Novation UltraNova
Novation UltraNova

UltraNova, Analog Modeling Synth from Novation in the Nova series.

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 12 reviews )
 6 reviews50 %
 5 reviews42 %
 1 user review8 %
Value For Money : Excellent

mrjason's review"A very good synth to have, easy integration with DAW's"

Novation UltraNova
The Novation UltraNova is a 37 key synth that can be used as a USB controller or even an audio interface if the user wants. All of the keys are velocity and touch sensitive. There are MIDI in MIDI out and MIDI thru connections on the UltraNova synth, I used it right along with all of the other MIDI gear and had it hooked up with my MIDI sport to use as a controller for a while in Cubase.


There are 2 ¼ jack inputs and 2 ¼ jack outputs. There are 2 more inputs for headphones and aux inputs. I have noticed that there is a sustain pedal input and a expression pedal inputs on it too but I have not used those features yet.


There are some really good effects like the chorus, delay, reverb, distortion and a few other ones. The arp function on the UltraNova is very easy to work with and customize. The only thing that upset me with this board is that there are no expansion abilities. It would have been nice to expand it down the right. The UltraNova can be bus powered and it can also work via DC wall plug in.


One great feature with this board is that you can use it as a VST and record MIDI data and audio at the same time. It is very easy to set it up in your DAW as an AU channel or a MIDI input channel. This synth is very affordable and has great features; it is easy to use and work with and has never let me down. Have been using it for years and it has worked flawlessly. It came with a manual that explained everything and there are even a lot of videos online to help new users understand the works of this board.
Oliver Sp@rk04/18/2013

Oliver Sp@rk's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" super!"

Novation UltraNova
see website innovation


manual clear, simple config

on the other hand I can not seem to recognize my ultranova in my pc ... which is frustrating but I hope to find a solution quickly.


dance oriented sound / electro / dubstep

but we know perfectly build a sound from scratch!

full of opportunities intuitive editing ... with a peach of hell!

I forgot .... THE Vocoder! genial!


bought a few months ago, I discovered my ultranova everyday ...

we regret the direct access through banks ... you have to turn the wheel

other than that it is great!
Eric 4212/24/2012

Eric 42's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A big surprise!"

Novation UltraNova
For that, I leave it to all readers to go to the manufacturer's website ...
But sounds divided into four banks of 128 sounds (three banks and factories user)


The general configuration is easy! I was a little scared because having a Korg RADIAS and barely mastering possibilities, I was scared to find myself in the same situation ... It is nothing! The menus are clear and easy to find and everything is at your fingertips! It becomes almost intuitive!
The manual was just rapidos laminated ...
For the software part ... I'll come in another post, because in this area, I do not hide being totally ignorant! So I'll shut up on this field and leaves spécilistes write reviews safer ...


The sounds are striking although the keyboard is Monophonic ...
Of course, this synth, look no sounds of pianos, strings and other instruments ... the traditional, we are in another universe!
Having a Tyros3 a Korg M50, Radias, Kaossilator pro and finally a Yamaha MOX6 the Ultranova just slip into my little studio without problems!
I consists mainly of electronic music (type Jarre, Vangelis ... but without their talents, alas ..!) And this wonderful toy brings a new color to my musical inspirations.
Aside from a sound or two that I like a little less, everything is very good for sound! And of course, everything is changeable at will!
What happiness!


I use Ultranova for about three weeks. My choice was listening to the demos posted on the net ... So, without trying other equivalent models!
What I like is the ability to easily change the sound (despite the wealth of original sounds) without taking head in a jiffy!
Which is a little less well: monotimbralité and three octaves ... one more was tip top!
Good value for money, this is a great instrument, and if I had to make this choice would without hesitation!
A great "little" synth in size but very big in performance that will satisfy beginners and pros!

tofandcountry's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Novation UltraNova
see website Novation


clear and stable, could be more intuitive level editing


We quickly make complex sounds pretty good sounding fat or, more oriented Electro, Hip-Hop, Dub Step.


