RP8 G2, Active Monitor from KRK in the Rokit Powered G2 series.

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All user reviews for the KRK RP8 G2

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 10 reviews )
 4 reviews40 %
 6 reviews60 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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sw80's review"They have a big sound and nice and tight bass"

The KRK Rokit Powered 8 G2 are studio monitors that are powered and made to give a high performance sound all in an affordable speaker for the home musician. I have used these many of times and have never had a bad mix out of them. They have dual power amps in each speaker and a very accurate response curve so it is easy to hear everything that is going on in my mixes. I did have to move them around a lot before I was comfortable with the sound or before I found the “sweet spot” in my studio.


There is no set up process involved with these speakers and they are ready to go right away. You can even have them beside your screen or monitor without worrying about the magnets messing up your screen. When I turn these speakers up all the way it still sounds very clean and clear. The bass response is amazing and is probably the sole reason why many people choose to go with the G2 monitors. I have used many other KRK monitors before and all of them are pretty much the same to me except when you start to spend a little more money on them they start sounding a little more crisp in the mid section.


I have mixed some of my best work in the KRK Rokit Powered 8 G2, and I am able to really understand how to get things to have their own place in the mix and still stand out. After using the KRK G2’s I am not able to go to another pair of cheaper monitors to mix because the difference is huge. I love the low end, it is nice and tight but still booms and sounds huge. The mids are clean and the highs are crisp and bright. This speaker is only 249.00 each, for that price there is no reason why anyone shouldn’t have these in their home.

MGR/Billy's review"KRK Powered 8 Generation 2"

KRK is a killer sounding monitor that will get you in the ballpark for a decent pair of reference monitors without spending a ton of money.

I needed something to mix some semi pro demos on and knew my headphones or Logitech computer speakers weren't going to cut it. I went to Guitar Center and demo'd these against a few sets of M-Audio and Studiophile monitors. The KRKs were the most expensive, but hands down were the best sounding. I paid $249 a speaker meaning $500 total for the pair.

They are out of the box ready to go. Just plug them in and start using them. No weird software or USB cables. I don't have proper stands for them, but I set them on separate tables with foam padding under each speaker and it seems to do the trick.

I did have to return these once as I blew one speaker out. I am not sure if it was a manufacturer's defect or my own error, but Guitar Center has a generous 30 day no questions asked return policy. Upon buying my second pair I opted for the Pro Coverage which extends my warranty to a few years.

The main driver is KRK's own yellow colored 8' driver. It is biamped with the high frequency driver and puts out 140 watts of sound. They can get very loud. I would not recommend mixing loud if you plan on spending long periods of time mixing.

There isn't much out there for the price that can compete with the KRKs, it's either cheap junk or high end stuff. Overall I think my KRKs rock even with having to return them once.

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yoTrakkz's review"KrK's Rock"

When my Alesis M1 Active mk2s started getting a little scratchy, it seemed a great time to replace them. I had been having lots of issues with my mix's coming out way shy on bass, and other problems. I decided to go with Mackies or KRKs. I listened to every studio monitor they had at guitar center, and I really didn't like the sound of the KRK's that well, but the Sales Guy assured me I would love them and promised I return them back if I wanted.


Well, My mix's are coming out much much better. These speakers don't sound amazing to me, (obviously because they are not hyped) but they sound just fine for listening and are quite loud with plenty of bass. Obviously they are designed to translate well not to make you think they sound good. Isn't this the real reason for buying monitors?

I am also glad I got these because the front firing bass port really makes a difference, especially if your room isn't specially treated (If it is then your retarded to be considering these and not the VXT's because you obviously have money to blow because you probably do this professionally). I love these monitors. I will never mix with anything smaller than an 8" speaker.


