Genelec 8040A
Genelec 8040A

8040A, Active Monitor from Genelec in the 8000 series.

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The trapper DJ/Producer07/29/2013

The trapper DJ/Producer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Monstreuse Orient electronic music"

Genelec 8040A
There have any thing to know before buying ....
Already how to choose monitor actually from what I've heard pros in my field Genelec is clearly perfect for the production of electronic music (although many producers do not make electronic music but use it I was talking to know what to expect) namely in Hardcore / Gabber almost all the biggest names in the scene occur under Genelec because it's actually perfect for pregnant aggressive style of music
so I just turned on a sound card Roland Duo-Capture EX 24Bit 192KHZ but I turn 48.000HZ 24Bit (48.000HZ) standard if I'm not mistaken ...
especially the use of mix-down sometimes but mastering complicated for me so I can not judge mastering

I put 9/10 because his trusty map folds are


The curve is very different from a conventional speaker after speaker at many test store I noticed that one had a hollow in the spectrum and especially a very narrow definition of his sound as if locked myself in enclosure and even Genelec had a perfect definition (an enclosure is not limited to frequency curve) but for me the curve can put a Bass frequency before and medium around 200-300HZ
it does not stop to hear my High-Cut placing 15,000-20.000Hz

While the stereo image with separate 2m20 difference frankly I feel in the panorama I hear perfectly (as if I'm in) I know hear directly if the sound is centered or not, and if it is large or not
is exceptional speakers on the stereo!
also found that the reverb time set up on Genelec ;)

ps: there have integrated the filter chamber so think carefully to their operations and to whom should be put forward based on your style of music! otherwise you can not be going to love this frequency


I have 8-9 months since I lapped careful because it is very expensive for 4 weeks then I did not go beyond the fourth quarter of the volume knob on my sound card

I have actually seen their usefulness on the mixing frequency and in its surrounding panorama attention too are here to help us make a clean and proper mixing with consequent stereo

Another specialty its really sound dispersion I feel it is just designed for home studio with no soundproofing & acoustic panel, sound comes out of the speaker not reflected on the wall. even strictly speaking it is an impression
but has its uses: P (imagine with a real studio: P)

they are not especially suited to music listening even though I must admit that the sound Genelec spring on any facility that will be the stereo of my brother. or my amp with speaker Marrantz Kiev! Briefly, Genelec is happening everywhere but I especially recommend for electronic music: Dubstep, Drum & Bass, House, Electro, Progressive, Hardcore, Hardstyle & Co. .. ps: epic music not go wrong I find it: P

short, I tried KRK, Adams, Yamaha, I've even heard that corresponded focal not my style of music ... Genelec and frankly at the top in terms of electronic music!

Value / price expensive at first sight! but many things justifies their price is not low-end is also pregnant I really recommend it if you plan to do serious work with this one you will have a clean job well clear space and lower denaturation sound you hear ;) that you need it more??
I advise pregnant Genelec brand that is minimum from the 8030 model because it is really limited!
Top, perfect! at least for me and my music Hardcore / gabber

spineg's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Genelec 8040A
reputatio standard of the brand,


everything is just okay


Focal adam, krk yamaha
its look sucks
bad value for money

spineg's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" blah"

Genelec 8040A
reputation, but with a appriori anyway on the flattering side to acute and low extremes
to mix


everything is just OK


Adam, Focal, KRK, Yamaha
1 month ago
least c is its look
bad value for money

cousoupa's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" stop!"

Genelec 8040A
Are tired of the omnipresence of this trademark. Know that these are good speakers but never give the result of listening on a studio system normal. We are always disappointed.


Perfect for pleasure in listening to his favorite artists


4 months, already sold.

Maxsurfing's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Genelec very good"

Genelec 8040A
I'm really happy with my choice and I tried from time Dynaudio seemed to me even more reliable. I know from the engineers, they were not very good press, unlike 1030, former model greatly appreciated.


A little blur in the source signal in fact, is often what disturbs people.


