Novation KS4
Novation KS4

KS4, Analog Modeling Synth from Novation in the KS / K-Station series.

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 6 reviews )
 6 reviews100 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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petitsynthe's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Novation KS4


Who wants to emulate an analog is gnial, thanks to ultra fast envelloppes and a superb filter
(I can compare to the VA and true analog I)


I own this synth for 8 years, I almost resell (t s'aurait a big mistake!), it complements perfectly because my North wave in the field of big bass and sequences are arpges (Tangerine Dream, Depeche Mode) is well ahead but he is less good for leads and some sharp layers
Audiofanzine on forums it is very often compared to msestim ion Alesis example: I had a micron, the equivallent 3 octaves of the latter and I do not understand why!
The bargain price makes it a deal for A veritable who wants to start with a virtual analog, yet he must find ...

patroche's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Novation KS4
Synth four octaves 49 keys
Full MIDI connectivity in thru-out, Audio, pedal input, etc ...
4-way multitimbral real rgal
Almost all parameters accessible on the front ideal for live


The configuration is very simple as a condition of having the manual in French.


The sounds are beautiful has nothing to say is the great synths.


I have tried many brands but I confess I'd never touch a novation. It's a real treat in every way, the parameters Accessibility assistive technology software in the hand, which is a arpgiateur rgal, effects filters and grain Novation course. But pleasure for the ears. I highly recommend it if you want a good synth and you do not put in a fortune ay.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Novation KS4




Sounds beautiful, to say anything!


I tried the Nordlead 2X and 3 before the aqurir KS4 and APRS hsitation long I fell for this little synth because of its relative qualitprix unbeatable!

I would do this choice with his eyes closed. He did not envy the synths that are worth twice its price.

liloch's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Novation KS4
- Good to touch the keyboard, semi-weighted keys, four octaves.
- 150 performances, 200 programs and 200 user presets.
- A multitude of effects and ruffed the same for all compatible sound, delay, chorus, reverb, distortion, panning, etc ...
- 16-voice polyphony, a bit tight but sufficient.
- 4 multitimbral voice with effects for every individual sounds asignables.


The config is super simple, user manual is almost not ncessaire.


The sounds are simply masterful, biensur do not expect to find the sounds of pan flute or trumpet! This synth big analog sound warm and powerful, beautiful tablecloths, beautiful effects, superb squence (arpges), great leads, great bass, everything is wonderful what. IDAL is the companion to the music electro / trance / hardtrance / progressive / techno.


I use it for a few months and I love everything about this synth it is very simple to use and report qualitprix is ​​excellent. I have a lot of other analog synthtiseurs modlisation microKorg as the SH-201, JP-8000 etc, and wonder KS4 complte my setup.
He will stay in my studio for many years because I know nothing better to do with electronic music, even the Clavia Nordlead are not better (I had 2) and are supposedly the REFERENCE, pffffffff anything! Novation sound is unique and inimitable.

Happy_Jesus's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Novation KS4
4 octave keyboard pleasant velocity sensitive and aftertouch.
2 sensitivity levels.
Aftertouch not too hard not too soft.

The connection of the synth is enough: two separate stereo outputs, 1 audio, midi in connector / out / thru and sustain pedal. The separate output in addition to the main stereo output is welcome but due to the polyphony of the unit (16 channels), I do not use it other than on mono sounds low or lead type.

Factory preset high quality (the first preset - No. 100 - is already a very good example) but limited in number (200). The factory preset is overwhelming 200 + sites users. Additional banks are available on the site of innovation in. Syx. Too bad they are not available in. Mid, which would allow me to upload them from my mpc ...

This synth is obviously hard to find today. For my part I bought a copy removed from storage with the OS 2.0. Caring for updater with the latest OS from the site of NOVATION (same comment about the format. Syx as above). It has some nice additions, including the ability to not change the value of the parameters Lorqui knobs go through the original value, thus avoiding the jumps, especially when the knobs manage plupat time two parameters.

For topo:
This machine gives me the impression that the majority of the computing power was dedicated to the synthesis (it shows and it means: given the number of controllers on 3 oscillators per program, filter quality, number of effects by, etc ... and sound quality). The slight expense of the polyphony which severely limits the game mulitimbral (1 + 1 arpéggiée water and beat it too).

Or -1 for polyphony (but this machine is not designed as a workstation, I admit!)