I used ultranova and I thought it was a great synth, probably the best in its class, Virtual Analog around 500 Euros. Most are powerful synthesis effects in large numbers, interactivity and Live side given by the touch sensitive knobs, a keyboard and very good. It is similar to a Virus TI in terms of usage, but less versatile in sound and especially monotimbral and no audio via usb ... The editor plug-in is also nice to use less than the Virus. But if we look a little editing, we arrive fast enough great sounds that have a strong presence in the mix.

alainparain's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" my first innovation"

Novation UltraNova
novation first crossing my studio speakers. for technical specif see on the site! lol


ergonomics is very good because there are many buttons light addition. 1 hour of intensive work to feel in his hands. a record in my opinion


I do not like the flagship product innovation, I think it sounds analog FM or false ... for this one I liked the range of sounds available, they are very varied as a workstation, manipulated as a synth sound and especially pro, not a gaia or r3. the arpeggiator is beautiful, may have to go very far because it is in concert giant live. by the vocoder is flat against boring view but I'm not sure to have correctly addressed.


I use it for my purchase lol. the keyboard is very pleasant. general grain rings with its own character, it must therefore be a notice of listening.

twÿce's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Compact, complete, and oriented for live"

Novation UltraNova
- Keyboard Type 37 keys with aftertouch + a very nice touch in terms of synth that I've been testing in this price range (R3, GAIA or lead North). Supplied with a microphone for a vocoder, a usb cable, the power supply and various driver CD.

For Characteristics:

Level controls for live, there is the walk total:
-> The pitch and modulation wheels classic are present.
-> Aftertouch that reacts quickly, but I can do without it.
-> Most importantly, the famous touch controller! The real innovation of the product. In fact, the 8 knobs which are used for editing, can be set to send a fact or a parameter change just hit! Very difficult to explain but great to use. Watch demos. It can also be used conventionally: assigning one or more parameters for quick access live.
-> There is also a grooos knob, which can be assigned to fix or who may replace one of eight knobs momentarily, which by its size, makes it easier to let go (ideal for filter cutoff: D)

The ultranova has two commercial PC / MAC: library for managing presets and VST to put in his DAW to control A.
In addition, A can be used as an audio interface 2in/4outs + midi controller (the knobs can be used to control a VST through the automap).

At preset, there are four banks of 128 patches. The entire memory is available to the user (not as a protected bank north Rack 2X for example).

Suffice to say that in terms of features given the price, it's not bad. However I put 9 because:
-> Mono timbral
-> No FM
-> No option to use as the A midi interface so it can be used as an audio interface.
-> Not possible to put your own samples for the oscillators.


The ultranova seems little knob and controller provided, but very quickly you realize that ergonomics has been well studied. Is accessed very quickly editing sound parameters, each time with a big button backlight for different parts of sound design: Oscilateurs, filters, LFO, effect, vocoder, arpeggiator ...

Then there are menus, but we remain in the no reasonable "under submenu". Is edited by eight pages of editable parameters directly with the 8 knobs located above. We put five to ten minutes to figure out the trick, then it flows. A system halfway between a blofeld (too many menu) and a north rack (ideal but more expensive). The knobs are of course infinite (no hopping parameter).

After, we are in a classical architecture VA (Osc, filters, envelope, effect, ...), so it's always easier when one is accustomed.

The manual is pretty clear as a whole, except the part connected to a PC, at the audio or noon, I did not find sufficiently complete.


The engine sound is very rich in possibilities for an instrument in this price range. To my taste it lacks the FM to be on top.

The sounds are not realistic in the sense: Copy acoustic intruments, because it was not made for that. However the few waveforms sampled sounds allow cheap acoustic.

The synth is very good in tablecloths, skank or keyboard to type agreements. It is rich in possibilities of modulation therefore enables all kinds of sounds out of nowhere. For bass, it's okay.

Filters are many, but I do not find them in marking their sounds. A push to see.


