Terratec Producer Axon AX 100 mk2

Terratec Producer Axon AX 100 mk2

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Axon AX 100 mk2, Audio/MIDI Converter from Terratec Producer.

3 user reviews
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Terratec Producer Axon AX 100 mk2 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Terratec Producer
  • Model: Axon AX 100 mk2
  • Category: Audio/MIDI Converters
  • Added in our database on: 02/26/2007

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Terratec Producer Axon AX 100 mk2 user reviews

Average Score:3.8( 3.8/5 based on 3 reviews )
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 1 user review33 %
 1 user review33 %

Spawn-X's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"A must have some aging properties ..."

Terratec Producer Axon AX 100 mk2
-What is the connection?
Crane: Guitar Input format DIN 13-pin (input GK), Headphone
Back: Guitar Output (Jack TS 6.35), Switch Hold Pedal (Sustain Pedal TS6.35), Switch Pedal Chain (6.35TS preset chaining), EXP.PEDALS (2x TRS6.35): EXP1 and EXP2 (for two expression pedal), MIDI In (DIN 5-pin), MIDI Thru (5-pin Din) MIDI Out (DIN 5-pin), 2 OUT jacks SoundBoard TS 6.35, 12VAC Power.

MIDI conversion based on transient analysis triggered by the guitarist. It might not seem pompous, but it is important to understand what this means. A guitar string does not vibrate so obviously we imagine. Take for example a look at this video to better understand:

We often think of just the string vibrates in a more or less simple sine based on a single belly and vibrating on a single axis. Idle this video clearly shows how much shoves his finger in the eye socket. According to the contact point of the pick (or finger) on the length of the string, the vibration behavior of the latter evolves. This is what the AXON rely to allow, for example, the implementation of the Pick function Split. A moment of reflection to all these variables should be sufficient to give you a glimpse of the importance tune the detection parameters of your GK.


-The general configuration is simple?
The internal display is a bit small but in the standard battery of its kind at the time of release of this model. It still allows the programming of the machine, but it is tedious. Better to use the editor to do software that is more ergonomic.

-The usual functions are they easily accessible?
Yes, but as said above, it remains evident through the software.
Still, to quickly change a parameter specific situation or live again, it is playable without the publisher directly, but to conditions familiar menus / submenus. Without it, get ready to sail long minutes before finding what you're looking for. The publisher no longer updated, you may end up one of these four to be unable to rotate. Anyway, an old laptop in Win XP should still be able to buy secondhand in many years, therefore, do not panic. Remains a problem. If you decide to carry a laptop as you live with for easy editing, you should keep in mind that the AX100 does not connect to the computer via its MIDI format DIN terminal, therefore, via an external MIDI interface. However, in this case, it's cheese or dessert because unless your interface is able to function also as MIDI patch, you can not easily serve you both MIDI conversion functions of the AX and let connected to his editor software. It remains possible, but at the cost of a somewhat heavy-based Merger and Thrubox. Or, based on a large MIDI interface style MIDIEXPRESS Motu XT USB like mine and some software MIDI routing MIDI-OX.

WARNING: What I will say here is valid for ALL converters Guitar> MIDI. Do not expect to get an idea of ​​what kind of constructive device in minutes test in a store. Such a device requires up to several weeks of fine tuning to optimize the interaction with the guitar and / or the pickup that the latter team. If you watched the Youtube link I gave in the previous section, you understand that the proper functioning of a converter, all models and brands all together involves patience and logic to understand what can possibly ask problem. Besides all couples guitar / sensor hexa not necessarily behave the way m ^ m. We must therefore keep a cool head and not get a definitive idea without taking the time it takes. You are warned ...

