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Fxpansion Audio Plug-ins news

  • FXpansion launches Holiday Sales
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    FXpansion launches Holiday Sales

    11/24/14 in Fxpansion BFD 3

    FXpansion did not wait until Black Friday to launch its promotion period, which runs until December 31st.

  • Friday's Freeware: Double Treat
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    Friday's Freeware: Double Treat

    07/19/13 in Fxpansion Single Mault SE

    Two nice new plug-ins have been released this week: a new tube amp at Ignite Amps and a distortion effect from FXpansion.

  • FXpansion introduces the Bloom delay plug-in

    FXpansion introduces the Bloom delay plug-in

    02/26/13 in Fxpansion Bloom

    As announced yesterday, FXpansion adds a new plug-in to its catalog. Bloom is dedicated to delay, with diffusion and modulation features.

  • Fxpansion DCAM ChanComp Rack Extension

    Fxpansion DCAM ChanComp Rack Extension

    11/25/12 in Fxpansion DCAM ChanComp Rack Extension

    FXpansion has announced the release of its DCAM ChanComp Rack Extension for Reason, a circuit-modelled channel compressor.

  • FXpansion DCAM EnvShaper

    FXpansion DCAM EnvShaper

    10/05/12 in Fxpansion DCAM EnvShaper

    FXpansion has released DCAM EnvShaper Rack Extension, a new processor for controlling transients in your Reason projects.

  • Fxpansion Maul

    Fxpansion Maul

    09/30/12 in Fxpansion Maul

    FXpansion has released Maul, a multi-band distortion and tone-shaping plug-in with modulation.

  • Fxpansion DCAM Dynamics Suite
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    Fxpansion DCAM Dynamics Suite

    07/17/12 in Fxpansion DCAM Dynamics

    FXpansion presents a suite of four dynamics plugins.

  • [Musikmesse] Fxpansion Etch

    [Musikmesse] Fxpansion Etch

    03/23/12 in Fxpansion Etch

    FXpansion has released Etch, a filtering effect that also features distortion and compression stages.