I got a microKORG XL, a R3, blofeld, and a north 2X rack (before or at his side A).

I use it for a year soon, and I get tired soon. Its many can still find new sounds. To say I sold a lot of my synths, but not this one. Yet he was a compulsive buying, a thunderbolt.

The most:
- Keyboard of good quality for this price range.
- The expressiveness is the key word on this keyboard with all the controllers have available, and especially the knob 8 "touch" that are truly innovative for my taste. It is oriented live, ergonomics, and I like it.
- The library and the controller VST (although I do not use too many DAW).
- The look (completely subjective! But no less important to me, saw it was a thunderbolt).
- Accessibility to the edition.

- Mono timbral (we always want more)
- Can not be used as a midi interface to connect an expander / external keyboard to the PC.
- The ASIO driver not at the top (it works better with ASIO4ALL home)
- Vocoder not transcendent or difficult to resolve (compare microkorg/R3).
- Not possible to add air sampled (we really want even more).

PS: for the part, A and integration into the DAW, I can not really give an opinion because I never use it that way, I find it easier to use than the UN itself VST his alter ego.

capillotraktor's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Powerful and effective"

Novation UltraNova
See below.
The sound palette of plants is very large, but when you start to create their own sounds downright giddy possibilities give.
Three oscilloscopes, noise generator, two ring modulators fed by the oscilloscope; these six sources are sent to two multimode filters according to various configs, and everything starts in a string of six effects.
It adds a modulation matrix of 20 strings, where each bead takes two input sources from three LFOs, six envelopes (including amplitude and filter) and physical controllers. Cords destinations include many of the oscilloscope settings, those filters and effects, but also parameters of the envelopes and LFOs ... this is REALLY powerful.
The only real limitation is probably the monotrimbralité, but frankly for the price you can not complain, especially since I have not had any problems with polyphony so far.
Everything is built up in the PC universe: midi over USB, audio in both directions also (there is a pair of audio inputs), which makes the Ultranova a sound card. In addition to the headphone mix and buttons on the front line are well thought out, in short it works well.


I think there are two ways to use them: use the factory sounds or attacking synthesis. I'm using clearly not the type of music that owns the factory sounds: basically typed dubstep, trance, hiphop eventually.
In fact I bought it because I had started to seriously look at the block of Nord Stage EX synth which I had to separate myself, as a result I was looking for a cheap little synth to get back to the synthesis. After wavering between Microkorg XL and the whole gang of virtual analogs to less than 500 euros, I fell for it.
I think I will take a while to go around, but it's really an exciting instrument. All is not accessible on the front way "one button, one function", but this is not a black box way 90 ': it has a row of knobs complemented by a series of buttons, one for each section: oscilloscope , filters, envelopes, modulations ... navigation is actually very logical and really fast after a few hours. Work on it is quite comfortable, the screen is bright, the keyboard light touch is really good.
The manual is very detailed and clear, if you know nothing about the synthesis attention nevertheless, it will do much to swallow at once ... by reference as against the early stages of tweaking, it's perfect.
Generally no surprises to the use, Novation offers updates via their website, there either is no particular problem.


So I am not using the factory sounds, but the range is enormous, particularly through the variety of waveforms and modulation matrix. Just today I followed the creation of a pad, an accordion sound very convincing, and something stuffed R2D2 robotic way.
You can really have fun, and if you have a specific idea in mind, you have many tools at hand to achieve this.
I may have some reservations about the effect block, it lacks a flanger and a phaser (although we can reconstruct many things with filters), and the echoes and reverbs are not transcendent to my taste. This time it is below the quality and musicality of the effects of the North, on the other hand it is more flexible compared to the effects tailored to a certain type of sound ...
I also met by the time of clipping issues, I think I have to learn to manage levels pre / post effects, fortunately, suitable parameters are present.
We have many controls available, pitch, modulation, expression pedal, aftertouch (very good), a feature tweak knobs with a little gadget for my taste (just touch the knob to trigger what you want after matrix mod).
The sound is very big, very rich, lively ... also quite cold, but very dynamic. The envelopes slam, it sings, it rattles around.


