Zoom B2
Zoom B2

B2, Bass Multi-Effect from Zoom in the B2 series.

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All user reviews for the Zoom B2

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marc64's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good quality / price ratio"

Zoom B2
I will redirect to the site of Zoom https://www.zoom.co.jp/products/b2


Read all the same once the user manual, but then this is no longer necessary.


Effects used with an Aria Pro II CS 380.
The effects are quite successful overall.
In fact I've had a week and I have not been around.


This is the first multi-effects that I use and I am amazed. A very good quality / price ratio. I put myself on bass, neglected for over 20 years and this unit has really revived the desire to play.
Other positives: the ability to play directly to the headphone, metronome and battery included.
Negative: Zoom could have a slightly higher price and include the external power supply, because in fact it is better to use it.
Point of evolution in general (not specifically related to Zoom), this type of device it would be interesting to be able to save personal settings to an SD card. Today, this does not seem feasible.

pamphile-p'n'r's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom B2
For effects, see above. they are good qualities, but in terms of distortions (...), n as small snag, compressors and amp simulators tend to roar, but this problem was quickly resolved with the settings of the selected mode.
This version is not editable via computer but the upper (with expression pedal) but is a yes from the pedal itself. a point that I like is the drum machine. While it can not be changed but a wide range of patern. I like to use it in my room to train. on stage it will move on the acquisition of a drummer (even if it is expensive, whatever ... XD)


The manual did not come with my pedal, but it is easily available on the web in pdf format. in 30 minutes you get a brief walk around this "instrument".
edition of the sound is extremely easy. this is the first multi fx I touch and I am pleasantly surprised, everything is paramettrable, large sound palette available.


The effect is rather well made. I use this pedal with an Ibanez GSR 180 (not to brag about ^ ^) and I use the octave, chorus, compressor and a kind of slap ..
Personally, I do not like too much distortion, but the slight spend the most straight forward, they are useless to me: the sound is too rough ..


I use this pedal for 4 months and it gave me a taste for coffee. I love his simplicitée his qualitée sound. it has a very good finish. I am very satisfied even though it is the first I try. value for money because I metterai 9 at this price, it's killing. I play all styles (metal, punk, jazz, funk ...) and always manages to add color to my game and highlight the presence of my instrument in my various groups. with the same budget and experience, j'eesayerais other models to compare, but I may redo this choice has less direct me to a big boss pedalboard or whatever, but the budget would not be the same ^ ^

Tin-Man's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom B2
Multi purpose and extremely simple numrique gnial. Editable online.


Gnrale configuration is excellent, no need manual or just to say ...

The edition is intuitive trs.


The effects .... I'm not vritablement bassist, this is me and my quiet for models is a low-end of Cort .... But the sound b0, just for the one is was worth the trouble to acquire. I play a Fender imprssion ... almost 2 or 3 prs dtails .... , Op


I use this for some time now, it just helps me discovering the game in a bass player with his pace dgueu ....

I own The series of 2: A2, B2, G2.
Super useful if, like me, you love to spend their seek for ages.
Excellent quality price (85 euros. Neuf)

hdd120's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom B2
Nothing to add. If it is lice trs full price.


In beginners, it is a little pom especially when you have never tried one of these pedals. But once you get the pig truk, we truly walk in the parameter.

The small truk I would say is the tuner. It is not very convenient. For your room is IDAL, but for scne, you can forget it right away.
Be careful taking the zoom! People who are not careful, soon find this as a big default. The buttons are not playing, the buttons themselves, will become loose over time.
Otherwise solid bobot trs.

8 ...


The drum patterns are l. There are better, it gets worse. For a rhythmic s'entraner difficult (or difficult trs), has more than enough. It is the "battery", not "pan". To dial, just a lot will.
Such effects, not to make the big scne. For me it's a gadget on pedals of this format. Car in the room, there is no point has the effect. Except if you want to laugh with your mates in rpt, but goes no further.


Overall satisfaction with the pedals, I do it again this choice, but used as new, it's too expensive for what it is. If you are looking for a box rate for your room, go for it. Ifyou are looking for effects pedals, stay at home to find another product!
Le Grand Flandrin07/22/2007

Le Grand Flandrin's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom B2
- What are the effects or types of effects available?

Read above


- The configuration gnrale Is it easy?

It's going. We understand soon enough.


- Effects are they effective, suitable and adequate ralistes?

Even when it is quite impressive for this price. We do absolutely not fly. That said I do not use more of scne. I tried but I am saying that I plug my bass directly prfre on my little 90 watt amp behringer then put a SM57 in front for larger scnes. Then I do my rglage on the amp and go! Note that I do jazz and I have a 5 string frettles at Jack and Danny. Nothing to brag, but because I assure you that is not work at all bad. It's low cost while a. As a Dacia Logan, what.

With the amp simulator, for example, the sound is too "rough". It's getting a little dirty my ears and my fatigue of the long head. Anyway, the issue has become a philosophy and taste.


