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Beyma user reviews

  • Beyma CP-350/Ti

    Beyma CP-350/Ti - " great"


    What characteristics have motivated your choice? fair for a pair of hi-fi speakers with a couple sm 112n Beyma. use a marantz pm 4400 amp SOUNDS The frequency curve is sufficiently neutral? yes they are perfectly ride on paved Ciare alue in the…

  • Beyma 12B100R

    Beyma 12B100R - " not bad"


    How long have you use it? 1 sold my years thereafter Have you tried many other models before buying it? so greatly What is the particular feature you like best and least? use in hi fi speaker 3 see beautiful descent into the grave the less fl…

  • Beyma CP-09

    Beyma CP-09 - " cp o9"


    I have to buy its performance be a stroke torque l10l750y rcf and an egg condo 1.5 my amp a the-tbox e400 and its works great SOUNDS curve frequency balance is neutral sound and clar and very dynamic in the upper perfect for the live the…

  • Beyma SM-115K

    Beyma SM-115K - " Beyma SM 115 K buy a packaged speaker"


    Good brand, but I have yet to burn one that cash 500/1000 Watts. Managed by a QSC amp HD4050 woofer Beyma SM 115 k, has made the leap; boommmmm SOUNDS Low too poor dry OVERALL OPINION It made me just one year. A little pricey € 187 for tho…

  • Beyma 15LX60

    Beyma 15LX60 - " ca tape drive!!"


    Frequency response, from 25Hz and 600W rms. little excuse but it is not at all the other manufacturer!! It hits hard with a QSC RMX 2450 amp subwoofer SOUNDS It goes really well in the low infra-and even with the power behind! I would even …

  • Beyma SMC-1020

    Beyma SMC-1020 - " From KIT BLUE SOUND + SM115 SMC020"


    -Primarily more power and quality -Festive use / semi-pro Set-amp these speakers / cuts: PA2600 - its ultra clean (Haussmann building large room seating 130 people +) EP2500 - clean sound but can tinted high volume (vibration flag itself) (so…

  • Beyma SM-115N

    Beyma SM-115N - " Good HP!"


    Hey guys an SM115 / N does not cost 273 euros! Correct! An SM115 / N it would cost about 135 euros. At the time of year it was 90 to 865 francs. There are three versions of the SM115 I believe: Old Series SM115 SM115 and SM115 short / N Le…

  • Beyma 12 AG-100

    Beyma 12 AG-100 - " Surprise!"


    I did not choose is a merchant in my area who advised me to try it To play Blues and Jazz. He got into a Deluxe Reverb-Amp 1965. SOUNDS The clean sound is excellent for blues and jazz that I wanted on the other hand in saturated is very bad. …

  • Beyma 15G400

    Beyma 15G400 - " very good"


    Power: 400 W RMS Frequency: 25-1500 Hz Yield: 99 dB, 2.83V @ 1m @ 2π Impedance: 8 ohms SOUNDS Powerful sound and quality. Sometimes a very low down even more than some 18 " OVERALL OPINION I use it for a year or so. I is not tried many …

  • Beyma 12KX

    Beyma 12KX - " Very good HP"


    This is one of the best coax for the serious under low volume. Highly effective. I wanted to do returns for drummer and bass down low in the grave without requiring too large a volume of speaker. I modeled all Coaxial Beyma HP and other brands…