Roland GR-20
Roland GR-20

GR-20, Audio/MIDI Converter from Roland in the GR series.

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All user reviews for the Roland GR-20

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 23 reviews )
 9 reviews39 %
 13 reviews57 %
Value For Money : Excellent

theaudioandvideoguy's review"get a new sound"

Roland GR-20
The Roland GR 20 is an guitar synthesizer that you must own if you play the electric guitar. it’s a complete system that has a great selection of sounds like strings, organ , synths and many more. Editing everything on the Roland GR 20 couldn’t be easier either with the quick editing knobs like chorus and release / delay. The Roland GR 20 also has some of the newest and latest sounds that come on other Roland products. If you are a Les Paul type guitar player there is an attachment plate for you as well.


There was a little learning curve me to get familiar with the unit itself. It wasn’t difficult but I didn’t read any manuals so I just started messing around with it it. Using it is painless but it was one of the first type of pieces of gear like this that I have ever used so it too me a while to really get the feel and flow of how it works and what each knob does and how well it does it. But after a few hours I had no further problems. It was even fun just doing the trial and error method because I was able to create some really neat sounds. It really brought my creativity out.


Sounds are good, it has some sax, flute, and brass just to name a few. Everything seems to sound pretty realistic as well. Most Roland sounds do sound authentic and they have carried that over to the Roland GR 20.


Overall, if you are in need of a guitar synthesiser then this could be the one you need to get. It cost a little more than what I was expecting and most of Rolands products arent cheap so I do expect it to hold up for me for a long time. Only time will tell how well built it is, I havent dropped it yet so that is a plus. I am looking forwared to some more synths for guitars that roland will come out with in the future.
heads on fire10/21/2011

heads on fire's review"Very nice entry synth for the money."

Roland GR-20
*Affordable guitar synthesizer with new sounds, easy interface, and GK-3 pickup

*Easy to use: select a sound category (Strings, Organ, Synth, etc.) and play!

*Quick editing via Attack, Release, Chorus, and Delay/Reverb knobs

*Digital pitch detection for lightning-fast tracking

*Includes Roland's latest sounds like sax, strings, flute, brass, bass and percussion loops

*Includes an adjustable curve design and pickup cable length, plus an attachment plate for Les Paul guitars

*Patch Link enables easy connection with MIDI-capable multi-effects such as the GT-6

*Includes built-in expression pedal

*Built-in effects such as reverb, delay


The synth is fairly easy to figure out, but one still needs to have the manual there to figure out all the extra functioning. The digital display only shows patch number information, nothing more, so navigating the deeper functions takes some reading. This is not a bad thing - it is a deep, technologically advanced unit, and should be treated as such. But it's not such a steep learning curve that one couldn't jump right in and make good sounds, provided that they have the proper pickup (GK3 or GK2A) installed properly.

It can be a bit annoying travelling from one patch to another, as you basically have just up or down with the secondary functions of the 2 stomp pedals or using the patch toggle on the GK pickup. One can get around this annoyance by saving useful patches to the User bank, next to each other, or by getting a seperate midi footcontroller to navigate the banks more quickly.


The first thing that needs to be done with this is to install the GK synth pickup on the guitar. The GR-20 will not track notes without one, so proper installation is necessary. It can be a tiny headache figuring it all out, getting the proper spacing to get the pickup height at the right setting, as well as deciding whether or not to mount permanently or use the double-sided tape. But once this minor inconvenience is hurdled, the GR-20 unit provides loads of fun, inspiring sounds.


The Roland GR-20 used to be one of the top line guitar synth units from Roland. It can be found now on the used market for a song, and provides an excellent variety of quality tones. The organ, synth lead, and pad sounds were the most inspiring to me. The piano sounded a bit tinny, and the brass sounded a bit "80s cheeseball", but the organ, pad, and synth sounds are absolutely enough to get me shredding on this for hours at a time.

One great feature is that one can use a midi out to a sequencer program, and just play the data in - no more tedious programming note by note! That right there is worth the price of admission if one likes to sequence, and the sounds are just the icing on the cake. I like this unit a lot, and I highly recommend checking one out if you can.

legwenosor's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent!"

Roland GR-20
see the net!


config and installation of GK03 can be done quickly to make the system work relatively quickly.
the manual clear and filled info


the device does not require particular implementation except qq basic settings the first time.

The GK03 is mounted in a double-sided first time on my telecaster to try the machine and see a little how it all behaves.

I intend to mount it on my les paul thereafter.


I've had ... one week!!!
I think it's great!

sounds or piccolo saxophone with guitar ... it's just excellent!!
just for fun device worth (170 € mine with GK03 sensor included!)

actually play other instruments with guitar requires some adaptation but it can be fun quickly!!

I'll try to insert qq sounds of live .. see!

In any case, I do not regret buying the machine.

Humanoide70's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Professional equipment within the reach of all"

Roland GR-20
Has a complete connection and nothing is missing. GK connection my Godin was made for this. Remained just connect to an amp.