I am also glad I got these because the front firing bass port really makes a difference, especially if your room isn't specially treated (If it is then your retarded to be considering these and not the VXT's because you obviously have money to blow because you probably do this professionally). I love these monitors. I will never mix with anything smaller than an 8" speaker.

moosers's review

The KRK Rokit 8 G2's are a set of smaller studio monitors, best suited for home studio use. I only recently had the chance to check out these monitors but have been hearing good things about them for a while. I've used some other KRK monitors before and was definitely impressed with the sound considering the price. The Rokit 8 G2's are nearfield monitors that each have an 8" woofer and 1" tweeter, and connections in XLR, 1/4" TRS, and RCA forms. It's definitely nice to have all of them available to you as this isn't a given for all speakers. These are active monitors, so no need for a power amp here.


I was pretty much instantly impressed with the sound of the KRK Rokit 8 G2's. While I've certainly heard a lot of pairs of better sounding studio monitors, considering the size and price of these, it's definitely pretty impressive. They're fine for uses of all types in home studios, but not professional mixing. They're fine for mixing at home but if you're a pro, they're not going to be adequate. They have a pretty good bass response for their size, but still do leave something to be desired down low when compared to larger monitors, which of course is to be expected...


The KRK Rokit 8 G2's definitely should be on the list of studio monitors to check out for all of you out there looking to put together a home studio. Of course it all depends on what you're budget might be, but if you're looking to go on the cheap without sacrificing quality too much, these are going to be a great choice. For me I've got a pair of Adam A7's at home, which are about double the price of these but worth it in my opinion. For those who can't spend that much and jump into the next tier of studio monitors, the KRK Rokit 8 G2's will most likely suffice and are some of the best in their price range.

Darj's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good for its price"

-What characteristics have motivated your choice?

Mainly for its frequency curve, which allows low down as I appreciate it, but also for its event before. Given the configuration of my room, it was the best choice.

-For what purpose?
In my home studio, dub / dubstep oriented, I had the answer below 50 Hz


-The frequency curve is sufficiently neutral?

They are generous on the bass, a little too much to be honest but you get used to quickly and mixing is not a problem once the ear is accustomed.

-The stereo image is good?
Yes, it was a good surprise.

-The dynamics are respected?

-The sound is clear and precise on the spectrum?
As mentioned above, it is generous in serious but the mids and highs are still of good quality. We easily discern all the instruments, some of the style of music.


-How long have you use it?
4 Months, with at least 2 hours per day of use.

-What is the particular feature you like best and least?
The +: before the event, the generous curve of frequencies, the stereo image.
The -: bass a little too present.

-Have you tried many other models before buying it?
I tried the Yamaha 80HSm and Mackie MR8, but events did not go back to my room.

-How would you rate the quality / price? With experience, you do again this choice?

Rather good value q / p, it was worth the money even if it is not perfect.
With the same budget I will have this choice, but with a little more money, I would choose something else.

niafron's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not disappointed."

Bought it over two years ago in my favorite music store (Redline Neuchatel) I chose this article because I need two pre-amplified speaker capable of reproducing sound quality and bass that " tappent "really. Disappointed by the model of another brand lowest range I needed to turn up the volume too high to really feel what would become bad for my hearing.

I use to mix and listen mainly Dubstep, Reggae and Dub on vinyl. But also to listen to cds Rap, Goa, UK garage, mix ... watch videos from my computer.

The configuration used: mix table Ecler nuo 2 connected by two XLR to these two speakers (4 feet away), the sound from two turntables (Reloop MK6). Sometimes the sound comes from the computer with a jack output from the computer and connected to the mixer. But before you buy this mixer used (emergency) I had a midi controller with one of the jacks kidding now. Of course they restore what they are given, that is to say, with a good sound source is of course better.


The sound is in my opinion very good. People who listened were impressed by the quality of the reproduced sound as well as balance.

I once had two Fostex PM-0.4 are not in the same range, but not low enough for my tappaient use.

Regarding the frequency response, dynamics, stereo image but I do not know the sound is precise enough for my use. Make low especially well, no need to sub for me (8! ").


This will be two years that I use.

Before I owned a model Fostex 4 "rather than buying a sub I preferred to invest in these fora. I also tried a model of focal store, the sound was better, but of course the woofer smaller diameter and I had no money.
The feature I like most is its particularity to make powerful bass sound with balanced and accurate, which allows me to do without subwoofer (watch your neighbors anyway, mine do they leave very nice side there).

