Dave Smith Instruments Prophet '08 Desktop

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet '08 Desktop

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Prophet '08 Desktop, Analog Synth Rack/Sound Module from Dave Smith Instruments.

4 user reviews
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Dave Smith Instruments Prophet '08 Desktop tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Dave Smith Instruments
  • Model: Prophet '08 Desktop
  • Category: Analog Synth Racks/Sound Modules
  • Added in our database on: 08/27/2008

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Dave Smith Instruments Prophet '08 Desktop user reviews

Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 4 reviews )
 4 reviews100 %
Value For Money :

chapolin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A very good synth"

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet '08 Desktop
The good point in the characteristics is the knobs. Here is really good. So we're really in the sound.

Another good point with regard to me, if we do not use the filter envelope so we can dedicate it to anything else, which is done by the third envelope, envelopes 2 completely free for all in the matrices modulations (knowing that you can also use the envelope vac).

Another good surprise discovery afterwards, you can use two sounds at the same time. So with one's possibilities are already very high, with two sounds here really becomes super-creative (although from 8 to 4 voices and I have not tried it yet after 2 years of use).


The knobs make everything very smooth and fast, it's easy and is completely immersed in the production of sound (even if there is still some menus matrix sequencer etc.).


The sound is warm and endearing. Very beautiful and now it can be very destroy. This is a real musical instrument and I do not get tired, on the contrary! We can do everything and more time passes, the more I realize new opportunities which it may not be so typical that the first few uses.
The filter is very cool.


I hesitated to buy it but in the end I think I'll never part with it. Irreplaceable! I admit that I would like to compare with prophet12 and why Dave Smith himself said to audiofanzine that 12 is the best tool ...

Ikkini's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Soft and warm"

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet '08 Desktop
The Prophet '08 module has 4 audio outputs (two stereo groups). Headphone output (which could have been more convenient front). The inputs for sustain and expression pedals. The trio MIDI in / out / thru and an output Polychain for those who are limited by the 8 ways of the craft!

This synth works almost like the old: 1 button = 1 function. With some exceptions, but the screen is very clear that we have never s to "engage in sub-menu pages. Can not get lost in editing a patch!

You can back up your patches in 2 banks of 128 presets. as well say at once that there is plenty to do!

The Prophet '08 can be seen as two synths with 4 channels of polyphony, indeed, we are free to use all 8 channels to create the patch, or use 4 and 4 is to split the keyboard is to enrich the by superimposing the two patches.

Each channel has two oscillators, noise generator and a resonant low pass filter switchable to 12 or 24 dB.

Modulation level, the possibilities are immense! Three envelopes, four LFOs, sequencers 4 events!

Add to that a comprehensive arpeggiator and you can already imagine the hours that you can move on to pummel the beast!

Come on, we will be choosy and say that a multimode filter lowpass, bandpass, highpass and notch would have made the synth even more exciting!


To use it is happiness, knowing exactly what you want to do or make you want to experience random, handling is very intuitive!

We may regret the race encoders a bit strange ... Sometimes long, too long that it's hard to manage the acceleration when you want to manipulate the sounds live. But I find that there is still fast enough and it allows interventions on fairly thin sound.

I heard about many problems with the encoders who drop out, but I have not had the problem on mine.


For sound, this is something very subjective ... Personally, it is what I wanted: a retro sound very organic and imitating the old cuckoos I love so much in such compositions Carpenter. Groundwater creamy and scalable at will. Deep bass without ever being aggressive.

The overall sound is very soft and slow envelopes prevent create sounds aggressive even in Unison mode in which sound is of a great power without being fit in there!

This is a very subtle and warm, while the filter is 12 dB it can create layers of very soft, very velvety.

The possibilities of modulation (and even more by using the Stack mode) can create very complex and evolving sounds.

The patches that are present in the base machine does not render him homage and unfortunately it will spend a lot of hours to program its own settings.


I use it for a year. I have not compared with equivalent models, because I did not find anything analog with as many knobs and polyphony in a machine of this size and at this price. DSI has been strong with this synth at very attractive price for the polyphonic analog.

I used a Polylite MFB which had the advantage of taking up very little room for 4 voice polyphony (and cost a pittance). But the potential of P'08 and analog oscillators have obviously replaced the Polylite.

