Zoom G9.2tt

Zoom G9.2tt

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G9.2tt, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Zoom in the G series.

36 user reviews
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Zoom G9.2tt tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Zoom
  • Model: G9.2tt
  • Series: G
  • Category: Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar
  • Added in our database on: 11/07/2009

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Zoom G9.2tt user reviews

Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 36 reviews )
 25 reviews69 %
 7 reviews19 %
 2 reviews6 %

chromaticism's review"Almost Every Guitar Effect in One Pedalboard"

Zoom G9.2tt
Having a Marshall Stack and array of boutique effects pedals for your guitar seems to be the ideal way to go to get that immaculate guitar sound. The problem is that unless you have roadies attending to your every whim, bringing your 4x12 cabinet, JCM800 head, your set of pedals, patch cables, etc. is a logistical nightmare. It’s always best if you can just plug in right away get the sound that you want through any amp that’s available wherever it is you’re playing. The Zoom G92tt has provided that answer.

One of the most attractive features of the Zoom G9.2tt is the presence of two 12AX7 tubes. Zoom designed each of the tubes to function differently, with one being in the “accelerator” section and one in the “energizer“ section. It seems to me that the “accelerator” section is the preamp while the “energizer” section serves to emulate the sound of a power amp, especially when the pedal is used as an audio interface. The “accelerator” can amplify a guitar signal through a tube circuit or a solid state circuit and even blend both. The energizer section has a knob controlling tube gain and a boost control for added highs and lows. All in all, both the “accelerator” and “energizer” sections provide a wonderful palette of tones for all sorts of musical applications such as a warm jazz tone, a crystal-clear solid-state clean, saturated tube distortion for metal, and others. The analog-style controls provide that real-time control and feel that users of analog pedals have always appreciated.


There are a number of amp simulations available in the Zoom G9.2tt ranging from emulations of Marshall JCMs and Mesa Boogies to cleaner sounding Fender and Roland Jazz Chorus imitations. You can assign two amp sims per patch, and one can switch between each amp sim using the A/B switch. The amp can be also be switched off or bypassed via the pre-amp switch. Each patch can host a chain of up to four kinds of effects: wah/EFX1, modulation/EFX2, delay, and reverb. These effects are obviously used to shape the sound further than what the two 12AX7 tube circuits and their controls can provide . While the default mode of operation is in patch mode i.e. each patch having a unique chain of amps and effects, it is also possible to operate in a more analog style using the manual mode. In manual mode, each switch acts as an on and off switch for every kind of effect along the effect chain assigned to a particular patch.

The Zoom G9.2tt has two assignable expression pedals, one on each side of the unit. The left expression pedal usually functions as a volume pedal by default. Because the left pedal is assignable, it means that it controls parameters digitally. The downside to this is that when switching patches, the Zoom G9.2tt goes to the patches default setting rather than keeping the supposed volume level as suggested by the pedal. I do think that it would have been best to have assigned the left pedal to control the Zoom G9.2tt’s master volume instead of being assignable. The right expression pedal has what’s called a Z-axis function. While the left pedal only moves up and down, the top part of the right pedal can be swiveled left and right, enabling users to control two parameters with the right pedal. For example, you can assign a wah for the standard up and down portion while assigning a pitch shifter for the Z-axis pedal. The right pedal is in effect two expression pedals stacked together!


Zoom G9.2tt is a multi-effects pedal, audio interface, and MIDI foot controller all rolled into one package. This is one of the reasons why I bought this unit in the first place. I have been using the Zoom G9.2tt for the past 9 months for both studio and live work primary as a guitar effects processor. It’s of great benefit that I can choose to record guitar using the pedal itself as an audio interface. It can record at a 16-bit/48-kHz resolution, sufficient for recording guitar parts using any DAW software. The Zoom G9.2tt can also be set up as a MIDI foot or pedal controller. The unit can send and receive MIDI messages through its MIDI in and out ports. For example, you can control switching scenes or loops on and off in Ableton Live or control virtual guitar amp software like Guitar Rig or Amplitube using the Zoom G9.2tt and a USB-to-MIDI cable.


The Zoom G9.2tt is a very versatile pedal that can offer all sorts of guitar tones you might want in a single package. It certainly is more convenient than bringing in a bunch of pedals, an amp head, and a speaker cabinet to a gig. Matter of fact is you can just plug your guitar to the Zoom G9.2tt, plug it’s output to any amp or PA that is available at the venue where you’re playing, and then just start rocking out. The sturdy metal casing coupled with rubber contact surfaces provides a good degree of comfort that it will withstand many gigging situations. I do think, however, that the pedal can be better if it had a looper, something seen in other multi-effects pedals like those released by Digitech. All in all, I do think it is one of the best multi-effects pedals that I’ve ever used.

