Ampeg SVT-3 Pro
Ampeg SVT-3 Pro

SVT-3 Pro, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Ampeg in the SVT Pro series.

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 18 reviews )
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ericthegreat's review

Ampeg SVT-3 Pro
I have had this head for about 7 years now and the tone and power is great. I have it paired with a 410hlf cab. It gives you that great ampeg tone! This thing is also built like a tank. I have it mounted in a rack and was backed into by a mini van before a gig. Still worked with no issues.


After my previous bass amp blew up for the second time, it was time to go shopping for something more reliable. I knew that an Ampeg wasn't going to disappoint, so it was between this and an SVT-CL. Glad I went with the 3-PRO. It covers any style you can possibly think of. The EQ section is very responsive and intuitive and doesn't take much time to dial in. I only use the graphic EQ to get more volume (it actually provides more than the master) It has that classic SVT tone without having to crank it. I consider myself a modern-purist, so if you want that SVT tone but don't need 300W of ALL tube power, pair this with an Ampeg 410HLF, and you'll be set for the life of your bass playing career. (unless your already playing stadiums and arenas, then you don't need this review).


I love the sounds, really great rock and jazz feeling, it fits perfect in almost all genres of music that any one can be creating. I dont really use any of the settings on it though, just a little drive or boost to make it sound full and not dry.


Overall I am really happy with my purchase of the Ampeg SVT 3 I would have it any other way, I paid a good amount of money for this, and I take good care of it and im hoping it last me a really long time.

dannyv's review

Ampeg SVT-3 Pro
This 450W(@4Ohms) amp is awesome. The range of tone is just phenomenal. You have bass, mid and treble controls plus a 5 position mid control. The 5-position mid control is where you can get the most control in your tone. In addition to that there is a nine band graphic EQ that can be controlled with a foot-switch or by a button on the amp. The SVT-3 PRO's three 12AX7 preamp tubes & one 12AX7 and one 12AU7 driver tubes give you that warm round tone. It also uses 1/4inch outputs or speak-on outputs. Speak-On sounds the best so it's what I use.


If you have been playing bass for a while and you know what kind of tone you like, then this amp is no problem setting up. It is also very simple to find and create new tones for yourself.


The sound this amp puts out is really undescribeable. Before I bought this amp I never knew how great Ampeg amps sounded. I play pretty much every type of music and this has been the only amp I need to switch from different styles. Effects are extremely easy to set up thanks to the effects in and out loop. The effects come in crystal clear without any kind of delay or scratch.


My big upgrade rig from just small combo amps was this SVT-3 Pro with a SVT-810 cab. I've had this set up now for about 3 years and the volume and tone of this amp is enough for any band I've been in. From metal, funk, pop, rock to jazz and so many more. Whatever style you music you play you can definitely find a tone that will suit you. In my 3 years of owning it I have never had one single problem with it. I don't plan on upgrading any time soon, but if I did I would stick with an Ampeg.
MGR/David Olivas01/31/2002

MGR/David Olivas's review"Ampeg SVT 3 Pro"

Ampeg SVT-3 Pro
I purchased this amp at the Guitar Center in Covina, California and paid about $750 for it. I needed to replace my out-dated Peavy amp that I sold at a yard sale.

This amp is great for live and studio purposes. It has plenty of power and I have yet to find any poor sounds from the amp. It has plently of features, such direct-out (balance and unbalance) with a level control, a direct tuner out, and two types of speaker conections (1/4 inch and speakton). I like the mute function and the Graphic EQ, which provides a lot of sound versatility.

For it's small size (two rack-mount spaces), it weighs a ton! I wish it had two instrument inputs, rather than one.

It is well made and ready for the road, but I suggest buying an SBK Rack-Mount case with at least two or four spaces.

If you have the money, I would buy this amp over the competitor's. I tried them all and the Ampeg SVT 3 Pro performed the best.

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oliviorc's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Quality U.S."