3 years. I like the fact that they replace me the couple Mackie, NS 10.

bioXyd's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Power & roundness"

Genelec 8040A
Selected for listening / monitoring in a home studio.


Good, The Genelec is a bit flattering (especially in the low, perfectly round) and will be less straight than Yamaha, but what a sound! Even if I find the treble a little less accurate than the legendary 1030A, the warmth and roundness of the bass is superb, especially compared to the congestion.
The side finishing cast is convenient because less fragile than 1030A.


I use since 2005 and before making my choice, I listened a lot ... (For the record, in fact, they were not at all in my budget: I had so readily dismissed ... But when listening, the seller got the wrong switch and my piece of test came out on the Genelec .... not then after hearing them, falling in the lower price range ... I got a credit, but I am left with my Genelec).

If I were doing? I do it again! (I even bought from the 6010A, for mobile use)

Wz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" good hardware throughout"

Genelec 8040A
These speakers are both aesthetic than acoustic but ... they are flattering to the low level and it tends to erase mistakes or round sound.


Curve is not as neutral as his.
the bass is more prominent may make some mistake in the mix and the medium are not enough "GPs" example: I made a mix that first Ring in genelec and mediums in the car I had lost.


In the end I bought the NS10 to place sounds in my mix and a pair of multimedia speaker to check if everything is correct.
The genelec I keep to peter and order to show the mix.
when it sounds good on the other on it its sounds even better here is my opinion.
j'espre his help other

muzikal's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Genelec 8040A
Features: colleagues see AF
Use sound recording and mixing. In addition to a pair of NS 10.

The old config: HD24, soundcraft studio 24/8/2.


Undoubtedly, these speakers play the card of neutrality.

Finally my reverbs are in place!

I have gained because of their remarkable medium, allowing me to go - finally, my NS10. For vocals, guitars, snare drums, pianos, it is a treat .. The treble is very fine in its place, without any aggressiveness. The most surprising given the size of that stuff, it's serious, impressive. The more specific and in its place, but there is the matter, ca avoid overdose and ending up on other systems with a serious snoring. However, a trend in the lower medium slightly over-represented, which can be corrected by the placement of switch and equations.

Dynamic excellent for setting the hair any dynamics processor.

The stereo image is really good, I think with a low directivity of HP assistive listening.

It is said that these speakers flatter listening. I would say they analyze and specify listening. They are very pleasant for the musician and make you want to go very far in the work of its engineers for. They remain, however, in my opinion, objective, and make me clear my productions do not sound like even by Radiohead and tell me much room for improvement ...

However, in terms of power, 90w announced when slowed down, for example, can the spectrum is very heavy in the bass (the limiter comes into action so quickly). I see an advantage by forcing myself to work even reasonably low volume, to preserve my capital canal.

And what is most important is that finally, I found the other audio system (car radio, enceientes multimedia, stereo, headphones, mono hp) that I mixed on Genelec. It is a joy.


I use them for 1 month. This notice is intended over time to complete.

I had before the KRK (colored), PM2 (not suitable for making sound, good music indust.). I also listened to:

- The M5: really pregnant, feelings of neutrality, good alternative, but serious set back, medium, and not as accurate as the 8040. For the price, probably the best choice.
- WB 6: confused in the low, medium not accurate. Worse than BM5
- HS80 yam: not bad, but serious cardboard medium and high can sometimes bordering on arrogance.
- MSP7: HS better than 80 too low but serious medium.
- M-Audio: one passes
- KRK V6 and V8: not bad but a medium to high farts, dug in the central medium (about 1kh)
- Adam, any model, medium well, but not convincing.

The value for money is average, it's still really expensive 1400 euros a pair. But if in use, these speakers make me gain greatly in quality and time, then the ratio QP will be very good. To see in the future.

Edit of 28 May 2008: the finding of a caractéritique very useful. The balance is exactly the same low or high volume. Clearly, this means you can work at low volume levels without crashing. Very valuable for the neighbors and ears. Confirmations of the balance of these speakers. Found on other audio systems what is meant in the GENELEC. No more hassle of constant comparative listening. Bliss. Finally, they have nothing flattering and you begin to figure the difference between a good and a bad mix, between good and poor production.

