Prime Loops Hip Hop Militia
Prime Loops Hip Hop Militia

Hip Hop Militia, Hip Hop / Rap / RnB Sample from Prime Loops.

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vsavagellc 11/22/2011

Prime Loops Hip Hop Militia : vsavagellc's user review

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This package comes with both loops as well as one shots (construction kits) which is good for those who want to mess around with loops and ideas. The loops are in Rex format as well as Wav. With that said the loops can be utilized in both Reason (or any other rex supporting application) as well as a daw like Ableton or Acid. Most people tend to use the REX or acidized format for tempo control and what not. Most of the time the rex format already has price sliced sections that will allow you to jump in and create but not with this package.


The sound quality is nothing to run home and brag about. I wasn't expecting much for the price of $15.00 EURO... The sounds are ok at best. To honest it really sounds as if they downloaded a bunch of free kits online (maybe some from ebay got a graphic designer to put together and nice package and boom instant product.

If would be a better business move for them if they concentrated more on quality sound and then maybe bumped the price up to around $30 or $40.00 but that's just my personal opinion

The setup I use to test this package on was

Mac 8gis ran I7 processor
Saffire 6 USB Interface
Alesis Monitors


The best part about this sound package is the graphic and the price. It's very affordable and it looks nice. The sound quality isn't very good there are messed up zero crossing points through the entire sound collection, so you spend more time correcting those than you do creating music. This is what happens when ypu purchase from unprofessional sound designers.

Knowing what I know now I would still make the purchase as its only $15.00EURO and if you are a producer with a lot of clients to deadlines its easy to load these loops up and kick out some generic material but that's really about it...