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CDs & Sound Banks by Style user reviews

  • Prime Loops Glitch Cuts

    Prime Loops Glitch Cuts - "These are super cool!!!"


    This is a pack of over 1,000 drum hits, focusing on the textural and downright weird genre of glitch. While using samples might not make you a true glitcher, these are pretty darn cool and really fun to play around with. The thing with these is while…

  • Vir2 Instruments Q

    Vir2 Instruments Q - "Nice collection of rare ethnic instruments and more"


    I run this in Kontakt 5 on a Macbook Pro i7 and an RME Fireface 800. Q installed, performs and continues to perform without any compatibility issues. I have not read the manual as this set is pretty straight forward. All you do is install the Libr…

  • Vir2 Instruments Q

    Vir2 Instruments Q - "Average"


    As with any Kontakt library the installation is very straight forward. Pop in the disc, copy the files to wherever you want, and Kontakt will find them. If that doesn't happen you can manually show Kontakt where the files are which is very easy. Once…

  • Prime Loops Hip Hop Militia

    Prime Loops Hip Hop Militia - "Nice Graphic That's About It"


    This package comes with both loops as well as one shots (construction kits) which is good for those who want to mess around with loops and ideas. The loops are in Rex format as well as Wav. With that said the loops can be utilized in both Reason (or …

  • Soniccouture GuZheng - Chinese Zither

    Soniccouture GuZheng - Chinese Zither - "A wonderful taste of the Orient"


    This is a Multi Sampled instrument. This is another plugin that is designed to be hosted in a soft sampler such as Kontakt. Kontakt can be a tricky beast to navigate and understand, but if you get a basic working knowledge of its functions, you can…

  • Zero-G Jungle Warfare Vol. 3

    Zero-G Jungle Warfare Vol. 3 - FP User's review


    Price paid $150 USD SOUND QUALITY The sound quality of this Reason Refill is astonishing.The beats are everything I was looking for,pure old skool junglism with volumes 2 & 3 introducing more so step styled beats but very amazing. OVERALL OPINION…

  • Zero-G Total Drum & Bass

    Zero-G Total Drum & Bass - FP User's review


    LOTS of different features in this cd. not much spoken word elements which is kinda expected... but all the vocals are almost ruined by the amount of reverb and other effects used on them. i didnt get this cd for the vocals, though. i got it for the …

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