably something that you've heard maybe over and over again on the radio or grew up with or whatever you you feel is a standard as far genre of music you like. Best to use 2-3 different variety of musical styles you know well and like to get a good feel for what the speakers will sound like.

Speakers are like gloves; you have to try them on to know they fit (listen to them for a while in the store)..better yet go to a few different stores and listen to give your ears a break before you know they are the right fit.

I have had these speakers for 6 months, and they have positively improved my mixes. They are not tiring to listen to for extended periods, and are very detailed. They are Focal's smallest speakers in the alpha line. Bass is there and 'tight', but would Not be my first choice mixing for hip-hop / electronica. This was what attracted me to these speakers..excellent bass response without any 'mud'. Mids and highs are exceptional for this price range. Best feature besides the sound quality is the auto turn-on when music is applied and turn-off if there is no music for more than 30 minutes.

These speakers are more expensive that the competition, but worth every penny. Don't skimp on tools of the trade you will use every day.
Best of luck !