-The manual is clear and sufficient?
Clearly, yes, but not necessarily sufficient. Regarding the basic functions of the AX, it is relatively complete, but sometimes the explanations are a bit light on features that deserve demonstration examples. Moreover, far above the possibilities to compete in terms of the function layer splits and also imply that the novice user will quickly get lost. Thus, if not ultra complicated to program a patch containing only a single sound, damn things can get complicated once one seeks to exploit the full potential of the beast. Better to be endowed with a spirit of logic synthesis and without which we will soon play frisbee with the case. This is especially true since most of the time, this machine is aimed at guitarists, this is the heart of a target that is not often accustomed to using multiple MIDI synthesizers or expanders with whatever that means to manage messages on different channels. Without a solid understanding of the world such as MIDI know our friends keyboardists, guitarist more customary means of plug and play a tube amp could pass a tough time. If however the adventure tempts you, arm yourself with patience, and above all, lean seriously on the functioning of a system such as MIDI keyboardists consider. In this area, unfortunately, if your only experience of the world comes down to MIDI using Cubase VST or basic use of a footswitch, you may often misunderstood ...


As stated above, the sensitivity settings of the pickup are more important than everything else. From this flows the stability of tracking. It is therefore the most sensitive point at which it is imperative to give maximum attention. Then, depending on the type of sound-driven, response and tracking may vary. We must therefore take time to adjust and readjust according to each sound that you plan to use.
Thus it may happen that we do not understand why an electric piano sound works perfectly whereas with an acoustic piano sound we fail to prevent double triggers of attacks pick. Everything comes from the pickup settings!

Once past this hurdle, the programming of sounds (preset), strictly speaking, can begin. And here we may encounter some difficulties in understanding customers involved in the synth.
A single preset can for example allow to control up to 12 different sounds depending on the position of play on the guitar. This can quickly become quite difficult to understand. We must therefore seriously consider the operating logic of the AX before hoping to draw more than the preset monotimbrals.

It is possible to control up to 12 different sounds from the guitar.
Splits by strings (common in competition) allowing for example to have a bass sound on the E and A strings while playing a keyboard sound on the other 4 strings.
Splits per box (already less common) to have, for example, a piano in the fifth box, an electric piano sound from the 5th to the 10th, and a Moog sound from the 11th.
Splits in the pick position along the length of the string (here, the competition is just non-existent ...) for example have a piano in pickant near the bridge, a violin sound pickant in the middle, or sound in gimbarde pickant near the handle.
But above all, the great strength of AXON is that these three basic functions can be combined!

A word on Pick Split function that is m ^ m ultra something useful. Not content to allow the change of type of sound depending on the position of the pick as I have described, if it also needs to generate a Control Change message that varies, you'll understand that depending on position the pick. I personally use a lot this feature to control the opening of a filter and thus generate wah effects that evolve according to my rhythm. Or, to control the level of a surround effect such as reverb or delay. Or, my guilty pleasure, to control the speed of modulation effects such as Rotary, a Univibe, or a phaser or flanger. This is a real treat! It is obviously possible to assign the controller thus obtained at various synth parameters. For example, one or other of the segment of a ADSR envelope, or, the speed of a portamento. In short, it's just a pure pleasure to use!


-How long you use it?
Since 2007.

-What is so special that you love the most, least?
The pros:
-The ease of programming software
-The quality / speed of the tracking
-The possibilities of checks and splits huge!
CHAIN-function that creates a kind of "playlists" that brings together several preset and scroll independently of their position in the memories
-The arpeggiator that allows programming of entire sentences can play an accompaniment in real time according to what we play on the guitar
-The presence of a small programmable drum machine that can help in some cases
-The presence of a chromatic tuner readable facade
-The ability to store multiple guitars in profiles
-The only limit is imposed by your imagination

The -:
-Relative apparent fragility of the GK connector (as most machines anyway)
The display-a little too light but typical of the period
-Relative complexity of the beast
-It is no longer produced
-Terratec does not seem very hot to release a new more modern ...

-Did you tried many other models before buying it?

