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  • Peavey MAX 115 2013 Edition

    Peavey MAX 115 2013 Edition - "Very nice and loud simple amp"


    I play bass most of the time in a church. I have my equipment there(bass cabs and head). I want to buy something simple, and cheap that I can carry to some small/medium gigs without move my main equipment from my local church so I decide to try this …

  • Peavey TNT 160

    Peavey TNT 160 - "Road warrior"


    160 watt bass, guitar, keyboard amp with 2 inputs and 15 inch speaker and basic effects. UTILIZATION I use it for bass and keys. Never took the volume above 7, even in some very large clubs. Lots of power here and sound always stays even and clean…

  • Peavey TNT 150

    Peavey TNT 150 - "Solid Bass amp, and a workhorse of a Sub"


    This is a Transistor based amp. The only connections are 1/4 ts cables. This beast pumps out 150 watts at 4 ohms. The settings features are where this girl really shines. You get many different options when it comes to EQ. First off, you have tw…

  • Peavey TNT 115 S

    Peavey TNT 115 S - "Solid bass combo."


    This bass amp is a solid state 1x15 combo. Mine was used and came with an EV SRO instead of the Sheffield. It has high and low inputs. It has a preamp out, power amp in. Features a graphic eq and a really weird chorus, which sadly isn't footswitchabl…

  • Peavey TKO 115 (1993)

    Peavey TKO 115 (1993) - "Not bad for a bass amp."


    75 watts Bright switch Countour Switch 7 band EQ with extra Hi and Low knobs 15 inch Peavey Speaker DDT Speaker Protection circuit Effects loop Weighs a TON Solid State construction UTILIZATION The amp is very easy to use. The downside is…

  • Peavey MAX 158

    Peavey MAX 158 - "Better than Fender Rumble 15."


    Features Great tone! TransTube emulation circuitry Modern/vintage voicing switch 3-band EQ 15W power 8" speaker Tape/CD in Headphone out Small, compact, lightweight cabinet. UTILIZATION The Max 158 Bass amp is supremely easy to use. It's n…

  • Peavey TKO 75

    Peavey TKO 75 - moosers's review


    The Peavey TKO 75 is a bass guitar and keyboard amplifier. Although I’ve used it for bass a little bit, recently I’ve actually been using it for guitar. There is one of these amps in the practice space that my band plays in, and it’s easier for me …

  • Peavey TKO 115

    Peavey TKO 115 - "Peavey TKO 115"


    This was my first bass amp. Peavey has made the TKO for awhile. It was a staple in their bass combo line. Mine was 80 watts with a green stripe on the back plate which I believe means it is from the mid 90s. It had the 15' deep Black Widow Sp…

  • Peavey TNT 115

    Peavey TNT 115 - moosers's review


    The Peavey TNT 115 is a versatile bass guitar amplifier that is useful in any situation where you’d want a bass amplifier. I’ve used the amplifier both for recording and for live shows, although I was playing with someone who was playing with this a…

  • Peavey Combo 115

    Peavey Combo 115 - moosers's review


    The Peavey Combo 115 is a solid state bass guitar amplifier. Like the name states, it delivers 115 watts of power. It has two 1/4 inch inputs and also has an XLR output if you want to send a direct input signal to your audio interface or PA system. I…