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  • Q-Tuner J-bass pickup

    Q-Tuner J-bass pickup - "Q-tuner q2.0 neodymium J-bass pickup: a departure from normality" has images


    I bought this pickup to upgrade my 4 string J-bass. Use it to practise and for gigs. For the last twenty years, I've used a couple of J-basses with original as well as retrofit pickups. The neodymium Q-tuner q2.0 J-bass model is a class of its own. N…

  • Kent Armstrong HBMN1

    Kent Armstrong HBMN1 - nickname009's review


    This is an older version of what's now available from kent armstrong for the musicman basses. This one's got open magnets and has kent armstrong in cursive gold print on the front. I'm actually very used to the stingray sound and can tell the diff…

  • Aero Instrument Jazz Bass 1

    Aero Instrument Jazz Bass 1 - "Best Jazz Bass pickups I've found"


    Aero Instrument hand makes pickups in Hawaii. I'm so jealous of these pickups. Not only because they sound fantastic, but because they're from Hawaii. I have a Fender American Jazz Bass. The stock pickups weren't doing it for me at all. I en…

  • Lace Music Alumitone Aluma P

    Lace Music Alumitone Aluma P - "Alumi-tone more like tin can tone"


    Lace has recently introduced their Alumitone line of pickups. It is an extreme departure from the traditional pickup design. It features an aluminum frame stating that electrons flow through the aluminum better and this enhances the tone and nuances …


    EMG SEJ - "EMG SEJ Select Jazz Bass Pickups"


    I helped a friend make a killer budget Jazz Bass. He basically ordered an SX brand Jazz Bass from Rondo Music and we changed the hardware, strings and electronics to make a smoking bass. This review I will talk about the EMG Select pickups. I …

  • DiMarzio DP122 Model P

    DiMarzio DP122 Model P - "DiMarzio Model P DP122"


    I was building a P-bass project and needed a pickup. I had heard DiMarzio made good pickups and well everything I heard was true! This is a black, split-coil Precision bass pickup. Model: P DP122. I bought this at my local music shop. Right ar…

  • DiMarzio DP149 Ultra Jazz Pair

    DiMarzio DP149 Ultra Jazz Pair - "DiMarzio Ultra Jazz Pickups"


    $90 from Daddy's Junky Music. I bought them to get rid of the hum that occurs with stock Fender PUs when the pair is set other than at nearly equal levels. They really cleaned up the hum problem, described above, in my Fender Jazz Std. I had…

  • EMG P

    EMG P - "EMG EMG-P"


    i have a generic P-bass and the stock pickups in it were terribly hollow sounding. i would usually run it through an effects box to mask the hollow sound. as of late, my effects box has lost volume output and and it doesnt have any treble in the mix.…

  • EMG J Set

    EMG J Set - "EMG J-Set pickups"


    i ordered these off of since guitar center only had the p-bass pickups for some reason but steves music center was great fast shipping good price. i think it was around 120 for the whole thing. these pickups rule. they sound so…

  • Fender Vintage Noiseless Jazz Bass Pickups

    Fender Vintage Noiseless Jazz Bass Pickups - "Fender Vintage Noiseless Pickups"


    Purchased at Guitar Center's, Cleveland, Ohio on clearence for $49.95 each. Was purchased as an upgrade. Over-all, these pickups sound just great! A 2000% improvment over the stock MIM pickups in my standard Strat. I've already used them to recor…