- Multipurpose functionality
- Tonal flexibility care of “accelerator” and “energizer” circuit
- Choice between patch and manual modes
- Two expression pedals (one standard, one Z pedal)
- Over 100 kinds of effects and amp simulations available

- No looper function
- Volume reverts to normal assigned level after switching patches rather than staying at volume suggested by volume pedal position
Audiofanzine FR01/03/2011

Audiofanzine FR's review

Zoom G9.2tt
Originally written by alex42xx on Audiofanzine FR.

Tube amp simulation. Possibility to edit the patches with a PC with a Midi USB cable.


It's my first multi-effects processor and I learned how to use it without having any experience with such equipment:
very easy setup: just connect, press the on/off button and have fun with the factory presets. Editing is very easy: one day was enough for me to edit all presets I need. The manual is very clear except for the part related to the connection to a PC.


The presets don't sound very good: I used them for two days then I edited all parameters. The editing possibilities are almost endless. I use it with an Ibanez Steve Vai, an all-tube Marshall 30th Anniversary and a Roland Cube60 (the sound is obviously better with the Marshall...). I get very nice distortions with the Marshall and Mesa Boogie simulations. The wah effects sound also very good, especially the Vox and Cry models, which are wonderful.


I've been using it for three months at home and for band rehearsals and it makes lots of fun (I haven't used it on stage). I love the amp simulations and the editing possibilities. It has the best value for money in this category. I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again.

stratolullaby's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom G9.2tt
The main one is the simulation of pre-amp, adds to this a range of classic effects.
Three pedals assignable expressions (but limited, see below):
Left: Volume
right: a pedal but two axes! the top plate rotates horizontally (ability to block mechanically included)

The idea geniale in my opinion:

is available at the input of two knobs, one for the lamp and a rate for the transistor rate. If both are zero, no sound. One can decide to have only the lamp, the transistor or a mix !!!

and it is same as output !!!

All this in a heavy but sturdy metal box.


Pretty simple to use but not necessarily intuitive.
I come from Boss (gt-6), it seemed clearer.
Spending home studio live requires some mods general, nothing nasty if you know where you're going.

The least: the assignment of pedal expression is reduced to a few parameters. You have a very limited choice compared to a Boss example is just ridiculous.
So innovation but pre-configured, standardized.
Fortunately there is an effects loop ...


The first impression is mixed with headphones but it comes mostly from the fact that the possibilities are enormous, long labor for his home studio.

But on an amp ... THIS IS THE BIG SLAP !!! AND IN ALL STYLES !!!!

I Stratophile, 3 single microphones; for blues okay but for the metal ...
Here I take my foot !!!!
I board never afford config lamps and now I understand
that as long as we have not tried it you can not understand.
This really is another world, like spending .wave 3 * .mp3 to 10000 bit floating-point !!!

If the effects are precise but wha-wha out I find no interest in expression pedal. (Yes I do my boring)


A year of use.
I board probably got lucky with the sort of lamps for
I much shoves a Tonelab (c rico okay ^^).

I do not regret the purchase but without pedals version of exp I would not say no.
This would have allowed a more ergonomic layout in my sound chain.
And for the same price to a higher sorting tubes in all pedaliers!

My advice: try the model you purchase.

tangowapvil's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom G9.2tt
A lot of things have t say ... But the characteristic that enchant me was the opportunity to play without effect and without simulation. For the sound of my amp just.
Another good point, the names of the amps are clear and inchangs, no need to refer a listing to find out what amp are talking about. It is pleasant.


Quite simple, you have to dive into the manual to go a little further in programming. But the possibilities are gnial.


So l ... I must say I n'tais not a convinced simulators and other numriques effects, I found the sound cold and dformant sound.
This is the sound of the pass is stunning in quality (realism, I do not because I do not know ... compare each amp).
I changed the lights to turn the same as my amp and the sound does not undergo any change.
Is happiness because the possibilities of his infinite GOOD SOUND.

Small bmole in the factory sounds there and take leave.


I test Line 6 pod pro, xp pro pod, vox tone lab, tech 21 GT6 boss, I have always been of the sound reproduction and the impossibility not to simulator. ..dropoff window
I pass by the analog pedals, nothing but repeat his ct ct programming, you have to tap dance ...

Excellent qualitprix, when looking at the number of pedal it takes ... Ms. changing lamps ...
I remake that choice without hsiter.

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