Ampeg SVT-3 Pro
I'm talking about a pro-Ampeg SVT3 U.S. from the late 90s, the one with the red and blue logo.
About the power was 450W and 275W into 4ohms 8ohms in.

3 lamps in preamp, 2 drive.
The head weighs his weight sign of strength and quality. Do not hesitate to put it in a fly.

After a few months of use, I just give you my opinion.

Level settings you can choose:
Basic EQ (Low + Medium + acute) with choice of the correct frequency band
9-band EQ plus with independent volume for dosing correction, it's just happiness.
Gain a Master and a Tube Drive, versatility e tle precise metering are waiting for you. Only small Flat, Tube Drive, it is not good "biased (I do not know if we say that ^ ^) will not feel much. However well settled: grrroowl!

Rear: DI output, 2 speaker outputs (jack), effects loop, footswitch input, tuner output ...

You will understand the key word here is versatility!


Must spend some time on it, but what? We are passionate about or you do not. And time is not lost because the appointment: The sound!

The manual is no problem on the net. It is very clear for English speakers.

I put "10" for the price / quality ratio is, in my view, incontestable.


I play rock Noisy / pop (Pixies, Sonic Youth, 7 etc ...).
I played before on a Markbass Little III. I was happy but not quite. , I am fully satisfied!

I have all the palettes of sounds I want with real change and well settled according to the settings I made.

FYI: I play on a U.S. Jazzbass Deluxe and head Markbass 104HF Cab on in 8hms.

I love all of this sound head and I do not get bored.

If I had one day change is that the head would have Petee in the hands ... Then it would be to enter runs great with Ampeg models for example 2000 €.


It's been 5 months now that I have the pleasure of playing on this head. I bought it used here.
Before have I played on Fender Markabass and EBS. The EBS was a big model, high quality but too modern for my taste.

If you manage to find one of these head (I'm talking about the U.S. version!) At a good price, you take it!

I'm in love with my SVT3-PRO U.S. >>> I think that says it all. :)
steeven vénère02/11/2012

steeven vénère's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The sound I needed!"

Ampeg SVT-3 Pro
For me, this is a US 3PRO in 1996 (with the red logo and blue), at the time this model was still produced in korea.

Power level, 450 € in 4ohms, 275 in 8.
Three preamp lamps, 2 in drive, the mosfet, pref, good cam, heavy (especially with the fly that goes with it), imposing, you feel the gear to last.

Level settings, there is plenty to do, a-15db attenuator for active basses, which adds a bright clarity of the signal, which gives a high treble and deep bass to gain respect for the switch. A small 3-band EQ (low, medium, sharp) with a medium frequency selector, the foot. And in addition to the 9-band EQ with switchable volume independent for metering correction data to the 3-band EQ. Gain and master volume, tube gain to vary the voltage grids at lights, in short, the front arch is complete, there will almost enough to get lost.

Equally comprehensive in the back, DI output with its output volume, 2 jack for HP (as the old banana plugs for mine), effects loop, tuner output (handy), footswitch jack, what connect a preamp in addition, you quickly get lost when you start with this machine.


The use could be disconcerting at first glance, rather complicated to set, must know what you want, you really dig.
Mode at the job, I busted one that is downloaded from the forum on the head in question, not necessarily useful, but always interesting.


In sound, I find that I needed, after trying many brands (ashdown, trace elliot, bugera, Genz Benz, ect ...).
I play in a punk rock metal tends nag, level adjustment, bass and treble at noon, almost thoroughly with medium frequency selector to 3, Graphic EQ slightly boosted in the lower midrange and treble, bright switch enclanché, a big muff in dry (almost minimal saturation on the case, otherwise it really spits too), and my Fender Precision 50's, all in a cabinet Hartke 410VX (not enough money for an ampeg 8x10), just with it already , it pierces nickel in the mix, as I like surly, big presence, good potato. Lack probably slightly low in my sound, but marries beautifully with the sound of my guitar (and yeah, it was his rule as a group).
Occasionally, I troll for beufs evenings, and there I found a beautiful polyvalance, exit the big muff and hello deep switch for metal, removing the bright and rising slightly low, it happening on the reaggae and dub.
The three switches are really great and well transfoment sound (I do not get hardly any of my EQ), and I only get's her three small buttons to play everything myself just to play Take affected.
The only gripe I have with him will be a lack of definition when the bass is too strong in the EQ, but I think a new cabinet to be remedied best quality.

