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Brauner user reviews

  • Brauner Valvet

    Brauner Valvet - moosers's review


    The Brauner Valvet is a high end valve tube microphones for use in the recording studio. It has a large diaphragm and two different pick up patterns to choose from - omni and cardioid. It will pick up the frequencies between 20 Hz and 22 kHz, which…

  • Brauner Phanthera V

    Brauner Phanthera V - peepsaudio's review


    This is a versatile large diaphragm condenser mic that is designed for studio use. It is very expensive, so you wouldn't want to take this one on the road with you. It requires phantom power being a condenser mic. The frequency response is extrem…

Translated user reviews
  • Brauner VM1

    Brauner VM1 - " Very good"


    Microphone used for making voice only, words spoken (audio books) and not sung. OVERALL OPINION I was curious to see the results compared to a Neumann U87. I purchased because I thought neumann was a fair bit of very serious voice. Preamps I ar…

  • Brauner Phanthera V

    Brauner Phanthera V - marc tessi's review


    Brauner Panthera V OVERALL OPINION I use it for 3 years mainly on vocals, acoustic guitars and the battery placed about a meter in front of the small bass drum, super top, to the mix. voice for jazz or rock is great. its beautiful, warm and a…

  • Brauner Phantom

    Brauner Phantom - " It sounds but it is not reliable!"


    Condenser microphone, which I used in Overhead, guitar amp and Chant. OVERALL OPINION I use it for about 1 month .. Before I used: U87, TLM103, TLM127, Rode NTK, C414, AT4040, Royer Labs and many more ... I particularly like the sound much …

  • Brauner VMS1

    Brauner VMS1 - Geronimo2G's review


    Stereo tube microphone. It is said of the Brauner VM1 is perhaps the best microclimate in the world ... Here there are two on each other. The angle is adjustable and all directions (omni, cardio ... etc) of each microphone are also ... Comes in…

  • Brauner Phanthera

    Brauner Phanthera - " the bomb"


    This very serious, warm, very specific medium, and treble muffled, very enjoyable. Say that I loved my Berhinger B2 ... testing the two simultaneously, we note that the B2 (which it says is an excellent microphone) suffers from serious imprecise, the…

  • Brauner Phanthera

    Brauner Phanthera - " An exellent vocal mic"


    Micro static transistor.Excellent for singing, acoustic guitar, microphone in room ... Very big volume output OVERALL OPINION I have been using a an.Je bought it after testing the phantom and the panthera studio. I tested at4033, Rode NT1, NT2, …

  • Brauner Phantom

    Brauner Phantom - daz_74's review


    The microphone is static. I use it for any type of audio connection. It sounds very clear and bright. A nice color though a little cold OVERALL OPINION I use it for 9 mois.J I tried several mics to buy it, AKG C414 XLS, Neumann U87, Neumann TL…

  • Brauner Phantom

    Brauner Phantom - fabamarie's review


    electet microphone, I have the basic version, absent suspension, just a clip to fix, no problem, it works very well OVERALL OPINION I have recently acquired a U87, I can now compare the 2, Brauner lacks the flexibility of Neumann, but he has the …