Mackie LM-3204
Mackie LM-3204
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All user reviews for the Mackie LM-3204

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 6 reviews )
 6 reviews100 %
Audience: Anyone Value For Money : Excellent
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jinglemarsta's review"Still no substitute, best line mixer out there..."

Mackie LM-3204
I use not only the Mackie LM-3204 mixer with master section, but also 2 of the ultra-rare slave (LM-3204E) units daisy chained to the master via ribbon cable for my home studio. The setup gives me 48 stereo channels in fairly compact space. I've got at least a dozen synths most of which have multiple analogue outputs and I like to be able to make use of all of them. With the Mackie, I can do just that. Everything can stay connected, so no messing with cabling, I can just turn the studio on and get straight to work. The mixer is very clean, it doesn't add noise and has excellent headroom. I bought the master 2nd hand about the year 2000 and over the next 10 years I found the LM-3204E slaves one by one on eBay. I choose the Mackie mostly because there was nothing else in the market that came close and sadly today, it's very much the same, nothing new has really emerged in stereo line mixers. What good about this setup is 16 clean stereo inputs per module, good headroom and solid reliability. What's not so good? All the AUX Sends are post gain, I would have liked the option to switch to pre-gain as needed. Lastly, there are just 2 buses, the main-mix and the ALT3-4 bus. More would always be better, but I have learnt to live with just the 2 stereo busses.

papi1970's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent product."

Mackie LM-3204
I think everything has been said on this subject!


In my case, it allows the connection of my eight sound sources used in some "multi out". It is very easy to use, the fact that the usual faders for adjustment of the volume to be replaced by rotary knobs are absolutely no problem. Once that is done we go back there more too!

The only complaint that I found in its use, it is the location of the button on / off made rear of the table, as you say in a rack that is inaccessible, but it is easy to find the parade through a power strip with switch.

The manual is well done especially thanks to the diagrams with all possible configurations.


Having had 21 years a Phonic PMX1600, I found the sound of the great LM3204 can be more linear and a little clearer too.
Everything thoroughly, I still breath, I also had with my previous table. Also I think some of my devices connected to the ground does not help, I probably a small ground loop somewhere!
But current level of use, I only hear the music and the signal to noise ratio seems very satisfactory.


I've had a few weeks ago, I made a little maintenance before mounting, dusting the main board and a bit of a bomb in touch everywhere, cleaning the façade. It comes apart and goes back quite easily but it takes time anyway!
So I would join the general opinion on this Mackie 32 input housed in a rack 5 ", I say bravo, both very practical and efficient. Lives On a lot of musicians have used. For those who don ' not too much room for their homestudio, it is perfect.
I just regret not having bought it before, I also find it unfortunate that Mackie (and others) have not re-released this concept, for connecting synthesizers / samplers / BAR is the best!

D-Phlex's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mackie LM-3204
In order not to copy what my friends have described me better, I'll leave to go see the features below


^ ^ Here is the foot. Compact wish (that's the least we can say!) Has any of a variety. Do not have big fat fingers but that's the price for miniaturization of the beast.

I may reproach him for not having two bus trips that can occasionally be quite useful. I solved the problem by connecting it to my external sound card because even if it does not allow me to run a synth or another by two separate outputs, at least I can route the signal obtained to different types of sound processing without having to unplug all my install each time.

Ah yes, a little less well, it's still a little galley once it is rackée to access inputs and outputs on the back. Finally, as long as you like me a small space for your home studio.


So this is what I think its more undeniable. This console is a treat. The EQ is really effectively. I'm not really able to say whether it is transparent or not, but all I can say is that I was fooled by this table from my old Behringer MX 2442. The bass is low. The treble and midrange also ... you understand, what! What happiness for such a small thing ... At the auxiliary, everything works perfectly well.


As mentioned above, my old table was full and nice but she did not make a sound to remember. There I heard a noticeable difference directly. Used with my synths, it's clean! And given the space savings and performance of this mixer, I put a 9 / 10 deserved. He is also obvious that if I buy a mine was let go one day ...

It is also clear, as another fan said in his opinion, it will only increase over time in relation to these performance and design.

lindakeira1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mackie LM-3204
16 stereo input jack l * r or 36 mono
4 entree insert stereo or 8 mono
2 XLR phantom mic input gain more
2 input and 2 output tape tape RCA and stereo jack
2 mic jack preamplie out
1 hand insert stereo jack l * r
1 control room stereo jack
1 l * r stereo output jack
1 alime clasic
1 entry facade headphones


Too simple and really what it takes for all our synthesizer box mpc akai machines rhythm and s 950 and all the separee 8 output output y has more qua connect


J ms1202 have a Mackie and CR1604 and the latter ;;; aligned and I made my machines groover that happiness wholesale sonnnnn as love


If you have a 16 synthee connect directly with a real big sound that you need what it finally ;;;; a customized machine and the rack of the bomb

dorianz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mackie LM-3204
Already known


Very well


Transparent and quiet


I do not remember how long, but surely more than 10 years ...
I bought it when it was released.
It is still very good, some pot a little noise, but it Generell not turn when you mix with it a mix in Claviere and the like.
The hand made out of noise when used with an unbalanced connessi but after all this time it is still very good.
And it's only with these features, just a pity I did not change with a new one!
At that time was expensive, the equivalent of 1000 but it's worth.

nikko666's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mackie LM-3204
This table is unique.
First, imagine voices from 32 in jack for two XLR microphone jack, phantom power supply, bus 8 8 8 to insert out.
With the same rglages CR1604 VLZ!
Basically it is a CR1604 with times of 2, and more compact: 5 U only, the size of a Waldorf Q or MS2000R!


Need I say more? To save space MacKie changed the pot knobs. A button for every Stro = 16 slices.
We can not be simpler.


How to blame something that table? Put it all back: 0db of breath.
The EQ is analog, is shelving filters are analog.
Nothing was added 10/10.


It's paradise for those full of synth and do not want to be seated two kilometers in their studio!

Also it's a CR1604, not breathing, clear and warm, solid contruction knows so well do MacKie!

As for the price Occasion is given in Milonga will see the price of small Alesis 8-track with effects of course, but all digital, cold and dtruisent sound decision with their converters.

But then why did you stop the contruction! Mystra. So it is not found and no concurrency. Go find a table format 5U 32 tracks with the signing of a trademark as impeccable Mackie?

Anyway, there's nothing as compact, with such quality. If you find one, and keep the achtez ... the price will increase!