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Audix M40, M55 & M70 Ceiling Mics

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Audix M40
News Audix M40

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Public price: $375 incl. VAT
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Audix has developed three ceiling microphones for the installation market: The M40, M55 and M70.

According to the company, each microphone features high output, RF immunity, directivity, integrated low noise circuits, Plenum rated junction box and Phoenix connectors. 


Designed to capture and reproduce voice from an overhead ceiling height of eight to ten feet, the M40, M55 and M70  run on phantom voltage requirements of 18–52 volts and are said to have immunity from RF caused by cell phones and other GSM devices.


The M40 is a hanging style microphone with a flexible steel gooseneck which allows for directivity and positioning. Available in stock white finish and 6” and 12” lengths, the M40 features a modular capsule design with choice of cardioid, hypercardioid and supercardioid (shotgun) polar patterns. The M40 requires that a 5/8” hole be drilled, while the rest of the installation needs no additional tools. The threaded barrel of the M40 fits through the hole and is tightened with the bolt provided. The cable is terminated with a Phoenix connector and the mating connector is also provided to complete the cable path of the audio.


The M55, a hanging microphone based on the M1255, features an integrated cable receptacle designed to angle the microphone in the exact position required. The cable length can be adjusted via a strain relief located below the ceiling, stabilizing the cable from rotating once the desired position is achieved. As the microphone preamp circuitry is integrated into the body of the microphone, no external phantom power adapter is needed, as is usually the case for microphones of this size. The M55 is available in black or white with a variety of four different capsules and polar patterns.


The companion M70 offers a flush mount solution allowing the microphone to disappear from view. With a sensitivity rating of 38 millivolts, the M70 capsule is housed within a machined mechanism that enables the microphone to be aimed and focused up to an angle of 45 degrees from the source. The M70 terminates in a Phoenix connector and requires a 2” hole to be drilled for installation, while no other additional tools are needed. The M70 is available in stock white finish and satin nickel.


Pricing & Availability:

Audix ceiling microphones are exclusively available through a network of authorized contractors, installers and system integrators. List prices for the M40, M55 and M70 are $375, $450 and $490 respectively for the base models.


Visit www.audixusa.com for more details.

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