Edit of 26 January 2009: Transportable bag with his dedicated, very sensitive to the acoustic environment, these speakers are made ​​to be nomads. Convenient for mobile studios.
Noise level, the medium is always a treat and competes with 3-way systems, where monitoring over two channels have the excavated mediums and indistinct. The bass are incredible for the volume (how Genelec did?) Present course, but very precise. As for the treble, it is so soft it looks like a ribbon, while maintaining accuracy to work effectively this spectrum.

Kopeck's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Genelec 8040A

The architecture of these specially aesthetic not pregnant at first turns very effective use.
The patent system Bass reflex time by Genelec provides precision and sensitivity in the extraordinary gravity to the size of these speakers.
The tweeter waveguide and the rounded shapes of the enclosure (all calculation micronmetre!) Prcisent the stereo image and the return of treble.
Amplification is worthy of Genelec, A reference in the MATIRE, it's clean and dynamic.


WaaOuuuh !!!

Compar other speakers in this format (Boomer 6 ''), this is probably the only offer such RESPONSE in frquence, linear 45 20000 Hz.
With a lightweight coloration in the medium that tends to strengthen the presence (on vocals in particular); gave a small cot "believe."
So take the mix of relief, excellent transient rstitution and precision of the waveguide are I think for many. At higher volumes, the most comparable o pregnant begin to saturate and compress the 8040 continue to meet the transient and the depth of the mix.
But it is perhaps in the low that these gems are the most surprising. After a few simple rglages that are needed depending on the local and listening to the speaker position, is easily obtained a remarkable compromise between performance and precision in the low, even in a pi First inadapt this view.


YiiiiiiHaaa !!!!!

After a month of use, I'm not ready for me ... except against Sparer of 8050! when I have a few meters and ppettes surface carrs more!
That's what I've heard in this range of speakers that offer more realism to the mix, both stereo image plane as the return of frequencies, they compete m me without complex with larger and more powerful speakers such as precision tannoy 8 for example with which I could compare. This is especially the "boilerplate" very easy transport (compact / grilles), place thanks Iso-Pod and rgler.
Finally for the price (in 1200 the pair looking good) it is a pure matter if you CONSIDERED manufacturing quality, the irreproachable finish but also the amount of inovations brought by these monitors.
I think they are even ahead of the competition but it's just my opinion!

(I accuracy of all I pay the tax in 1212 pregnant in late 2006 ...)

oursvince's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Genelec 8040A
Purchased for mixing and mastering, after reading reviews in the forums af. I wanted to get my speakers to ensure fidelity of the other media and listening comfort. Reassured by the reputation of these speakers, it would seem they are the best of the Genelec 8000 series.


In short: they are neutral and pleasant to use.

-Frequency curve: very well restored
Stereo-image: good
-Clear sound, treble very pleasant, these bass just the right thing.

I work in a room of 8 m² is ideal for this kind of format but they are not very powerful, I think that it will be above 20m2 just in my opinion it will buy or the subwoofer in 8050 this case.


Used for two days
Most: their appearance: it's solid, it is reassuring to term, the shape is unique, they are very pretty, sequined (yes!) Is original and cool ...
It is very pleasant to use. I worked 8 hours on it yesterday and my ears are not very tired is a big + unexpected ... I worked on KRK RP6 before that seemed fairly accurate but the difference in usability between the two is enormous.
The -: nothing yet ... the price? though ...
value for money: they are expensive! A minimum wage for both is a bit too: 1000-1100 euros for the two seemed more Raisson at the same time you pay a certain quality and reliability ...
I would do it again because this choice after studying the issue and tried many other models, Genelec 8040 A seem to be the minimum investment if you want to do something serious home studio, the 8030 seem a little small ... Without action in Génélec, I suggest for those mixing and mastered in small pieces (- 20m ²), because even if they have a reasonable size, over 20m ² will be a fair bit in terms of power, it be better to see the side of 8050 and then invest in the subwoofer.