Analog recorders user reviews

  • Telefunken / Siemens AEG M15 MASTER STEREO

    Telefunken / Siemens AEG M15 MASTER STEREO - "A beautiful device"


    I originally got this device for a musician’s masterclass. Then the years passed and I made myself a small studio and took this grandma out – I’d even forgotten I had it… after a quick restoration, it is now in perfect working state! So far, i ha…

  • Teac A-3300SX

    Teac A-3300SX - "Teac A 3300sx " has images


    I own 2 of these brilliant machines, both serviced when bought. Professional sound almost as good as my Fostex or Revox. I own quite a few reel to reel but I think the Teac is easy to use, the recording quality is excellent and life expectancy is exc…

  • Fostex 280

    Fostex 280 - "fostex 280"


    Hi about the fostex 280,Ive owned one for about 21 years now, and its still in great working order,it has a very nice warm sound, and has been very reliable for me, and still to this day, i also just got lucky and bought brand new fostex 380-s,which …

  • Akai Professional GX-630D

    Akai Professional GX-630D - "Great entry machine, get one!" has images


    I wanted a Reel To Reel for years. And i wanted a machine which i am capable of servicing and there shouldn`t be that big hassle when i need parts. After digging into the matter i came to Akai. This Brand has a lot of Fans and quite a lot of them ar…

  • Akai Professional GX-630D

    Akai Professional GX-630D - "Nice Machine"


    I bought this wonderfull machine when I was eightteen. The quality of transport, the quality of sound, everything was great and I regret to sell this wonderfull Device since...…

  • Fostex Model 80

    Fostex Model 80 - "classic"


    The Fostex Model 80 is a two track reel to reel recorder than prints to 1/4" tape on 7" (or smaller) reels in one direction. This means it will have the same amount of track width as a 2" 16 track recorder. It can be run at 7.5 or 15 ips and was des…

  • Otari MX-5050

    Otari MX-5050 - "old school"


    The Otori MX 5050 is an 8 track cassette recorder that operates at 3.75 ips. It has the same recording head as the MX 5050 , which is superior to that of the 488 and 488 mkII. dbx Type II can be engaged across tracks 1-4 and 5-8 separately, there is …

  • Fostex 280

    Fostex 280 - "vintage, we have come along way since analog"


    The Fostex 280 is designed to record 8 tracks onto a standard cassette. It features a built in mixer with high and low EQ on each channel, XLR inputs on channels 1 and 2, and 1/4” inputs for the other inputs. It can record on up to 4 tracks simultane…

  • Tascam MS16

    Tascam MS16 - moosers's review


    The Tascam MS16 is a 1" 16 track tape machine. I'm not sure the exact years that this was in production, but I think it was made in the early 1990's. I only recently got the chance to use the MS-16 as I'm working with a new producer and he has this…

  • Pioneer RT-1020L

    Pioneer RT-1020L - moosers's review


    The Pioneer RT-1020L is a reel to reel 1/4" tape machine for playing and recording. It can play either 7" or 10" reels. My parents owned this and I have since taken it under my wing to use and mess around with. While I've got a Pro Tools studio at…