Guitarist for 25 years, right from the beginning I was attracted to the guitar-synths. So I spent a number, yes. In no particular order: AX100 (Blue Ship), GR300 original GR33, G50, GI20, Korg X911, and many others I forget ...

-How would you rate the quality / price?
Rather good considering the original price of the first model of the time Blue Ship (about € 1,500 in early 2000), unfortunately, he began to accuse the coup technologically. With modern processors, one could imagine that Terratec is able to return the AXON technology up to date and we get an even more powerful. Alas, the market niche that is the MIDI converter market is probably not profitable enough and probably too busy with some pumps money like that Roland is still content to ride on their success instead of innovating. The AX100 is probably not technologically perfect, but everyone I've had in my hands, it remains the most reliable hand tracking and most complete side programming flexibility and control. I think he'll still be enthroned for many years in my flight case ...

g_ryckeboer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Terratec Producer Axon AX 100 mk2
A / D conversion (normal) to output Midi and D / A to output audio (for the internal synth)
13 pin Midi Guitar normalized,
MIDI In, Out and Through Obviously
between micro
2 audio jacks (L / R) for the bank's internal)
guitar output jack (for the channel's audio cable 13 pin)
2 inputs for expression pedals
between one to sustain pedals
entrepdale a "chain"


To Start, I have not had any particular problem (aside from the fact that c'tait fairly new to me).


The machine is complex, but, although beginners because of the problem "Midi Guitar," I did not put the wrong way: plug play year:-D
since it is the internal synth, you can play right away without having to connect a computer or MIDI synth presets and yammer using split, we can quickly test.
For connection Midi idem, plug and play.
APRS has become more complex if you really want to use the machine back, but it is normal because the possibilities are numerous (and impressive, I think you it). The manual is just me parat limit or can be addressed-there some experienced users. This forces gather information for the South, but given the possibility of the machine, it's not a waste of time (and can be used elsewhere!:-D)
Once past the start simple, I miss a good grip for beginners, but unfortunately it is not, and far from it, a particular feature of the AX100, the cases are quite contrary rare


Cel is a year 1 / 2 l 've bought that and I actually started using it just now (but with the same test when srieusement, especially before you buy).
I use it in fact with a bouzouki (double strings instrument of the mandolin family, but larger;)
and since we can not find a MIDI instrument on the market cel took me almost two years to find a solution, namely a luthier who franais t able to get to.
This is the moment of a comment gnral
I test on my first acoustic instrument (guitar, bouzouki) with micro Yamaha G1D;
I use it very recently, waiting for a bouzouki Midi manufacturing (luthier required since there is none on the market.
I had previously bought a used Yamaha G50, then a Roland GI10, and in fact I did not believe t, the latency as for my use, much too long.
My big surprise with the AX100 mk2 Has the latency for which there is no picture!
The possibility of split are also impressive, but I did not really test for the moment, the other converters I Seeing me up dcourag Submitted to venture into the field noon. I have no exprience of the latest products from the competition, which may be made progress since. Nanmoins the few opinions including that of the luthier who made my bouzouki and I left the AX confirm my impression.
Consquent price, but I think justified

To be continued - I complterai occasion when I have more express bte :-)
A dtour by the test indicated parat me ;-)

da-real-kikos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Terratec Producer Axon AX 100 mk2
FRO ...


Hmm ....


mmmmhhh ...


I use it since 2008 and frankly I call it a stew, the tracking is beyond the disastrous eighth at 120 the machine packs, recognizes a note on 10, made tûûût squeaker and not in the catalog I desperately try to use it with different external synthesizer (viruses, mc505, Alesis Micron, Korg R3) updated the firmware solved my microphone with onions, spend days fine tuning my game and .. nothing done is total anarchy except of course if we make tablecloths kitsch jazz-rock chorus with a 2 balls ... (Tracking is better in the treble)
In short, a gimmick to make baluchi and nothing more ... Electronic music lover go your way!

I thought that making the mass with my bare electro bass ... well Chuis cluttered with crap like that ...

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