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Audix FP QUAD Drum Pack

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News Audix FP QUAD

Microphone Package from Audix belonging to the Fusion series

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Public price: $525 incl. VAT
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Audix launches the FP QUAD drum mic pack, an alternative to the DP QUAD drum mic pack introduced in 2011.

The FP QUAD pack is designed for use in club, rehearsal, school, House of Worship, and home recording environments.


The Audix FP QUAD drum mic pack is described as “the simplest, most effective combination of microphones needed to capture the depth and imaging of a full drum kit, ” according to Audix. The pack features the F6 dynamic microphone for kick drum, the F5 dynamic microphone for snare drum and two F9 condensers microphones for overhead applications.

The F5 and F6 are high SPL (Sound Pressure Level), dynamic microphones for close miking and capturing the attack and percussive sound of the drums. The F5 mic is designed to reinforce the depth and snap of the snare while the F6 mic is designed to deliver earthshaking lows through each strike of the kick drum.

The F9 pre-polarized, condenser microphone with its 14mm gold sputtered diaphragm, is suited for overhead applications. Depending upon the position, the F9 mic will pick up the high hats, tom fills, cymbals and ambiance of the entire drum kit.  Utilization of these two overhead mics will capture the transient sounds, tonality and balance of the kit, the company says.


The FP QUAD drum pack includes a stand adapter for each mic as well as a DFLEX rim mount clip for use with the f5 on the snare drum.


Pricing & Availability:

Packaged in an aluminum carrying case, the FP QUAD pack is available through authorized Audix dealers at a list price of $525.


Visit www.audixusa.com for more details and a demo video.

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