An extremely versatile head, but always with his ampeg typed (this is like marshall, we love it or hate it, but there is never indifferent).

I shall give a post soon after testing with other basses, I never play with my Fender.


Bought used in August 2010, the previous owner had left limit switch (not enough volume, failures, etc), a small tower for repair, welds redone newer lamps (electro harmonix), j ' I finally head ringing.
Of repeated almost weekly, more than twenty concerts and just as enjoyable to use, it even manages to impress with bassists playing on svt-vr (Korean). ^
After testing many new heads (ashdown mag, trace elliot, bugera, ect ...), I came across this American head for 450 €, I cracked.
I also had the (mis) chance to test a new generation 3PRO, I was very disappointed, lack of potato, definition, totally the opposite of mine (and a SVT 410HLF and more, it sounds better now even on my Hartke 4x10).

Frankly I understand the negative judgments on the head for those who have Korean versions. If you want a good 3PRO, search for a Cygnus, it usually runs for around € 700 I think.
Right after it is typed, but hey it takes for everyone, but for me it is perfect (I will test just a small mesa boogie and an orange to refine the comparison).
Anyway, no regrets for having done 200km for this wonder.

gardenas's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very bad ... but if current"

Ampeg SVT-3 Pro
Be called Hybrid lamp (if it really exists) without any effect.




Its far from what made the reputation of Ampeg. Can not be plugged into the bottom one 4x10, and too when adding a 15 'where they seek to recover the hours lost mediums. Bad caricature of SVT-amps.
Drive button is a horror, still not understood why they have one.


I meet this amp regularly on the stages of France. It looks like they have it in theaters or clubs backline.
This brand has become a horror, bad head, bad speaker, but retains a monopoly with an old reputation.
Materials very expensive compared to the sound quality. It is better to turn to Eden, Ashdown or Markbass (very expensive though, even a brand image concept) for the quality.
I just hope the stewards room or home newloc & co are finally realizing it, NO, AMPEG IS NOT GOOD MARK AMP!!
Sorry for the rant but I'm sick of all these technician "proud" of their brand new ampeg!

Ninspade's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Matos quality"

Ampeg SVT-3 Pro
Tube preamp and MOSFET amplifier delivers 450 watts into 4 ohms and 275 watts into 8 ohms

An entry with-15dB pad, gain, bass, mid with selectable frequencies (220Hz, 450 Hz, 800 Hz, 1.6 kHz and 3 kHz), treble, master, tube gain (which varies the voltage lamps the output stage (driver tube)) and finally a 9-band equalizer + volume. There are also 4 buttons: mute, bright (+6 dB at 2 kHz), ultra high (+6 dB at 5 kHz) and ultra low (2.5 dB at 5 kHz,-12dB at 560 Hz and +1.5 dB at 5 kHz)

Speakers Output: 1 Speakon, 2 jacks. Line Out (XLR) or unbalanced (jack) with adjustable output level knob and pre / post EQ. Output tuner. Power amp in / preamp out. Effects loop.

Pedal that controls the mute and power on / off the EQ.


The config is simple, at least normal. I easily found the sound I wanted through trial and error. Some basic settings are provided in the manual, I found clear enough what I needed (English, French, Spanish and German). I do not use the direct output, I always preferred to use a direct box independently.

Small flat, tiny, I've already blown three fuses and the power supply is toast. I want to believe that I am a killer stuff (but I appeal to the presumption of innocence) or it is the fault of the various grids on which I played but still ... Strange!

Or so I'm cursed, the assumption that one can not rule.


It is quite suitable to my style of music (rock). I always play with the ultra low settings and engaged in about 14 hours on 1.6 kHz mediums but this has changed quite a bit depending on the speakers with whom I played.

