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  • Best Service Forest Kingdom

    Best Service Forest Kingdom - " two instruments and moods"


    Sound banks are large files Ytif (yellow tools image file) Sounds are played by the player Engine2 provided free, works standalone or plugin. No problem installing on Win7, the plug is available now in VST Samplitude ProX. The sounds are either p…

  • Best Service Forest Kingdom

    Best Service Forest Kingdom - " interesting but ..."


    Forest is a kingdom of his bank for creating moods and sonic instrumentation to illustrate style heroic fantasy films or fantasy. There are sounds in the woods, forest animals, strange creatures but also celestial voices or shamanic ethno instrumen…

  • Ilio Samples Cd Analog Meltown

    Ilio Samples Cd Analog Meltown - andon.'s review


    A CD-ROM AKAI format but also available for the Kurzweil format. So it comes to synth sounds that are intended by the claims of novel publisher. The packaging is quite successful I had already hung on before you buy, the booklet provides informat…