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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 19 reviews )
 9 reviews47 %
 8 reviews42 %
 2 reviews11 %
Value For Money : Excellent

MGR/Anonymous's review"Peavey Micro Bass 20W"

Peavey MicroBass
$0.0 US dollars. My brother has a p/t job in a pawn shop, and has access to lots of musical equipment. So one day, unsolicited, the Micro Bass simply arrived from UPS!
I received this amp in 2002.

It is so TOUGH, that little amp. It reminds me of a tank in way. And you definately get a "bang for your buck" with that 20 watts of RMS power! Small, easy to move around, looks great on the amp stand I purchased from the Carvin store in Santa Ana,Ca.

I really don't care for it as a "bass amp" per se. So I pulled the original 8" speaker, replacing it with a 200 watt full-range, because I was not getting enough bottom end from the factory 8" Peavey.
Now its being used as an accustic guitar amp.
Plus I did't like the original dark grey tolex, so I took it all apart and repainted it semi-gloss black. (much better appearance now).

What a amp! SOLID construction, and quite heavy for it's size. Can you say "loud?" Perfect for small venues and for church, where it is now a wanted addition in an electric "Praise Band". We love it, and use it all the time.

Folks: Peavey does NOT fool around. Their products are reliable, well-built and best of all..affordable and quite easy to find.

I LOVE American-made products! Go USA!

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MGR/Mike's review"Peavey MicroBass"

Peavey MicroBass
I needed a small amp to play in a small church. The church is a small one room, so a large amp made no sense. I found this amp at a local music store(Hermes). My mom bought it for me being that it was about seven years ago. I'm 22 right now. I can't recall how much I spend(it was probably more than I should have seeing as how Hermes try to get as much money out you as possible.

I like everything about the Microbass. It sounds great. The EQ is simple but usable. The sounds are just what you expect from a Bass amp. Even though it's only 20 Watts, it's a very loud 20 watts.

The only thing I don't like about the Microbass is that it's very small that you forget its there. I can't tell you how many times I have smashed my foot into it. I even broken a toe on it.

Well the fact that I've broken a toe on it shows that it's solidly built(to the delight of my Doctor). I've used indoors and outdoors(with a PA). The amp is as tough as they come. I have had some 7 years, and it's never failed me once.

This is the perfect practice amp and performance amp(when you have a PA or for small performances). If buy this amp you can pass it down to your children, and I am not kidding it's that good.

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MGR/Mike Gee10/03/2003

MGR/Mike Gee's review"Peavey Microbass"

Peavey MicroBass
I wanted to get my father back into his passion. I bought this amp from my cousin for $40, a few years ago. Now i use it cuz I'm learning to play.

It fits in my locker at work. It has wall shakin sound for a little 20watt rms. I plenty of low and lots of tone. Reliable and can take a beating.

i tighted the 2 locknuts on the front. One for the input and one for the phone/out. The one for the phone out broke with the slightest turn. It still works though.

it has metal rounded corners. and the outer casing is hard but still soft enough to reflect the accidental blow.

I love this amp. It is nearly the perfect amp for the beginner or for a practice amp for the experienced. This amp will not ever let you down as long as you use it for what it was designed for. Practice/beginners.

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MGR/Oiram's review"Peavey Microbass"

Peavey MicroBass
I bought this unit in some music shop and i got it for aruond $180. It is a 20 watt amp. It was my first, and to the day only, amp, and it was all that I looked for in a practice amp.

Nice clear sound, especially when I played it indoors. It gave my slap bass playing a great sound. It's also got a nice small compact build which is solid and stable and doesn't tip over easily.

The cord is a bit hard to wrap around in the hooks provided in the back of the amp.

Nice solid build with a very stong handle at the top. It is easy to move around, store and place just about anywhere.

This was a great first amp for a beginning bassist such as myself. It was great for just low volume practice by myself at home or for jamming with my homies in garages or backyards.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Peavey MicroBass"

Peavey MicroBass
I couldnt lug my combo amp up three flights of stairs any more so of I went in search of a practice amp.At my local music store I found the peavey micro bass. Just the sound of the unit was enough to make me buy it on sight.Nice and loud with no distortion. Just what I needed.At $230.00aus the price was reasonable too.

The unit is small without being minute. The construction is solid and stable.Controls are very simple with three channel graphics.It is just about plug and play.20 watts of powers ample for use in confined spaces, although I havent used it in large room yet.It is of the quality that I have come to expect from Peavey. The power cord can be wrapped away.

