Audix user reviews

  • Audix BP7 PRO

    Audix BP7 PRO - "nice - solid, well built."


    live & studio. OVERALL OPINION good tight pattern for stage, or multitracking a live-room. Fair price for a quality package that play nicely together as a set of mics. I chose the package for the range of mics to complement my mic-locker. I woul…

  • Audix VX5

    Audix VX5 - "Had to boost some frequencies"


    The Audix VX5 is a super cardioid condenser microphone that cost almost 250 dollars. I have used the VX5 on vocals and on an acoustic guitar. Some times when we record vocals with the VX5 we have to boost a lot of the higher frequencies because it is…

  • Audix D6

    Audix D6 - "found the sweet spot"


    The Audix D6 is a cardioid kick drum microphone that cost 200 dollars. It is very good and very affordable. We use to use a AKG kick drum microphone for a while and then went with a Shure microphone for the kick. Now we have the Audix D6 and wow, I …

  • Audix i5

    Audix i5 - "great with wood instruments"


    The Audix Limited Edition Silver i5 is the same as the original Audix i5. I have used both models and they are exactly the same, the only difference is that this Audix Limited Edition i5 is silver and the other Audix i5 was black. The Audix Limited E…

  • Audix OM7

    Audix OM7 - "Best in its class"


    The OM7 comes with a carrying pouch and a clip, it is well built and has a good finish to it that will make it hard to scratch or scuff. The Audix OM7 is a great live microphone, it is very natural and warm sounding while keeping the external noise …

  • Audix f90

    Audix f90 - "insufficient"


    After clipping this mic to the drum and seeing how easy it was to do that made me fall in love with the mic before I even heard how it was going to sound. it’s a very small tiny mic and can be clipped to pretty much any drum and record. The bad thing…

  • Audix i5

    Audix i5 - "great insrument mic"


    The Audix i5 was used in a studio that is on the other side of town that I go to a few times each month. It is an instrument mic and I must say it sounds great. It sounded so go it made me come home and look it up online and I was surprised that I ac…

  • Audix SCX25A

    Audix SCX25A - moosers's review


    The Audix SCX25A is a condenser microphone for recording with a unique circle shaped cage. I wouldn't recommend bringing it outside of the recording studio since it's not cheap and is indeed a condenser mic. The mic has a cardioid polar pick up pat…

  • Audix OM6

    Audix OM6 - "nice for home studio"


    The Audix OM6 was one of the first mics that I have ever used, I think I got it a radio shack. That is crazy that a mic this good was sold at radio shack a long time ago. Sonically the response has a nice presence peak in the upper mid range, but th…

  • Audix D3

    Audix D3 - Kierkes's review


    The Audix D3 is a microphone developed by Audix, to be part of the line of microphones that are meant to handle high sound pressure level applications. The Audix D3 is actually intended to be used on percussion, with its low profile, it is able to be…