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  • [NAMM] Audix D6 Anniversary edition

    [NAMM] Audix D6 Anniversary edition

    01/15/15 in Audix D6 Anniversary Limited Edition

    Audix closed the celebrations of its 30th anniversary with a special edition of its D6 kick microphone, which is limited to 750 copies worldwide.

  • Audix announces the DP4 mic kit

    Audix announces the DP4 mic kit

    09/23/14 in Audix DP4

    Audix will launch in October the new DP4 microphone kit for drums and instruments.

  • Audix Amped-Up sweepstake
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    Audix Amped-Up sweepstake

    09/11/14 in Contests

    Audix partnered with Dunlop, Orange Amps and G&L to offer one lucky winner more than $6400 of guitar gear.

  • Audix F50 Series

    Audix F50 Series

    07/14/12 in Audix f50

    Audix has expanded the series by adding two models for various applications.

  • Symco to Distribute Audix

    Symco to Distribute Audix

    06/19/12 in Audix

    Audix has appointed Symco as its representative for the states of Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and the District of Columbia.

  • Audix M40, M55 & M70 Ceiling Mics

    Audix M40, M55 & M70 Ceiling Mics

    06/15/12 in Audix M40

    Audix has developed three ceiling microphones for the installation market: The M40, M55 and M70.

  • Audix on DW Collector's Drumset

    Audix on DW Collector's Drumset

    04/08/12 in DW Drums 40th Anniversary Tamo Ash Exotic Collector’s Series

    Audix has been selected to provide a custom silver D6 kick drum mic, along with the May Monorail internal kick drum mic mounting system.

  • New Audix Band Packs

    New Audix Band Packs

    01/05/12 in Audix BP7 PRO

    Audix introduces a new concept: the Band Pack.

  • Audix FP QUAD Drum Pack

    Audix FP QUAD Drum Pack

    01/04/12 in Audix FP QUAD

    Audix launches the FP QUAD drum mic pack, an alternative to the DP QUAD drum mic pack introduced in 2011.

  • Audix TM1 Plus

    Audix TM1 Plus

    12/03/11 in Audix TM1 Plus

    Audix announces the introduction of the TM1 Plus, a combination kit which includes the TM1 measurement microphone, threaded acoustic windscreen, shock mount clip, ½ inch calibrator adaptor and microphone calibration data on CD.