- How long have you use it?
two months

- What is the particular feature you like best and least?
Even when it is screwed. It costeaud and the sound is not bad. You just know what you want to do. Come on, I my spear: it's a little gadget even when it zoom.

- How do you report qualitprix?

- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...
Certainly not for my bass. But it's not about the quality stuff. It takes me over the head to use it. I rgler the trick as I want but does not bring me REALLY qq. INTERESTED good thing.

Kamouth's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom B2
There are dozens of effects: Distortion, wah-wah, synth overdub ...
More variants of these effects.
The pedals can also be a drum machine, which can be very useful to work with "drummer" and train to be "carrquot, with more than a metronome ...


The PDAL is very simple to use, thanks to the manual is very clear.
In Revenge of the main buttons are very fragile trs (one on the right t unusable in a few months for me ...), which can be irritating on stage ...


The quality effect is quite acceptable, provided they have an amp that gre.


The quality of the pedals is marred by some dtails (The main buttons) which greatly complicates the use ...

Cimerian's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom B2

Head amp

Ring Modulator
Noise gate

I have forgotten?

Minimalist rhythm box (Use Mtronome)


Trs simple

Trs simple Edition
Manuel trs explicit

But ....
No dtail on the formation of 40 factory pRSET (Patch-list) embedded (damage)


Average effects go anywhere except the "synths"

BtB used in conjunction with a 4-string, it adds momentum.
Transplanted directly into a console, it's perfect.
Little audible breath, as noise-gate Zoom pluttrussi for this price range.

Effects more!

Amp simulator
I "vomit" the distortion!
Do you have an amp lamp cost ...
Not the same price!
But I think the modlisations distortion is less than fair.


Bought a week ago, he found his connection to the console.

Hard "bypass", you have to climb on the pedals and littralement engage the two push buttons ..... Dbile, I do not shoe 45 minimum, so make a pRSET neutral approach the bypass.

No other test, I read the opinion, and I m'tais fix a tight budget because other investments simultaneously.

Report quality unbeatable price, if you look at the quality of Sampling ...
On this point the firm has made progress rels.
APRS, the sound of this model is a matter of taste, like the kitchen!

Repeat the same choice?
A similar budget ... Yes!

batistounet's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom B2
Nothing is missing as effects, and more rhythmic function with 40 preset baterra's cool, 1 hall, 1 SoRIE mono or stereo, or you can plug in a headset, power supply. 9v battery or a pedal input and expression ... d


Config 9 super simple cumulative effects settings 3 manual french
is chosen and its effects on enrgistre a super simple patch Programmable
we change the foot deffet


Good sound quality from the fact that we can set a maximun simulatio effects and amp (Ampeg, Hartke ...) and pedal (Boss, MXR ...)


I am the User for a month, I immediately bought lai APRS is trying to have really great quality-price ratio exellent 99 euros 9v power supply with the rhythm function is not a true 40 preset drum but is a choice we can eNom have a pallet with its veiled équalizeret

after 6 months but still exellent for a start, it quickly becomes outdated by the compact pedals (boss, mxr ...) but for fun and try stuff at the same time it's great

zender's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom B2
The B2 include:
- 47 and up to 9 effects can be used simultaneously, (wah, distortion, reverb, delay ....)
- 40 pre-programmed patterns,
- 40 scheduled and innéfacable patch and 40 patch program to your liking,
- Chromatic tuner,
- Amp simulator (Ampeg, SWR, Hartke ...)


For the first investment in a multi effects and instint primary and impatient.
absolutely had to try this new object that I had heard so much on different forums.

And there I launched a trendy tripougné for a little while, when the final I said it was much more resonance to open the record.
it allowed me to clear a half hour of going round this fabulous tool that is the B2.


The effects are good qualities and make me discover new horizons bassist.
whatsoever for improvisation, for jazz or heavy, the zoom b2 is a treat.


It's been one week that I use, I'm not disappointed obsolument this comprehensive tool and a quality / price ratio super interresting.

The downside is that zoom does not include the AC adapter with the pedal. shame!

Anonymous 's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom B2
Indeed many, many settings, is on point, everything is complete, I note that there is an integrated battery and is very practical, high quality.

the best thing and we just combine several effects together (9 max) (a slight reverb and chorus), on the Korg AX10B is impossible (a simulation, and two cumulative effect) and yet the zoom is cheaper than the korg.

there is also a noise reduction, very handy if you do not play on abitude power supply with earth or if your low purr.


Configuring a little hard if not read the manual, if you read it, his will alone. A button to control and select the bank / effect and three others to fine tune.


The effects are very good, except some that are not obvious choruses managed. The overdrive is not bad but sourtout! but sourtout! the simulation amp! Alala just for that I will have it took a little thank you for the simulation Ampeg, Bassman and acoustic that are really very good. I was looking for sounds not flat, it's fantastic.


Very good product
very good quality / price ratio
good effect
very very good amp simulation (ahhh ... the acoustic bass and treble clear transcendent)
just for the simulation is a very good product.

for those who want to lower their body, I urge