I use the equation for the single player whose sound is quite different from my basic sound and it works perfectly with the pedal.

I plugged into an SWR Son of Bertha and a Hartke 210 XL, I am considering changing to a SWR Goiath III.


For me it's quite an amp that can play in the big leagues. That does not make me better but this stuff has never been found wanting (except when the power supply has burnt out on stage during an intro / solo slap, big moment alone ...)

I played with for 6 years before I played on Trace Elliot, Pentatonic and small amplifiers. Gradually I realized that what is best for me was a triple body and lamps so that's ...

I paid the price (1500 €) but for me, not too expensive. If I had the choice again I think I dive again.

Anecdote that may shed light on the judgments of other users of the latest SVT3: I was in the store where I bought my amp a few years later (I'd say about 2009). The seller is trying the new SVT3 just happened: its very soft, without character. Since there is no bass player and he knows I have one, it asks me to try the amp in its place: a hollow, a little cardboard despite different settings and different basses. A pro bassist was visiting, we would propose to try it too. The sound is not bad on his vintage jazz bass but he is very disappointed with the result. I make a brief comment then: mine arrived encased sticker "Proudly Made in America", the latest ... nothing. Should we bring this story problems with the lamps to read the original here and there?

demonaz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The basic exelence"

Ampeg SVT-3 Pro
450watt amp hybrid technology (lamps in the preamp and transistor for power)
Control low, middle, treble, gain, volume, 5 frequencies and a graphic eq with nine bands switchable volume control. Low mode, bright, high.
DI output with level control output and a push splitable I know what it is 8)

No headphone jack but what is it serious claps!


The configuration of the amplifier is relatively simple, but not necessarily obvious to everyone. It is a professional amp. What is certain is that you get a good sound in any case, it's ampeg ^ ^

Personally, I have not received the manual with, I can download it from the site but he did not serve much.

Compared to the notice above the mine, I want to say that this amp sounds correctly and that there is a difference between a sound attempt at TAPP and make a sound. The problem of loss in a serious case of the gain is very simple réssourdre. Then connectite DI AC is to be transplanted more easily for concerts and studio ... I will speak lower.


It is ideally suited to my style, I played the muse, red hot, Franz Ferdinand, Smashing pumpinks, compounds that slaps good and metal. I play in a group of black death melodic and it's perfect for all 8)

We always speak of his ampeg, I did not know exactly what it was, it was magical j'entandais everywhere and indeed it is!! It is a warm but can be fatally transformed with disconcerting ease her into a crystalline or fat, very banging, very round, very accurate (as accurate as I tested here previously).

I use a Fender 5 string jb, ibanez btb 5 string one "improved" and very little time with a yamaha rbx 700 and a distal odb3 coupled boss has a boss noise gate.

Speaking of his pallet he offers, I can say it is infinite. To start we chose the frequency, there are 5 that range from soft blues to the standart to rock / metal. The middle knob bass etc. are quite sensitive which is a good point. Then you can choose to permanently active eq or not. This same little solo act as a channel because there is a volume control for the latter.
Speaking of modes, mode low tear ca race so to speak! So I made the metal ^ ^
It is very accurate and makes the sound of your intrument over the sound of Ampeg. how high is not bad, but coupled with the bright mode ... It is the largest in the world slamming bass! Of course he must follow the settings behind the guys;)
The thing about this amp is that the gain is a real gain. This is not a kind of "attack" or a "middrange" is a real gain. For it sounds good it must be properly adjusted the eq on the trendy and well if you have a loss of bass. The problem come from the original lamps that are not terrible. You just have to be replaced by high ranges Sovtek or mesa boogie that will cost you a 40EN euro. This head is really worth the investment.