I for two months past the first contact I had a little left out because of time. I come back and it is truly amazing. We must go beyond aesthetics of techno gizmo, worth much more than that if you want to immerse yourself into it. I have not even talked about the vocoder and arpeggiator, I did not really leaning but it is really a complete machine ...
If you want to nitpick they could have an internal power supply, and deliver with the cover.
That said this is a synth, period, no sequencer / arranger or another but its integration audio / midi is very successful. Personally I like to use it alone, the interface is more than enough to not need to turn on the computer, the editing software is also incredibly ugly :-)
In summary it full well my Nord Electro 3 HP, I recommend it to those who love the sounds provided or who have a small background in synthesis, it is really a very good machine.
A purchase I hesitated with the Minibrute who had just come out, and that is just the opposite in terms of philosophy and its (pure analog, all front panel controls, mono) ... I think I'll end up buying it anyway for his part "instant" and contrast with the Ultranova ... yes, the quest for her does not end :-)
Meanwhile, I explore the bowels of the smurf!

RecKsSounds's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" It has everything a great!"

Novation UltraNova
Virtual analog modeling synth.
The keyboard is about three octaves, it's not much, but me that's enough.
But the keyboard is flawless, the hit is nice, and especially he manages aftertouch.

The sounds are divided into four bank of 127 sounds that can be managed through the software provided (make backups, copies, import new bank, manage styles ...)
The search for sounds on the synth via several parameters:
- Style of music: hip-hop, rock, techno ...
- Style Instrument: lead, string, bass ... and even vocoder
- By bank (of = A001> D127)
- By alphabetical sorting

One great advantage of this synth is that it is fully integrated with the PC universe.
It serves as a midi keyboard configurable via the Automap software supplied (pro version).
It can also be used as an external sound card.

The hull is made of plastic, but it is very good.
It is very lightweight, easily transportable.

To configure basic technique, I refer you to the manufacturer's website and test AudioFanzine.


The configuration and editing sounds and modulation parameters are very comprehensive.
There are so many parameters, many options, chaining modes for different filters and effects, too many options at the arpeggiator.
In short, this synth can not be not master in minutes. It will be rather restricted to users who are experiencing a minimum, or people seeking to invest in virtual analog synthesis.

However, navigation and editing parameters is very simple. Everything is at your fingertips.
The eight knobs are all related to a parameter displayed on the screen. As soon as you touch a knob, a lead lights below it. Each edit section is accessible via a button (which lights up when selected): CSO, Envelope, Filter Effects ...
For the modification of its "live", this synth is perfect. A large main knob to change a particular parameter (the last parameter is selected, or, by default, the filter level 1). We can assign a modulation to each of the 8 knobs (effect of a change, a VCO ...).

Editing sounds is greatly simplified by the VST comes with the keyboard (but it will be used in software to use VST). It is very visual, and so much more "user friendly".

The manual is complete, but I never read them (I like to discover things for myself by fiddling).


Then there is the strong point of this synth.
The Ultranova is just great!
It can get very fat sounds as sounds perfectly crystalline. The margin of maneuver is extraordinary!

Of course this is a virtual analog synth, do not expect realistic sounds or acoustic.
No sounds of guitar, piano, violin, but purely electronic sounds.
At the same time this is what we ask.
But the range of sounds is so huge that will suit any style of music (techno, hip hop, breakbeat, house, pop, rock ...).

At the time of purchase, I had the idea to buy me a Korg R3, a microKORG or Miniak, but after trying this synth, I reviewed my budget upwards to take me so much sounds to me more!

PS: The present "Rhodes" killed me!


I have for over two weeks, and I'm delighted!
I took him to complement my Clavia Nord Wave (for purely analog sounds and use my NW for realistic sounds, which he does very well), and I was really excited about its capabilities. I discover each time a little more.