The feature that I like least is that they recreate the noise, because I do not have a good electrical installation they restore a slight noise unlike Fostex lowest range that I used instead but however I was told that it was a peculiarity of the speakers of good quality.

With experience and yes they they leave me for a reason that is foreign to them (lightning, crash etc) I will redeem them.

Ethernal's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Although for the price"

What motivated my choice is
1) have been trying for nearly 4 hours 8 pairs of speakers from 150 to 1500 € in stores in a room devoted to acoustics correct.
2) Unable to investing around 400 €, said the choice was between 6 KRK (340 € the pair promo), 8 (405 € the pair in promotion), and M-Audio BX8a (325 € pair).

The Yamaha sound really sharp, at least for composing electronic music they lack a little low for my taste. And I was looking for speakers that sound reasonably well in the bass without overloading. 6 The KRK me therefore appeared a bit closed in the lower spectrum (to the 50-60Hz), so I chose the 8.

Small feature of my acoustics, I have no other choice but to put at least 20cm from a wall. So the bass is a little exaggerated and puff some of the low mids (I think). I remove one decibel between 0 and 60Hz equalizer, just under 60 to 120Hz + and I find it clean. If I had the place, I will put them at 1m from the wall by reducing my EQ settings.

Even at high volumes, it holds out for a piece of 20-30m ². Attention to the acoustics of the room, they sound really just when spaced at 2m and at a certain distance from the walls.

If you find around 400 € the pair (rare), go try them. They convinced me.


Enough said.



mainger01's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

transcript of his "neutral" even if no monitor at this price can not be truly neutral. I originally wanted the yamaha HS80, same price and more beautiful for my taste ... Luckily I went to the store to try ("keyboard space", well known shop in Bordeaux, highly commercial and fun). I take from this experience that I will not buy a monitor before listening, the forums are not yet sufficient to replace the personal test, listening to his own style of music. It became clear that krk 8 g2 are doing for me (search for Low + sub particular for the production of dubstep and dnb) frontal air outlet, according to my dealer, makes a difference (unlike the output of air behind the yamaha for yam it is recommended to work at 1.50 m from the wall and I think that's why ..)
voila monitors are less beautiful, I rétissant, but listening was the difference. We buy it after all and not design!


all of these criteria is to be confirmed with the experience of production work on these monitors. but the views of testing everything seems very correct!
a small improvement of the bass, so maybe it depends on the use you make of it


they are not yet unpacked, had no time ... I know it's unfortunate, then I'll post again with a little bottle on those monitors ...

money is clearly unbeatable on the market today. no 1000 references, if you want more you type in the Adam to 700 euros each, so no panic!


leonilt's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

I had just 8 "to reproduce good bass without using a subwoofer. KRK And in that I found the best value for money.
Comprehensive connectivity, they have the XLR, Jack, and even the RCA.
I use them only for the mixing (vinyl).


Light "beautification" of the bass.
Good dynamic tweeters give precise treble.
Attention, a little noise is heard when powering up. Strange but perfectly normal according to the statements of other buyers.
Power level, it moves! And I can tell you that I am far from having tested everything they had in the belly:)


I use them for 6 months and have been seduced from the first days.
I had the opportunity to listen to M-Audio BX8 Deluxe, whose membrane seemed fast, too fast, move relative to KRK. Power level and fidelity at high volumes, the KRK were much better.
Other comparative listening, came from the Yamaha HS80. Restitution also good, but the KRK corresponded better to my style of music (electro, techno ,...). It must be said that the KRK coat well as I like the bass. Yamaha bcp that were more "flat"

Excellent value for money, on sale to 499 € in Belgium)

Basmati's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

The report quality price trs lev.


Trs homogne curve frequency drives with much lower round. Say anything about the rest of the spectrum, nickel!
Stereo image is simply stunning.


I've been 2 weeks and it's up! parcontre careful positioning they need to see the performance space and power they have. I had the opportunity to listen a lot of studio monitors (Mackie HR624, JBL, Yamaha and others) sincerely and with respect to the price diffrence I say bravo. speakers that many places in one pice possdant good acoustics make me happy.