I can not imagine parting of the Prophet '08, even if I found an equivalent machine that sounds as good, it would be too large to live with me, either possess fewer knobs ...

ptiju87's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet '08 Desktop
I will not repeat the full specifications, it is available on the website of ISD, but I wanted to supplement the previous opinion on a few small points:

-The number of modulations to 4 (by layer) are those freely assignable, but there are 5 others whose source is fixed (but not the destination): the modulation wheel, velocity, aftertouch, the DC "breath "(No. 2) and the" foot control "(which I suppose must match the cc # 4)

-There is a freely assignable envelope, but there are still two others (always layer) assigned respectively to the filter and vca (same as!)
It also all have a delay

-The sequencer (which has 4 tracks) is not a gate sequencer: it is intended to allow automation on controllers, not to trigger notes

-The pots are actually endless encoders, and they are (it must be said) of (very) poor quality and not necessarily very pleasant ... Version "pot edition" (I think his name is) has for its real potentiometers, which solves that for me is the major flaw of prophet08

-By the way: the velocity is also available without going through the game for the modulation filter, VCA and envelope 3. on to the pitch, it is also available for the filter

-The filter has an encoder called "audio mod" that allows to modulate the frequency with the signal from the oscillators (linear FM)

-Some small "plus" in bulk: there is a CV input / pedal and a sustain pedal, there is at the vca knob a "pan spread" pan that (more or less depending on the setting) notes each one side on a rotating basis (for example, an agreement of 4 ratings: two out "left" and two "right"), there is a DIN 5 pins to connect to another prophet08 (or Mopho or tetra) To expand the polyphony

And finally, one of the highlights was my taste of this synth: you can play two patches (it is bi-timbral could be said so) completely independently of each other with a polyphony of 4 channels and each layer has a stereo out clean (or both are routed to the hand if nothing is connected to the second pair of jack)


Who has already handled a synthesizer, is simple to use that same edition of the sounds ...
The manual is concise


We arrive in the heart of the matter:

Who takes the trouble to grind some gear, it's hard not to find something pleasant to listen
Each search of sounds I'm surprised (pleasantly) by the synthesizer ... it makes you want to use it in the records or we did not expect ...
We like to play fast very different stamps, make agreements

Of course there is no built-in effects and sounds are not "realistic"


I use the prophet for some months now
I purchased it to add a grain of different machines available to me already (bass station, V-synth, virus, proteus ,...) and I'm not disappointed with this purchase (it's the least that can be said)

For an analog synthesizer with two stamps, each with four voice polyphony, the price / quality ratio seems very good (especially if like me you buy used)

Of course as pointed out by E-play, do not expect a monster or another omega8 expensive. But the price, features and sounds make this a very attractive machine.

Despite these encoders I cursed remake that choice again (especially now that I started to like!)

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet '08 Desktop
For specifications, visit Dave Smith, he probably will be more comprehensive than what I can tell you a few lines.

To make it simple and easy:

Polyphonic Synthesizer Rack 8-channel, multi timbral 2 shares, 4 assignable LFOs, 4 modules, Arpeggiator, Gate Sequencer, plus an envelope assignable to any parameter. Endless knobs.

1 In / Out / Thru noon, 2 stereo audio.

Everything is perfect sauuuuuuf these famous knobs:

1. The race is super long (trop. .....)
2. They are marked by a line when the race is endless (ie the volume pot tells you a position that does not reflect the real setting of the parameter)

For that I put 9 and not 10;)


We find ourselves in a configuration equal button function, and this is the great advantage of this synth Magré its numerous functionalities still quite affordable.

The sound editing is so easy enough, although the number of functions outlined above makes it possible to go very very far!

The manual is simple and effective, but not hyper developed my fourth synth so I began to know!

Both simple but powerful possibilities of modulation and high programming, I say this leaves 9, again because of those pesky knobs endless bother me when I work, giving me false information ... (Explained below)


That is the most interesting:

I bought this synth for a complete setup already pretty well stocked: Viusa TI, Nord Rack 3 and Moog Voyager.

My use: Tablecloths, leads, basses and polyphonic sounds in general.

I am very satisfied with the sound of this machine! I found what I was looking for but I also discover sounds that I do not suspect him!

I went to leave my travel deal but the low dive prophet of pride made me see all the color.

Poly tablecloths and leads are colorful and have the characters, the modulations can aporte that little extra and we want originality.

At this price, it is a small rack with a big heart that we took out dave smith


I use it for a week I'm on vacation so I had time to tamper with the property.


- Sound
- The hyper-advanced modulation capabilities (4 LFOs, 4 MODS, 1 ENV, arpeggios, SEQ GATE)
- The look
- The size
- The price


- The knobs endless running too long and spotted ...

My rating takes into account the price of course, at this price the rack polyphonic multitimbral should not expect that much omega 8 but I frankly find it notes the challenge well!!

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet '08 Desktop news

[NAMM] DSI Prophet '08 Module

[NAMM] DSI Prophet '08 Module

Published on 01/18/08
Dave Smith Instruments unveils the desktop version of their Prophet '08.

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