Relatively easy to use synth. One thing is clear: the big jump in Syntesi analog.

Achieve its sound from a blank preset certainly require a few hours (days ?...) experimentation to arrive at a result as good as the factory presets. Especially since the possibility of synthesis is complete (and by the way very well thought out): the oscilloscope sync, PWM, multiple modulations, FM synthesis, etc ...

Summary aside, the ergonomics of this synth is exemplary in two words: knobs for direct access to all synthesis parameters basic dedicated by a sub-menu parameter for advanced functions. Clear.

Manuel clear in French. The manuals can be downloaded from the Novation website (completed listing of sysex).

The programs are cataloguable into categories, which allows easy retrieval.
The vocoder is quite easy to use (if one thinks of stalling the knob su 12:00 ET not 4:00 p.m.!) And remains to be discovered in more detail for a full review of this ... Limiting single point: the requirement to use as an internal carrier (-1).


Sounds very good quality set off by a very convincing filtering. Special mention for the overdrive (present also in the additional effects for the same quality) and self-Q which will avoid the flights of the volume when you push the resonance to its limits.

The effects are clearly designed to provide a "complete". Moreover they are very effective in this regard (including delay, chorus and distortion). Reverb OK to use. In my view, this multi-effect is not there to replace a dedicated rack. Note: it is remarkable that each program has all the effects available 7. Multiply by 4 parts in performance mode ... !).

Note: the performance mode uses a specific area of ​​memory separate and autonomous to the current program of the original program. Program changes affect performance not using it.

For sound: very good basses, leads, filtered sounds excellent.
A caveat: I am a little disappointed at first by the arpeggiator, which fulfills its function on the factory preset but does not supplant the arpeggiator on my mc303 that I intended to put in a closet.


I experience this synth for 10 days.

Analog synthesis is there and the synth gives the impression of having done everything in the sound, controls and effects. Therefore: limited polyphony.

Price / quality ratio of OCCAZ unbeatable if available. I intended to purchase a K-Station synth as a little extra. The KS4 is four K-Station! For polyphonic improved compared to K-Station and on the stroke of monotimbral enough.

I noticed a few copies available in regular ads.
I think it's an excellent choice if one seeks a modeling synth for sound and for use monotimbrale.

conyB's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Novation KS4
This is a nice synth of "Star Trek" to 4 octaves with a good thirty knobs, pitch and modulation. it is easy and straightforward, the connection is "neither too much nor too little ".....( see data sheet)
4 parts for polyphony is 16 (-1 point) limit even without classical music ....
a notch a little lightweight (-1 point) to see o it is but the menus are trs goods supplied .....
good effects subtly Assayable .... all is the sound for the hacker that I am!
Attention! this is not a toy dj gocentriques frustrated lack of fiddling knobs,
ks the trs is a tool that can condition some attention!!


The config is simple: for eight hours to fully charge!
infinity sounds are manufacturable according organiss family (bass, strings, drum; arpges; pad, etc ).... ....... sweep storage is easy and there is spot
only the production of voice coding is a bit difficult as you want to do more subtle than "dear" or "Robocop". (-1 out of 20)
the manual is the image of the brand: srieux and clear that a intrt Submitted for modlisation sound ..... it is clear to the novice but it is empty it is not over ... it is read without being Dranger started ..... 3 oscillators be technical for me.


Ah! sound!
I make the trip hop and some rock lctro ......
then bravo for the low (sub-lethal) the strings and electronic arpges!
the rest is good but like any synth modlisation .... the best is what we cre!
7 (+ vocoder) effects go well trs (distortion and delay ++++) and are not unbalanced by layering parts ......
on the same midi channel you can really have a gnial made no mention of "hypersynchro"
he should not be abused sr good !!!!!
everything has changed and it is good ....... then do not buy this synth for a good guitar sound Deutsche raliste you all wrong here ... 's is the modulation of the world!!


I KS4 for 18 months, he suits me wonders and I know him as a true ....( my pocket
strong point!)
I tried the 2000 ms, but cheaper too limited (2 osc. polyph ....)... the "access" are too expensive
for what I do!
the 4 ks conspicuous by its price, ergonomics and sound ......
qques the low point as polyphony, the number of parties, no update or presets ""..... limits would make it more expensive ......
trs qualitprix good value for those who want work of his choice .... again,
because today I still see nothing equivalent that price.