RP8 G2, Active Monitor from KRK in the Rokit Powered G2 series.

Darj 09/05/2013

KRK RP8 G2 : Darj's user review

" Very good for its price"

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Value For Money : Excellent
-What characteristics have motivated your choice?

Mainly for its frequency curve, which allows low down as I appreciate it, but also for its event before. Given the configuration of my room, it was the best choice.

-For what purpose?
In my home studio, dub / dubstep oriented, I had the answer below 50 Hz


-The frequency curve is sufficiently neutral?

They are generous on the bass, a little too much to be honest but you get used to quickly and mixing is not a problem once the ear is accustomed.

-The stereo image is good?
Yes, it was a good surprise.

-The dynamics are respected?

-The sound is clear and precise on the spectrum?
As mentioned above, it is generous in serious but the mids and highs are still of good quality. We easily discern all the instruments, some of the style of music.


-How long have you use it?
4 Months, with at least 2 hours per day of use.

-What is the particular feature you like best and least?
The +: before the event, the generous curve of frequencies, the stereo image.
The -: bass a little too present.

-Have you tried many other models before buying it?
I tried the Yamaha 80HSm and Mackie MR8, but events did not go back to my room.

-How would you rate the quality / price? With experience, you do again this choice?

Rather good value q / p, it was worth the money even if it is not perfect.
With the same budget I will have this choice, but with a little more money, I would choose something else.