I use it soon depuit 5 months, I saw that group work with experienced musicians and singers sound engineer who used to work on machines such as professional engl, mesa boogie, ampeg etc. I already easily done the trick:)

I already tested a lot of model before, swr working pro (EXCELLENT amp with a well defined) trace elliot (personally I do not like the sound Britsh and since I bought ampeg ..) Hartke (brrrr. .. cool!) Peavey deltabass (I kept my old and closest) and bass with Mark that I hesitated on your 503 but that was much more expensive and with less options.

What I like most about this amp is its homogeneity, its range of sounds in fine, its methods and its unique frequency each time, its look and its switchable eq ^ ^

What I like least is the 450 watt ... Even hybrid that's huge! You really found a proper setting for not only the AC Chow guitars! Finally I saw the concert of 300 people occasionally, this can be used = D

Level value for money I find it correct, I got it at 1050 € with a flight case and I do it again without hesitation that choice unless I had 1000 € more for svt4 looool!

If you have any questions, please:)

Mmz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ampeg SVT-3 Pro
Very powerful compared to the data sheet ..


Config a bit complicated
I'm still looking sound AMPEG ????? this head (or the big shit, we can tell)


If you make music that makes noise, forget everything on this amp.
Even with hours of settings You never get the sound AMPEG with this low of greasy spectrum.
AMPEG has released a series to make c is as full of other brands.


Report qulité very expensive price !!
And above all not find the sound at all AMPEG.
for a bit more as I prefer Aguillar ..

jukap's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ampeg SVT-3 Pro
'Lack of tips, tricks There's also overpaid for what it is.

on the other hand, hat for the quality of construction: it's flawless.


Head amp really too complicated rgler, taking assuremme head who would not want one single sound. Group (except perhaps if you are the blues rock three or merdouille "new" song Franaise festive probably) it's really making head to thread between what you want out if one is built and a tad too rtrograde and its other zikos group without becoming intrusive stroke volume war (see below on the blur ct).

DI output anecdotal, do not think too its usefulness.

Fan too loud, change impractical.

on the other hand, quality manufacturing and exprience force, almost no one pt 'breath is really excellent.

Otherwise, attention: at my probs with Electro-Harmonix 12AX7 (as against the 12AU7 is 0.k.), which deal with Sovtek are seriously losing out in volume - and the level is not dj jojo - without making really grain.


The sound can be pretty good, but it is too boring rgler, especially in groups. Dj lack of gnrale DEFINITIONS even when the bass and low trs mdiums can be blurry. It hurts if you play with who do not scratch that flutter, a drummer who does not pretend to have a kick drum (see also prob dynamics), the synths and other instrumentals coming empiter, and a singer who must be at mle: in short, great difficulty in positioning a complex mix and stay there by providing that a low is made. In addition, the contribution of both lamps is ultimately limited by a lack of clarity + the drive is VERY difficult to get, you really send the sauce by boosting the pramp to have some ( a sends a kind of saturated fat not bad but not as good as a either). Can not have The beginning of a real grain with SVT, plain as overdrive. And impossible to find a good sound slap, because there is also a very serious lack of potatoes: it's not really cool, both in terms of volume (a spell strong enough into 4 ohms, 450 watts, but certainly not !) that Ractive dynamic (even when it is soft enough).

In the end, the sound is typ trs; one little tweak stuff, but it really has some quality that almost on Ampeg cabinets, which are calibrated to output the Ampeg sound. As they do psent a death, those speakers, and as an carry 3 tons, as much to buy a real SVT head in this case l: for lovers, Would there the pure grain, potato more and not taking head.


For me, too pnible use, too, despite some quality indniables default.

Premire C'tait my head amp combos APRS years on, buy on the renaming and Ampeg qq critical prtendent we sound with SVT: c is false. I'm stupid, I should have known, all products o There's labeled "pro" it is ... avoid Anyway, we can not say it's really bad, do not EXAGRES, but not worth its price in terms of rendering, IMHO, and it trs bof use. Head surcte done everything that is worth its price just for me to US - I do not even talk about what to cough up by nine.

Sold after a year and some for the Aguilar: typ too, but much easier to use, friendly tool, and what's, what EHJV! It has the smile you directly, without taking the cabbage.