Focal Alpha 65
Focal Alpha 65

Alpha 65, Active Monitor from Focal in the Alpha series.

nofuturenocore 07/29/2014

Focal Alpha 65 : nofuturenocore's user review

« Congratulations and thanks for Focal price / quality ratio. »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Above all I want to say that I just unpack pregnant after completely redo all my home studio A to Z, there are currently no furniture in the room is square outside the office so acoustics room is not great at the moment.

What characteristics have motivated your choice?

- The frequency range announced
- The brand
- The price
- Design

For what purpose?

- Sound design analog (modular synth etc.).
- Mix / Mastering digital
- Recreational Listen

What amp / What configuration? ...

- Used with a MOTU Microbook II card (do not buy ...)
- TRS-XLR Cables Cordial
- DAW (Ableton Live)


The frequency curve is sufficiently neutral?

- Compared to my KRK Rokit RP6 G2, there is no photo, much more neutral-it seems to me (I did not have A / B because I sold the KRK before you purchase them but I do not think it's just a feeling, the sound is very clear, less aggressive in the treble, less drafts in the lower)

The stereo image is good?

- Having a currently empty acoustically untreated room I know I commented on this, but everything seems correct.

The sound is clear and precise on the spectrum?

- Highly accurate, the Sub are much sharper than my KRK (which had too many sub to my taste, not in the good sense) but much weaker, less bumps in the bass, mid-bass.

The dynamics are respected? ...

It looks ok at this level.


How long have you use it?

- It's two weeks they are in another room without being lit because of complete renovation of the room in which I stayed and practice.
They are connected for 2 hours, have suffered one hour pink noise and 1 hour of music Bass / Transient oriented.

What is the particular feature you like best and least?

I was surprised by the color I thought they were gray and black they are made. The design is very simple and goes wonderfully with the new home studio (all white / black / gray). I love the design, very clean, much less "toy" that KRK for my taste.

I have not yet found any defects, the high / low shelve are currently set to 0 dB until the room are finished and assembled furniture.
This feature seems to be very interesting for home-studio owner who does not have a part with a ratio of 1.618 or room acoustically treated by a professional. More professional may find it useful to be able to fit these settings according to his hearing and his way of working.
So a very good point to make settings directly on each speaker based on the placement of each in relation to the walls / corners.

Have you tried many other models before buying it?

I have used many models of speakers not "prosumer" before my KRK and KRK was my first studio monitor said that I enjoyed very much for Traktor Mix in a little less for the Mix / Master of my productions but they were still very enjoyable to listen to as well what the hunchback in the low / medium-low and some problems in the high frequencies too aggressive to my taste.
So these are my second pair of monitor prosumer and I am very happy for the moment it will still have forty minutes to reach stabilized transducer and the cruising level of these monitors.

How would you rate the quality / price? With experience, you do again this choice? ...

Good value for money, in my opinion go for the highest in quality is useless in a non-adapted room (length width ratio, acoustic treatment, isolation from outside noise) so I highly recommend this product for people looking for a quality product their home studio in a profesional studio I think these speakers can make happy all the people who do not have the utility spent 5000 -. for a pair of higher-end monitor.

I remake that choice without hesitate, did not have monitors for 15 days after selling my KRK (delivery of the first batch in Switzerland) + 15 days of renovation that followed has bothered me because I am a addicted to music but I do not regret this choice in any case.

The final word:

I had never tested professional equipment at Focal and I am very happy with this brand, whether the main characteristics (sound ....) or any design is really ends. Having had the opportunity to test one of their headphone class consumer (Focal Spirit One) I was not convinced, too high frequencies for my taste although quite light for a headphone of this price, but that the level is clearly different.

Congratulations and Thanks for Focal managed to reconcile an affordable price and very good quality of reproduction.