Beyma 18G50
Beyma 18G50

18G50, 18" loudspeaker from Beyma.

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sam-peter 08/17/2005

Beyma 18G50 : sam-peter's user review


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Between 18sound; eminence or rcf (too expensive) I pulled over Beyma 18g50.
Now there 18g50 and others I have not had to test it as I was seduced by the care of his joining the seriousness of his double spider and the assurance that it releases the ds first sight.
it's pro and he cried aloud once well log.


Was not equipped to check the curve of the frequency I trusted to the Beyma SPECIFICATIONS
some rental companies like Sonos chose me a long time but its twin prfr 18g550 because of its winding copper is that of the aluminum tape 18g50.
I think the bowl aluminum alloy. is a bit lightweight (small twist the manual can I "did), so to ensure the desired rigidity mcanique by the action of the membrane, and the weight of the moving magnet and I am afraid this is just but I hope it's a feel challenged by my training as a boilermaker (accustomed to booms))) booms))) loll.
have this speaker in his luggage can travel far without fear of failure due to lack of ressources.inch Allah.


I built four houses like those on offer by Beyma page B-3 01 / 3 and already I have the curious who come to judge the company. I open the edifice on Sunday for preliminary tests I give them an account crest audio bridge with active filter (250-400 Hz) to the stroller parking.
I tried eminence; Proel; Eighteensound, and a local hp nomex the results are not exactly like those one admires hire more experienced than me.
I pay the Beyma cheaper than those listed and I find that the ratio quality price is unrelated to what I already bought like hp.
Sunday finally seal a friendship that will last long enough j'espre I trust.