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Cassette Decks user reviews

  • Studer A721

    Studer A721 - moosers's review


    The Studer A721 is a tape cassette deck that I have used for transferring cassette tapes over to digital form.  However, this was intended for other use when it was made, but since no one really uses cassettes anymore, it is now most useful for trans…

  • Pioneer CT-W803RS

    Pioneer CT-W803RS - RickD's review


    - For how long have you been using it? I've had it for about 10 years, but haven't really used it for at least 5. - What thing do you like most/least about it? Most: it's probably the best you get without going into digital noise reduction, which ca…

Translated user reviews
  • Tascam 122 MkIII

    Tascam 122 MkIII - " One of the best ever built"


    This is a cassette recorder with Dolby B, C and HX Pro integrated. If the legend is Tascam cassette recorders: it is certainly thanks to this model. All other models that followed benefited from technologies of the latter, for sure. This is a clas…

  • Technics M 14

    Technics M 14 - " excellent!"


    I use it for 6 months to save my master tapes and listen to my stereo amp. The buttons and knobs are very pleasant. The VU Meter is super handy for digital recording. Very precise and well aware of the dynamics of the mix. one regrets the absen…

  • Nakamichi 480

    Nakamichi 480 - " The other brand magneto."


    The Nakamichi brand remains the benchmark manufacturer in the world of compact K7. The 480 sat across the sudios because he was the last link of the model, the vehicle in which they put all their hopes, the friend and confidant. An object of worshi…

  • Onkyo Integra TA-2048

    Onkyo Integra TA-2048 - gregorysaint's review


    K7 simple platinum. Integra range. The upscale Onkyo. I don 't use it that occasionally. Very reliable product. Internal components of superior quality. Made in Japan. …

  • Nakamichi LX3

    Nakamichi LX3 - " LX3"


    Magnificent machine of great quality. Equipped with a small fade effect at the beginning or the end of recording. The width of the device can be prevent the return of some furniture. …

  • Marantz Professional CP230

    Marantz Professional CP230 - " The rolex tape decks reporting"


    I own this board for almost 25 years, it works like new while all my DAT HS are long, I still use it even if I have newer systems. It is comparable to the Sony TC-D5 (which also owns) and more tweaks: bias, MPX Fiter. It is at once a little lar…

  • Nakamichi RX-202E

    Nakamichi RX-202E - " Excellent"


    In the 80's were the top NAKAMICHI cassette magneto general public it is no exception to the rule, I was fortunate to find a new one in about 2000 I bought it immediately. No regrets, while the mechanical quality steel ensures perfect stability scr…

  • Sony TC-D5

    Sony TC-D5 - " About this product ..."


    It's funny, I bought two on eBay in the space of fifteen days. That and the pro version. They are both amazing! I listen to my old recordings Island forty years ago and have not aged ... …