Ilio Samples Cd Analog Meltown
Ilio Samples Cd Analog Meltown

Analog Meltown, Ambient / New Age Sample from Ilio Samples Cd.

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andon. 09/17/2007

Ilio Samples Cd Analog Meltown : andon.'s user review


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A CD-ROM AKAI format but also available for the Kurzweil format.
So it comes to synth sounds that are intended by the claims of novel publisher.
The packaging is quite successful I had already hung on before you buy, the booklet provides information on the programmer, a Kevin Wakefield and instruments he used. I read a Yamaha TX816, a Minimoog and the Roland D-50.
He tells us himself how he developed the sounds. Unfortunately, all this in English, I could not translate everything, but it looks pretty interesting.


At issue are realistic course not, the sounds are clearly oriented Sci-Fi, FX, this means the majority of sounds. So purely synthetic. The sounds are modified according to the applied velocity, add sound effects technology, it's a little game of chance, in short, fairly unique and clever for me. The big disappointment comes because of the diversity, and it is a shame because it offers a sound and a following that is actually similar to or resembling a dozen times ... We applied a filter or it was installed I do not know which operator so thank you but it could have been to!

I find it very curious because as I was rather excited about the quality offered as we quickly made the rounds at all ... it must have y 'some fifty different in practice. I am a bit disappointed.


I bought the CDrom at Univers-sons who sell the remaining stocks at a discount for the least surprising: 30 euros instead of 200! It was probably a good deal but ultimately it is just. I find unreasonable the price of this CD-ROM (for the starting price) when you see today PLETOR sound banks that have been proposed. The price is too high.
For 30 euros it is rather reasonable, the initial price would have been certainly more bitter ... but it may be the price for such quality. The sounds keep still a good paste sound, say they are fairly consistent although very typical.
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The publisher's website offers a demo on its website