Ueberschall Ambient Works
Ueberschall Ambient Works

Ambient Works, Noise/Sound Design Sample from Ueberschall.

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Hypnos75 11/08/2009

Ueberschall Ambient Works : Hypnos75's user review


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The big problem of product "Liquid ".... Liquid is the system, precisely!

So it's 1.8 GB of data unusable without their system, which itself does not work (at least not at home, on a Mac with Logic 8).

Well, the rest of this "review" is summarized in the sentence above ...


Once laboriously managed to start the beast, after authorization on the net and waiting for the answer ...
Here, you can listen ...

It does not work!


Well, I managed finally to listen to what is "the beast" nasty music loops ready-made, editable (they said in the pub) at the price of a thousand efforts to the result uncertain (it's music, more effects than anything else ... what would you change?)

It's ugly, there is little content, and .... it does not work with my system (Logic) !!!!!
(Standalone, it starts, but Logic can not find it so impossible to record in a sequencer ... must say that the software installed anywhere, so Logic is not willing to find it!)

And as the support does not answer, despite my repeated requests ... Well, I got stuck with my thing, I ended up uninstalling and plug in the trash (arggllll !!!)... because in addition, they ask $ 30 commission if you want to transfer the license (almost the bargain price !!!)...

I have tried this product, but it's a brand that I will avoid it now.