Its advantages for me:
- Its sound
- The number of synthesis parameters and modulation.
- Complete integration (stand alone and the world computer music).
- Its easy and completely customizable arpeggiator.

What it lacks?
A sequencer (maybe). But the arpeggiator is so well done (thanks to the patterns, to play differently note of the agreement), and at worst, the filter Gator can solve this problem (which does not necessarily, since I can also fly it through my MPC).

The value for money is very good. A synth of this quality for under 600 euros (nine) with so many options and parameters, it is a real bargain!
But it is reserved for a public willing to invest very thoroughly, because this little corny is not easy to master!

novation's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Novation UltraNova
Definitely one to execute synthesis of electro .. lead to the north ...
MANY good effects simple to manage even live.
Everything is editable.


So contrary to what is written below, Primo's manual is not as thick as it is written in 3 languages
I have read 10 minutes (and still) use is very simple and intuitive as my Nord Lead 2X
edit, arpeggiator, change is the fingertip at the speed of lightning and a facilitated disconcerting ....
As for the comment on the arpeggiator is not working! Archi False works niquel chrome ...
Cons by the manual is true that writing is tiny, but as I said it will serve you 10 minutes (and more ..)
I love the big button: Let me explain, you return to class n'importquel effect whatsoever, envelope, etc. ARPEGIO and you touch a finger any small button located on top of each category of parameters and soon the big button the parameter, which makes editing and fluid head has not broken back into the pages of the menu as nightmares bearable on micron miniak, korg, radiators and other ...
I do not even see the utilitee of the software; edition so edit, save, edit, effects, mixer, etc. is childish and beneath the eyes and clear! This is how we like the hardware when it does not want to give software .. Novation keyboard and a synthesizer should build together, we certainly would approach near the gods .....


Sounds are huge! and we can start to sound nice mickey and turn it into a big sinister very quickly. There are drum loops and interesting arpeggiator is powerful and extremely thorough!
Beautiful tablecloths, leads well and crispy sound alien
This synth is a gem for producing Trance, Dub, Step, Trip-Hop electro drum n bass
300 sounds that can browser by categories or types or styles, ultra fast and convenient! From the ball


USB power is great, finished look for an outlet, it plugs into the laptop and we are working even on her bed
I try with the laptop without plugging and autonomy has to last 45 minutes. recess even the laptop off, the usb feeding well.
Beautiful blue finish gives it a made of metal.
the 4 stereo outputs are a joy
even the headphone output parameters are set in the smallest details'
The backup is childish.
The vocoder works beautifully and certain types of vocoders are awesome (nothing to do with the vocoder akai miniak shabby, even the micro korg is not the weight.
And its blue backlit knobs, the night is sweet and beautiful to look .....
The cover is gorgeous (and can store a laptop of 15) and is found only in a time thomann current 60 euros
I note 9 for perfection remains with Clavia .... But he deserves almost 10

RobertDouglas13's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Apegiateur Problem"

Novation UltraNova
blablabla Super


yes yes yes


very good sound on it. Novation in the sound even better.


For 10 days. Tried and owns dozens of synths of all times and also the old innovations.

Super synth. Caution must await a new OS for the moment the arpeggiator does not pass notes, or normal midi or midi usb. The technical servive, very fast, I was confirmed. So beware for those who like to play live and arpeggiators rebidouiller after noon in the editor their sequencer.
I was very disappointed to realize that this great arpeggiator is useless because it does not pass notes, what any standart MIDI synths can do, Access Virus, even the first Supernovas Novation, JP8000, Roland groove boxes, etc.. Novation has 15 years behind everyone and Novation. But it is stupid to do something special dedicated to techno with an editor usb and everything, all that to finally be not to send a damn arpeggio noon, which is the function number one most useful to all who technoman respectable. So brothers and sisters of electro, think before you buy, no Arp Midi Out, no editing patterns, therefore, useless, I would point out when they have the possibility to implement a new bone.