I have noticed that the rubber feet on the cabinet can leave black marks on surfaces.

The cabinet is about 12 inches square and about 9 inches deep. Very solidly built, covered in black vinyl with a carry handle on top. Contols are on the front of the amp, volume, three stage graphics, line in and headfone jack, power switch.

A great unit, everthing you would expect from Peavey. This unit does exactly what it is designed to do, that is be a very fine practice amp which can still annoy the neighbours when you want. I like it!

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anton.kald's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Amp correct study"

Peavey MicroBass
See other reviews.


No manual to buy but use could not be more simple.


The sound is totally lacking in personality.
I often find it too "deaf" even potardant a good time, it's hard to get out of this aspect not very pleasant.


It has been over 10 years since I used to play at home (alone or accompanied by an electric guitar).
I happened to use group (electric guitar + drums + vocals) and by boosting a little, he did well despite its 20 watts.
But its main use is for work at home, it is highly enough.
It is solid, compact and light so very convenient to carry. I never had a problem with.
Bought for 145 euros nine at the time, it's a bit expensive for the sound reproduction ... Prefer buying secondhand.

farid601's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Amp good work"

Peavey MicroBass
20W transistor amp
An entry Instru.
A headphone jack
A knob gain / volume
3 "" "" "" Low / Mid / High


Super simple setup, I bought it used there was no manual (but is it useful? ...
His side for my part I always found him sound a little "glitz and cold" but hey it's an eight-inch HP, then we can ask him as much as a 15 Inch? ... I would has added a small preamp "Aguilar DB 927), which really enhances the sound and gives it some roundness.


The sound can be obtained is not the one preferred .. but as I said above I can fix it and then this is an amp work ... and it is not expected to make rehearsals and even fewer make the scene (this is not his calling ...)


I use it for a few hours
I had the opportunity to try other small amp that category in other brands and I do not really have more packed his side ...
Pros: size, the correct weight.
The -: the sound is always a bit hollow
Rated Quality / price I bought it secondhand € 50 then what more and then he did the job ...
If one day I pass a same power amp with a bass sound that makes correct I jump on the case!

Lud''s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Apart from that little amp sounds"

Peavey MicroBass
small transistor amp 15 watts I think.
Gain (no volume)
headphone jack
medium severe acute

It can play quietly in an apartment, without annoy the neighbors. on the other hand should not go in quest of her with, it's not made for.
Like properly so bad if not abused bass (ca useless when playing alone).


hyper, serves as the gain volume, and the equalizer equalizes ... that's all.

sound quality is correct saw use.


The sound is quite clear, although it retransmits the different instruments.
It does not saturate too quickly when you turn it up but is it really useful?


the +:
- Price
- Space

The -:
anything, as long as you ask any more than what it is: an amp apart to work.

I would do this choice.

bernie_006's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey MicroBass
-Amp transistors 1 instrument input, headphone 1Between, 1 Output hp
-Power is 20 rms
-Setting simple: volume, bass, treble,
No effect-it also serves food that has nothing of his


as said above simplissime
no manual besides there need not
excellent sound very serious and especially the hp does not saturate as others of the same power amp (Ibanez)


me what I wanted was not ruined me € 60 Quiet ...

I played with a ibanez RD500 big sound ideal for rock

a 20 w amp should not expect to get 36 of his ability but must say I comem his job correctly


10 days since I bought it because I was one in my price (60 €) and is almost new the guy he was serving had scarcely do without also seen on top The coating is new leatherette.

yes I had a lot of amp: peavey, Galen-notching, roland cube 30 and micro cube rx, Farfisa, and many others which I do not remember.
€ 60 so good value for my portfolio there I say thank you!

Plexus02's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A good amp for playing at am"

Peavey MicroBass
20W, Speaker 8 "Mono Channel, Gain Control, Bass control, mid and treble, headphone, input jack.


Getting started is simple, the sound is average, but for this price, it's worth. One can easily improve the sound with a bass pedal and making some adjustments.


It's a perfect combo to play at low am, or even accompanied by a guitar and possibly a battery that does not play too hard (jazz, blues etc ...). That said Peavey Microbass is especially made for playing rock. It adapts well to pedal effect as long as you rule a little while.


I use it for 1 year and a half, and it's a good amp that lets me play with myself and possibly with friends. This is a good purchase, it is solid and holds up. It is recommended for those on a budget and wanting to play rock mainly, although it is still versatile.