Zoom G9.2tt
Zoom G9.2tt

G9.2tt, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Zoom in the G series.

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All user reviews for the Zoom G9.2tt

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 36 reviews )
 25 reviews69 %
 7 reviews19 %
 2 reviews6 %
Audience: Beginners

chromaticism's review"Almost Every Guitar Effect in One Pedalboard"

Zoom G9.2tt
Having a Marshall Stack and array of boutique effects pedals for your guitar seems to be the ideal way to go to get that immaculate guitar sound. The problem is that unless you have roadies attending to your every whim, bringing your 4x12 cabinet, JCM800 head, your set of pedals, patch cables, etc. is a logistical nightmare. It’s always best if you can just plug in right away get the sound that you want through any amp that’s available wherever it is you’re playing. The Zoom G92tt has provided that answer.

One of the most attractive features of the Zoom G9.2tt is the presence of two 12AX7 tubes. Zoom designed each of the tubes to function differently, with one being in the “accelerator” section and one in the “energizer“ section. It seems to me that the “accelerator” section is the preamp while the “energizer” section serves to emulate the sound of a power amp, especially when the pedal is used as an audio interface. The “accelerator” can amplify a guitar signal through a tube circuit or a solid state circuit and even blend both. The energizer section has a knob controlling tube gain and a boost control for added highs and lows. All in all, both the “accelerator” and “energizer” sections provide a wonderful palette of tones for all sorts of musical applications such as a warm jazz tone, a crystal-clear solid-state clean, saturated tube distortion for metal, and others. The analog-style controls provide that real-time control and feel that users of analog pedals have always appreciated.


There are a number of amp simulations available in the Zoom G9.2tt ranging from emulations of Marshall JCMs and Mesa Boogies to cleaner sounding Fender and Roland Jazz Chorus imitations. You can assign two amp sims per patch, and one can switch between each amp sim using the A/B switch. The amp can be also be switched off or bypassed via the pre-amp switch. Each patch can host a chain of up to four kinds of effects: wah/EFX1, modulation/EFX2, delay, and reverb. These effects are obviously used to shape the sound further than what the two 12AX7 tube circuits and their controls can provide . While the default mode of operation is in patch mode i.e. each patch having a unique chain of amps and effects, it is also possible to operate in a more analog style using the manual mode. In manual mode, each switch acts as an on and off switch for every kind of effect along the effect chain assigned to a particular patch.

The Zoom G9.2tt has two assignable expression pedals, one on each side of the unit. The left expression pedal usually functions as a volume pedal by default. Because the left pedal is assignable, it means that it controls parameters digitally. The downside to this is that when switching patches, the Zoom G9.2tt goes to the patches default setting rather than keeping the supposed volume level as suggested by the pedal. I do think that it would have been best to have assigned the left pedal to control the Zoom G9.2tt’s master volume instead of being assignable. The right expression pedal has what’s called a Z-axis function. While the left pedal only moves up and down, the top part of the right pedal can be swiveled left and right, enabling users to control two parameters with the right pedal. For example, you can assign a wah for the standard up and down portion while assigning a pitch shifter for the Z-axis pedal. The right pedal is in effect two expression pedals stacked together!


Zoom G9.2tt is a multi-effects pedal, audio interface, and MIDI foot controller all rolled into one package. This is one of the reasons why I bought this unit in the first place. I have been using the Zoom G9.2tt for the past 9 months for both studio and live work primary as a guitar effects processor. It’s of great benefit that I can choose to record guitar using the pedal itself as an audio interface. It can record at a 16-bit/48-kHz resolution, sufficient for recording guitar parts using any DAW software. The Zoom G9.2tt can also be set up as a MIDI foot or pedal controller. The unit can send and receive MIDI messages through its MIDI in and out ports. For example, you can control switching scenes or loops on and off in Ableton Live or control virtual guitar amp software like Guitar Rig or Amplitube using the Zoom G9.2tt and a USB-to-MIDI cable.


The Zoom G9.2tt is a very versatile pedal that can offer all sorts of guitar tones you might want in a single package. It certainly is more convenient than bringing in a bunch of pedals, an amp head, and a speaker cabinet to a gig. Matter of fact is you can just plug your guitar to the Zoom G9.2tt, plug it’s output to any amp or PA that is available at the venue where you’re playing, and then just start rocking out. The sturdy metal casing coupled with rubber contact surfaces provides a good degree of comfort that it will withstand many gigging situations. I do think, however, that the pedal can be better if it had a looper, something seen in other multi-effects pedals like those released by Digitech. All in all, I do think it is one of the best multi-effects pedals that I’ve ever used.

- Multipurpose functionality
- Tonal flexibility care of “accelerator” and “energizer” circuit
- Choice between patch and manual modes
- Two expression pedals (one standard, one Z pedal)
- Over 100 kinds of effects and amp simulations available

- No looper function
- Volume reverts to normal assigned level after switching patches rather than staying at volume suggested by volume pedal position
Audiofanzine FR01/03/2011

Audiofanzine FR's review

Zoom G9.2tt
Originally written by alex42xx on Audiofanzine FR.

