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FabFilter Audio Plug-ins user reviews

  • FabFilter Pro-DS

    FabFilter Pro-DS - "Sibilance be gone"


    De-esser's are very common these days, it seems every audio company under the sun have their own version of a De-esser plugin. They all do pretty much the same thing - eliminate sibilant 'esss' and 'efff' sounds of vocal recordings that are normally …

  • FabFilter Simplon

    FabFilter Simplon - "Double Team"


    This plugin runs perfectly fine on a Mac Pro Duo running Snow Leopard and Logic 9. There is no need for a manual. This basically a simple filter plugin that gives you control of two filters on the same channel. The general configuration is simple…

  • FabFilter Pro-Q

    FabFilter Pro-Q - "Vibrant and pleasing"


    This is run on a Mac Pro Duo running Snow Leopard and Logic 9. No need for a manual if you have ever use a GUI based EQ plugin, which most DAW's these days include. The interface is like all FabFilter plugins, easy to read and navigate. This one i…

  • FabFilter Pro-C

    FabFilter Pro-C - "Very Versatile Compressor"


    This is used mainly on a Mac Pro Duo running Snow Leopard. If you are familiar with compression than you will not need a manual. This plugin has the standard compression components including hard/soft knee and the ability to toggle between Clean, O…

  • FabFilter Micro

    FabFilter Micro - "Very smooth for a digital filter"


    We use this on a Mac Pro duo with snow leopard, Logic 9 and Ableton 8. There has been no issues to date. You will not need a manual for this plugin if you are familiar with a basic lowpass/highpass filter. It's a simple but solid plugin. The int…

  • FabFilter Timeless 2

    FabFilter Timeless 2 - moosers's review


    The FabFilter Timeless 2 plug-in is a piece of unique and versatile delay software for DAW’s of all types. FabFilter has a little known but very nice collection of plug-ins for all applications, with this one being one of the only delay plug-ins the…

  • FabFilter Simplon

    FabFilter Simplon - moosers's review


    The FabFilter Simplon is a basic two band filter plug-in that is essentially a simplified version of FabFilter's Volcano 2 filter plug-in. I'm not the owner of the version of this plug-in that I've used, rather a producer who I'm an assistant to has…

  • FabFilter Pro-C

    FabFilter Pro-C - moosers's review


    The FabFilter Pro-C is an extremely flexible and unique compression plug-in that is available for all systems and platforms as far as I can tell. I don't own the plug-in myself, although I sure wish I did! Since I don't yet own it, I can't speak to…

  • FabFilter Pro-L

    FabFilter Pro-L - moosers's review


    The FabFilter Pro-L is a high quality limiter plug-in that is available for DAW’s across the board. I didn’t really know too much about Fab Filter until someone I work with hipped me to them and I’ve been using them within his set up ever since (I’m…

  • FabFilter Pro-Q

    FabFilter Pro-Q - moosers's review


    The FabFilter Pro-Q is an in depth equalizer/filter plug-in. It's available for both Mac and PC operating systems and in VST, AU, or RTAS formats. I don't own this plug-in, so I wasn't the one to install it. I work as an assistant engineer for a p…