Configuration and simple manual and portends huge potential. The programming is against a fairly high level while remaining simple.


A simple and all instrumentation twelve o'clock installation is available from a guitar amp ... What happiness!


Fairly regular use, use more home externally. The choice fell on this product, because at the time, and especially at the meeting, some suggested taking a product-type GK. Despite the lack of choice, this is more appropriate. No regrets except that the lack of choice at the time.

MrFlashh's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" it sounds like an arranger"

Roland GR-20
already said ...


simply because very few parameters ... too little!


sensor installation is very simple tune-o-matic


ahh .. sound ..
I would say that it sounds very good, but there is a wide pannel of preconfigured sounds (little changed ..)

but hey, that bends to react properly, control the six-string equivalent of six synths nonophoniques (passk must be independent pitch bend for each string)

accompaniments to play with polyphonic sounds kind piano, organ, se .. or sounds of violins ... it's ok (and brass are also nice)

but the funky lead acid or low, better a Electroharmonix (without sensor but monaural)

croqueur64's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Vreel a pleasure"

Roland GR-20
converting audio / midi + internal synthesizer
need a series of micro roland GK ..


use is very simple .. if you follow the first adjustment to the microphone and the perfect tuning of the guitar with the tuner built

complete manual .. and we just try a few minute without problems.


Installation fast .. nothing was wrong ..


6 months of use
when we tried it ... it does not separate any more ..
feature .. play the piano or saxophone on a fretboard is a real pleasure ..

swan_kashmir's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" ideal to start the guitar twelve o'clock"

Roland GR-20
A few tweaks will be necessary.
GK3 The sensor is installed perfectly on a Les Paul. Everything is provided: bars both sides to stick the sensor (on strato & Co. only), tools for sensor settings, cables ... the same adapter to attach to Les Paul.

Output jack guitar> sensor GK3> GR20> guitar amp & PA

The signal is carried by the guitar cable with GR20 orders noon. This is the GR20 which separates the signals to send only the scratches on his amplifier via mono jack. The midi sounds out of 2 mono jacks (L + R).
Input jack for stereo (2 mono).
I / O noon.


Manual very clear. Actually we do not need the manual to begin to use immediately. 2 rotary used to select the sample set MIDI and patch in the bank: simplicity itself.
The manual will be useful to sustain the possibilities, glide and the expression pedal. One can easily get all types of config according to the piece to play.
The little mod to do (attack, release, chorus, reverb / echo) on the south are easily adjusted by rotating 4. For more advanced settings (resonnance, +-2oct, ...) is done in menus-simple, ie there are few parameters with few choices to be so SIMPLE.


Not thru noon, damage.
Cable GK5 not very flexible. It comes folded instead of being wound. Be careful not to step on it! It is more fragile than a jack and much rarer. You can have bad contacts because of this cable (or because of the sensor ...)

Otherwise this unit is made for guitarists. It is not complicated to use! And controls to bring up many possibilities of play


In service for 4 years without problems, apart from poor contact on the case on this guitar.
I do not regret my purchase. It was the best offer "all inclusive" sensor + Sound Module + foot control.
Moreover, we can always control sounds more pro from noon.
A well-designed solution with a price drop may be with the arrival of new more efficient models in the same brand.
lulu m03/21/2012

lulu m's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" for the price there is no better!"

Roland GR-20
I would have preferred 24-bit sound (sounds a little lack of depth) but for that price .. very correct!




I had a little worry to install the sensor on my Ergodyne but with a few tweaks everything is nickel.


5 years utilisage. Always. I never left!

BeNiJi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good synth"

Roland GR-20
I used the GR-20 be with my with my electric Godins either using an old GK2 provided at the time with the GR-50. The cable is always the same (13 pin). It now exists as the GK3 converter but I've never tried.


The manual is clear, the configuration is very simple it's plug and play.


Once connected you must set the sensitivity of the sensor so that the operation is optimal


J have used this model for 4-5 years, I also have a GR-50. But the quality of samples of GR-20 is really terrible. I sold mine because I make music oriented flamenco, Latin so when I bring my synth repeats they look at me weird. For use can be combined with a synth guitar sound without changing his way of play or only play synth in this case you must not think "game" but guitar synth. If I still had my training in Jazz Rock I will again this choice without prob.

Phaz974's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Well, not great!"

Roland GR-20
Already said before
Tracking good (not perfect)
Cons by some sounds very spoiled


Use at let's say it's a toy!


The hardest part of all this is to properly position the sensor. After everything worked right away!
I was very impressed by the latency: one feels, but it is almost zero!


Well let's say I bought it was however hier.Cela 5 years I wanted a guitar synthesizer (as the great guitarist Metheny was the first I've heard when I started playing guitar, I'm still a fan ) and that I suck on keyboards (actually I do not want to learn lol) then voila! At least it increases your vision of the game, you can do a whole piece yourself, into several tracks, of course ^ ^ (there is a patch mm battery!)
Too bad the sound editing is more advanced, and that the sounds are very similar!