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sw80 10/29/2012

Audix VX5 : sw80's user review

« Had to boost some frequencies »

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The Audix VX5 is a super cardioid condenser microphone that cost almost 250 dollars. I have used the VX5 on vocals and on an acoustic guitar. Some times when we record vocals with the VX5 we have to boost a lot of the higher frequencies because it is really full with the mids and lows but the highs don’t pop enough for us. This is not the case when we record acoustic instruments with the VX5. All of the acoustic recordings sound amazing and make us want to go out and buy more of the VX5’s.


The frequency response is 40Hz – 16.5kHz, and you can use this microphone for live or recording sessions. I think it sounds better in a live situation though, when using in a live setting the acoustic instruments sound really full and the sound travels. When used to record acoustic instruments with you can still get a little too much mid range and low range. It could just be personal preference but I like to have a little more highs and pop to any recording whether it be vocals or instruments.
I do not regret getting this microphone because of its live use, but for studio use I have to set this aside and pull out a different microphone. This microphone cannot compete with some of the other vocals studio microphones that we have on hand here. The VX5 does look nice, and it is well built. It seems to have the build to last a long time and it is made for the road. But the sound quality lacks some crucial points for us when recording.
Knowing what I know now I probably would not have got this microphone because it only gets limited use. It is still good to have it around though, but if I could go back I would have spent that money on a different microphone.