Focal Alpha 65
Focal Alpha 65

Alpha 65, Active Monitor from Focal in the Alpha series.

fanzic 11/30/2014

Focal Alpha 65 : fanzic's user review

« Completely satisfying near-field monitors »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
Features 9/10
This pair of monitoring speakers found their place seamlessly in my home studio's very simple setup: My Imac equipped with an Apogee Duet soundcard and Logic X and Garageband.

I use them as near fields in a small room to listen to different music styles: Pop, rock, funk, blues, reggae, lots of jazz, and some classical music.

I use them regularly every day, but not intensively.

Despite the constraints of placing them back-to-back with the wall, which wouldn't be approved by a purist, I was looking for gear that wasn't too influenced by such constraints, I think this speakers are very well adapted to my context because they do their job perfectly, even at high listening volumes.

Sound 9/10
I think the reproduction is neutral and the sound excellent at low levels, but they can also handle high levels without a sweat, although, personally, I prefer "decent" levels for my daily use.

I really love the sound of these "Alpha 65" speakers, I thinks it's reliable and pleasant enough to my ears, the stereo image is respected.

I'm a music lover but consider myself an amateur, that's why I said I use them regularly, not intensively. I think the sound of these speakers is very good, even excellent considering their price and performance.

Overall opinion 9/10
I was seduced by the Focal CMS with their more silky side, a very nice smoothness... But my wallet preferred the "Alpha" range, which is more affordable. The investment isn't justified for my use.

I also compared them to the Yamaha HS-8, which are rather convincing, but the sound of the Focals pleased me more... That may have prompted me to consider choosing the Alpha 65 model rather than the 50. The latter are compact and precise but seem a bit weaker, the lows seem to be handled better by the 65s, they seem to "breathe" more.

As for the 80s, which I tested next, you really need to crank them up and pump up the lows to notice any difference.

In short, I think the Focal Alpha 65s are more homogeneous and better suited for my personal use.. I strongly recommend you to listen to these Alpha 65 before making a choice, nothing will replace your own ears to make up your own opinion...

After several weeks of use, I am currently really satisfied and happy with them!