Mackie MR8
Mackie MR8

MR8, Active Monitor from Mackie in the MR series.

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All user reviews for the Mackie MR8

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 3 reviews )
 2 reviews67 %
 1 user review33 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Editorial review
  • 08/07/08Mackie MR8 Monitors: The Test

    Mackie MR8 Monitors: The Test - Mackie HRs on a Budget?

    Mackie has a long history with monitors. The original HR824 monitors, now in MKII version, are best sellers and standard fare in many studios, large or small.

Users reviews

moosers's review

Mackie MR8
The Mackie MR8 is sold as a single studio monitor that doesn't need an external power supply as it is an active monitor.  They aren't huge monitors so I would say that they are best suited for monitoring and listening rather than mixing, but this isn't to say they they can't be used for mixing - they just aren't best suited for it.  The Mackie MR8s have XLR connections and well as some EQ settings, and can be plugged into the wall with a simple power cord.


The sound of the Mackie MR8s is a really good sound for studio monitors of this size.  While they do have a pretty full sound, since they aren't huge monitors they lack a certain low end presence, but as long as you take this into account while mixing you should be okay.  The stereo image is fine and they dynamics are as well.  Beyond the low end, the sound is precise across the frequency spectrum and I would definitely describe the sound as full and clear. 


Overall, the Mackie MR8s are a really solid set of studio monitors.  While my use with the monitors is not extensive as I have only used these a limited number of times, in my time using them I have definitely come to respect them.  I've always been a fan of the monitors that Mackie makes as they are very reasonably priced and sound great, which is the deal with these speakers.  They are quite cheap considering the good sound that you can get from them.  These definitely aren't the best monitors out there, but they are very solid for home studio owners.  I can't say they are up to par with the best studio monitors that I have used out there, but they do sound good and you can get them at a great price.

eroom's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mackie MR8
Amplified speakers (just plug it in and it was good!)
8 inches (hp) so it takes up space, but power is also enjoyable! (100 50 W per speaker) ..
3 connections in different input and rca xlr trs, which leaves room,
rglage a small volume has the rear (not very practical, but enough).
And finally 2 filters High (-2 0 +2) and Low (0 +2 +4) ..
The on off button and the rear (this is also not very practical .. but hey!)
Caution, however, unlike some other forums that it is the wind the rear so careful placement is necessary, but my pice is large enough for that.
Indeed, this may be what explains the low price ...
I use them for a small home studio (recording model and various projects). They are branches on the output of my mixing desk and not live on the map.
These are my only monitoring costs (one pair is enough for me!)


Curve frequency drives is it neutral enough? yes!
The dynamic is it respect? well yes asse
The stereo image is good? yes very good!
The sound is clear and specific on the whole spectrum? yes too: p

In rsum for sonority and they are accurate to well balance, and those in high and low volume! (Although it is more convenient for me to mix and make a nice sound at low volume and will appreciate fully pushing a bit!):)
In terms of spectrum and the highs are precise, mediums ALSO (often nglig I think ..) and low prsentent well.
I do not use sub-bass enclosure, but the pregnant ass down low for me (40hz) while remaining clean.


I've had a year soon and I would not return so tt my choice!
They are very well their job (or Plutt allow me to do well: p) and that's all I care for pregnant ..
Sure there are better but compare what is comparable!
I am not talking high-end speaker but a model that has affordable!
I try not masses of other speakers from prodipe and yamaha, and I really flash on that one.
As I said I have a small studio and there is no point of gentrification! :) If you want the upscale Enough ', but really much more expensive, and builders know us drool, and we lost in the mass of products so you have to all our basic needs! lol that are effective and remain a very good tool, no unpleasant surprises. (No breath, large hollow frquentiel, or mixes that sound good and then once out you wonder what happened in the carriage!)
Brief report quality nickel prices!
PS: I am not a dealer mackie .. ing its simple but happy!
I love
Tina Arkos03/25/2010

Tina Arkos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mackie MR8
I have long hesitated between the MR8 and Yamaha HS80M on paper but which could not try them.
The balance has tilted side Mackie for several reasons: price, yamaha certain tests that began by saying that at the start you had a slight hiss and amp in class A / B NR8.
Once the bugs received the first surprise was that there is no volume knob on the speaker (only one set of input that would normally be fully mode sysmétrique 4db +).
Time for me is when my eyes! So I add 123 euros for a controller monitoring SM Pro Audio M-Patch 2 and arrived at a similar price to the Yamaha with a volume knob.
But frankly I do not regret it! Why? Bah! In practice even with the yamaha, without controller galleys Because you are the knobs on and behind each speaker and more so to change your level gymnastics hello. It is important to know that I am plugged directly into the soundcard symmetrical and therefore no mixing desk (if you got more problem).


Now its level, the only elements of comparison are my "Cabasse Dinghy 222" connected to my NAD Hifi who just let go! But hey! Just to say, I rediscover the mix and really made the gear pre-quoted and CDs in all genres that sound spatialization death with a very precise and easy to hear distinctly hallucinating all sounds. The bass is there too and I'm still not right correction (correction of room at the back on bass and treble).
Because a control test point no comparison made mag.


In brief, this is only my LOVE!! And I think I did well to go on rather than MR8 MR5. More bass and a good reserve of power (interresting when sending you a backing track to play the drums:) )
The value for money is really at the top (to see the test that is already talk of a good value for money when the price was 660 euros a pair now 370:) )