VXT8, Active Monitor from KRK in the VXT series.

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All user reviews for the KRK VXT8

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 5 reviews )
 5 reviews100 %
Audience: Anyone
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Anonymous 's review"Exactly what I was looking for"

I'm using these speakers in my Home Studio, where I produce electronic music. What I was looking for were monitors I could produce basses with. I used to make them with headphones because my old speakers were not precise enough below 100 Hz...
Well those monitors correspond exactly to what I want : neutral response, good basses, etc. No need to detail more, they are perfect ! I mean, they must have little defects, but at the moment I haven't found any. Oh actually there is one : I hate that yellow color. :bravo:

cousoupa's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" super!"

quite agree with the opinion Spineg absolutely flateuses in the treble and it is not a bad thing. Quite realistic in the short bottom great speaker for needy studio has not let the ears of beginners or train massacre.


everything is in good order


Adam, Focal yamaha
J adore his side you're going to shit but after ca you'll regale! She should listen to much more expensive!

spineg's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not to bad!"

Neutral speakers, a thousand instead of embellishing the sound, especially the treble. Use of professional studio recordings without drums set.

for pop and electro.


Image stereo sound, good dynamics, the sound is clear.
If its your decision or your level of "mixer" is then limited .... no gifts! you will not make a sound. However, if you have the experience then it will be good!
J have enormously working on Genelec 1032A or Genelec genelec HT208.
Too flattering! If you make a listening with Focal example, undoubtedly the focal sound more flateuses because most stereo treble and upper medium more with this style of test monitors the car never goes! should always readjust their mixes.

The krk A couple are mandatory with 10 or HS 50 ns.


For 6 months

J've worked on bcp model indeed

I prefer home when j is listening to my mixes on other systems is that:
it sounds to hell!
I don 't use it exclusively for sound and electro pop.

For speakers of proximity are not expensive.

azertyvince's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

The 8-inch speakers have motivated my purchase,
because I want to combine all the "Ergo" (control button and equalizers).
I'm not sure that's possible to do this and control measures if one has an additional sub.
So suddenly, I preferred to have good bass directly to the speaker pair, hence the choice of 8 inches.

What motivated my choice, therefore, the controller "ergo" that can be associated with but not least: the neutrality at all.


The curve seems neutral.
I do not feel that emerge frequency more than necessary,
at the same time I have not a spectroscope in place of ears,
I started in the world of monitoring.

Question detail of her, the day and night with my old stereo that I found already and accurate with good sound.
Here, the sound is 10 times more open, all the details, the depth of its analysis, it is beautiful, without being flattering in frequency range.

For example, I sometimes hear unusual sounds on some well known pieces and I realize that this is the original pieces is like that.
I can hear a guitar string that borders on a piece of Guns and Roses, something I was not paying attention at all with my old config.

My old Aiwa stereo I do not put in the bin provided (it will complement) bcp seems more compressed in terms of sound.


I use them for a few minutes is really the first test.

Most: his

The least: means a very slight background noise when I move the mouse from my PC,
but it does not bother me, it's very lightweight.

tinhu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

-Some caractristiques;

Tweeter: 1 "silk
Woofer: 8 "Kevlar
Contrl: Gain of (6-30dB) / Limiter / -3 dB @ 40 Hz, 48 Hz, 62 Hz / HF +1 dB, 0, -1 dB
Amplification: 60 Watt HF / LF 120 Watts
Pressure level: 111 dB SPL
Bandwidth: 37 Hz 22 kHz (1.5 dB)
Weight: 16 Kg

I wanted a pair of active monitors of good quality price ratio APRS be pass by prodipe PRO8 + box (good quality price anyway), as neutral as possible and allowing me to switch a subwoofer.
Use in a home studio with TC Electronic Konnekt 48 LATEST replaced by a very apogee together.
My pice is small (- 20 m2) but I like having a reserve of power for low volume utilistion


-Rglages once did (and running essential by me, by growth from 12:00, rest 12, rest, rises rgime, 100h at all ...), these monitors are forget! Everything is pleasant in there! Of serious AIGS, the spectrum is audible and the respect and mixing work easier!
Clarity, very good stereo image, the reserve of dynamic is nickel, a pleasure (it is true that I had in prodipe so necessarly ...) J 'I redcouvert my songs and my cd!

Not tiring in heavy use!

I am not the maximum score because it is obvious that if you go up the range, VXT8 not follow more ...


I use them for 1 year now.

-What I like most: ds igniting the Reception of a signal and sprinkler APRS also 30 minutes of silence
a mouth of hell, with its beautiful rounded curves, its yellow Kevlar woofer and printing srieux

-I used it for prcdement prodipe so silent when the difference even radical!

1200-pay the pair a year ago, is not given but the true! The monitors are one of the pieces matress home studio! The investment of a pair that holds up is essential!

I would do without hesitating that choice even if I currently eyeing on bm15A Dynaudio (another band, another price) and then reselling the VXT8 (see ...)