Tube amp simulation. Possibility to edit the patches with a PC with a Midi USB cable.


It's my first multi-effects processor and I learned how to use it without having any experience with such equipment:
very easy setup: just connect, press the on/off button and have fun with the factory presets. Editing is very easy: one day was enough for me to edit all presets I need. The manual is very clear except for the part related to the connection to a PC.


The presets don't sound very good: I used them for two days then I edited all parameters. The editing possibilities are almost endless. I use it with an Ibanez Steve Vai, an all-tube Marshall 30th Anniversary and a Roland Cube60 (the sound is obviously better with the Marshall...). I get very nice distortions with the Marshall and Mesa Boogie simulations. The wah effects sound also very good, especially the Vox and Cry models, which are wonderful.


I've been using it for three months at home and for band rehearsals and it makes lots of fun (I haven't used it on stage). I love the amp simulations and the editing possibilities. It has the best value for money in this category. I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again.

johnmimi63's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Boring"

Zoom G9.2tt
forced to buy a USB cable twelve o'clock
must set the pedal for it to be recognized
Zoom and has not put a day program


the manual is in french on the internet
we must take the time to read it helps to read


effects and simulations are very good for my taste


I keep 6 months
sold and myself created a pedalbord

Nyveak's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A monster in a toy body"

Zoom G9.2tt
A range of effects and modulations quite staggering, all editable, modifiable with a whole bunch of equalizers, noise gates and so on ... Anyway! Manuel STRONGLY advised to use this pedal as it should.

Modulations are mainly analog but two lamps can add the beans and a "tube amp" button on your belongings.

There are normal audio inputs and outputs, made MIDI and a system of "looper" which really is not one and I unfortunately never really managed to understand ...

In short this pedal is a gas plant where everything can be hacked in his small adjustments, maisis at the same time offers a range of preset patches ranging from fairly complete clean up big, mushy metal.

In addition it has two pedals that can be assigned to all modulations. The second even offers a dual effect since can be used both vertically and horizontally (it gives free rein to all fantasies as a more or less friendly or weird!)


Right out of the box just plug in the power supply, his guitar, amplifier or headphones and press the buttons and let the music.
Many patches (lots 5 different sounds) are available with the use of two effects pedals.

on the other hand soon sought to tamper, hack, tweak regardless, grab the manual. Almost all the sound settings are adjustable through many knobs and a fairly complete equalizer.

Besides the assignment of effects pedals, one of which boasts a vertical and horizontal axis (attention to the balance when playing standing ;))

Once all your manipulations made it very simple to record your sound in additional patch designated for this purpose.


For sound quality no complaints, never had a pest or tunnel effect and other problems with sounds either on the amp or recording.


I used this pedal for 5 years and have never asked me worry! I was afraid that the plastic parts are fragile but she endured the dust, moisture, cellars, bars, moves, changes his violent and other métalleuse turpitude without fail.

I had more zoom, the sound was less accurate and more basic use.

Most least:

+ His biggest quality is diversity! We almost do everything with little if we take the time to look THE sound that makes us tick.

- The problem of all is that in a case of trouble it's "curtain, thank you goodbye." And as I'm not a virtuoso and I did not need to 5,465,147,874 different sounds I took the time to look one by one pedal and other modulations that allowed me to get back my Song Grail and thus avoid the risk of not playing at all in case of slight damage (which is me again ever happened elsewhere ^ ^)

With the experience I would resume this pedal, I would put him at least in the face and I planquerais in a beautiful box for the scene to keep it as long as possible.

Its value for money? MONSTROUS! € 300 for nine of diversity, reliability, eccentricity and other ameliorative adjectives "é" worth the shots.

I had to spend a budget of more than € 450 (5 pedals, power supply's, wiring and manufacture of pedal-board) to re-obtain its my favorite. (Clean and overdriven)

lazio93's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good product but may defaillance"

Zoom G9.2tt
Great product with great opportunity config for a custom sound or otherwise. Many patch available on the net via USB with the possibility to set on the zoom G9.2tt.


Setup is easy, although I was a novice in this field.
Everything is configurable, the manual is very clear if you take the time to study and all effects are adjustable at will. The software provided by Zoom allows easy editing via the pc and the transfer is easy and fast.


Having replaced the original lamps by Electro-Harmonix, the sound is not that much better!
The sound is warm, and quality!


Good product for my taste, but be careful because this model defects ....
For me after two months of daily use the pedals are rendered more of her ....
After a salty invoice for € 120 replaced after looking for an amp-ops worth less than € 1 by the VAS service in MILONGA, after nearly two months rebelote, the pedal is again down. After searching the net a lot of people have had problems but is was still under warranty.

jackings's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Full"

Zoom G9.2tt
see other descriptions

VERY solid building

noted that to make a little proud service as midi controller (to use AmpliTube, guitar rig ...)


I put a lot of time to understand everything before forcing me to read the manual, it is well done.

What is practical is that we do not publish their patch with 3 buttons like some small pedals, we have for example all the panel to adjust the amp "as a true" with gain / vol / bass / middle ...

I used to live only minimize my gear and clutter.

The pedals are convenient, the pedal is shifted to the side, it is sometimes useful, but often I do configurais to be simpler.


I used to rock on a les paul, with a clean one side fender well or if the dose pre-amp is really successful with a slight crunch on some attacks, and another a typed marshall plexi that was effective, though less flexible than the fender clean.

There are a lot of other successful amplifiers must always dose the lamp does not saturate it too.

Question effects it really has a wide selection, and always quite successful.

The overall sound is good enough in terms of quality of live, on the other hand I've ever been a fan for recording.


I used four years, he has seen it all, and still works.
If you take the time to properly configure your sound presets is great, you have a multitude of sound quality at your feet, and it does not move.

Today I went to the light amplification and analog pedals, and this is ultimately more complicated to use.

The only problem in my opinion is that I can not just plug it into the tube amp as the lamp preamp distorts the pedal (in my opinion) the sound of the tube amp.

Today, for the simple config is the foot.
bastange dechu Byleth07/20/2012

bastange dechu Byleth's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I find it very good and very complete"

Zoom G9.2tt
all types of effects
editable via the editor has to download free on the manufacturer
hybrid technology for digital warmed by two 12AX7 input and output
connections fairly complete MIDI, usb, 2 output jack, mini-jack


very simple to use, clear manual, edition not too complicated so long as it looks a tad over sy, factory presets too load effects but it should be for showing off ...


suffisaments realistic effects to be useful in many scenarios
I've used with different guitars, amps in transistors and has even had lights and I was very satisfied with the result every time


I'd had three other models of different brands before but never had I been as n versatility and malgrès that they displayed as much effect on a roughly similar price I have never also was convinced that with this one.
very good quality / price ratio, the others had good ratings but often it sounded synthetic sound, or even unusable once its cardboard
no doubt I would do this choice

DLudo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom G9.2tt
everything has already been said I think.


Many say that the use is complicated. Personally I find it very simple, two days after the operation of the machine is included. The manual is clear and very complete.


Ben that's why I have chosen: the sound! The effects are to die for as they are excellent. Having tried the vox and multi-effects from home to home boss, there's no comparison. It's very well done for.
So I use the pedal to complete my Blackstar HT-5 is a bit basic functionality issue. It lacks a little punch for its metal. Coupled with the lamps of the G9 and the effect of compression and eq, the sound is pumped! I am not speaking here of the fat but not quality but a TRUE metal distortion.

Otherwise preamp side is very good. it will not make a miracle, but the modeling ca pummeled the competition.

The wah pedal is sublime are both practical as well.


I use it for a few weeks, I had a little trouble with at first. The factory presets are really bad. I bought OCCAZ but if I buy it at the nine I have done so without hesitation.
I bought it with lamps electro harmonix grafted on. To say that one of the lamps origins are not good at all. I do not try the boards so I can not talk about it.

The pros:
The His-
The His-
The sound-
The two-pedal
The design-

The -:
The knob settings for the influence of the lamps are not saved in presets. Very annoying.
A slightly more ergonomic desktop would not have been refused.

satchy3's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" What a pleasure to read as much of a positive!"

Zoom G9.2tt
Purchased shortly after its release and still compete for the GT10 upper hand .. and in terms of good smooth saturation, zoom was very hard ... With the change of LAMPS (tungsol hotrod and for my part) is very strong flexibility.


I often noise .. may be due to my wiring but I found the noise was variable from one day to another on the same patch.

The lamps are effective and can be pushed - the days when the sound does not move hehe, sounds modern and vintage are the beast.

With a good sound system is really very good) and it works as impeccable live in the map.


I play rather large saturation with increasing Epiphone 57 Classic, a JV Squier and Brian Moore i7, the guitars are very well respected!


5 years, I always have fun, I order via the PC interface and tears for sounds prog rock hard metal blues jazz fusion.Ca must also walk the r'n'b soul funk but I do not know lol how to play ca ...

Stfsatan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I love !!!!!!!!!!"

Zoom G9.2tt
pa I will list them all, it is editable via PC, is a rack-mount model, tech lamps and transistors, the connection is very complete!!


for beginners in multi effects, we better get a smaller model because there are still quite full!! the manual is very well done, it aids stepper! editing sounds is easy if you know the various reactions of his


effects are very believable, I use a guitar jackson dx10 d, I love everything about this multi effect unless the lamps to be changed (the original lamps are made in china screaming and the sound is very poorly distributed )!!!!


after a few months of use and change in different lights, I finally found my sound with this zoom! "I tried various multi-effects including gfx 707 which was to begin at the time, I having 3 pedals was available, I like the warmth of the sound settings amperage lamps and transistors, like the lights in. origins that merits a change! report qual price more reasonable than the qualitée seen the beast! I buy it back again and again !!!!!!!!!!!!!